Oz beecher and kellers relationship

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oz beecher and kellers relationship

This is a question that Tobias Beecher asks himself. His relationship with Chris Keller is not a fairy-tale romance. It is a relationship that began with one partner. Tobias Beecher is a main character on the television show Oz, played by Lee Tergesen. . Saïd counsels a guilt-stricken Beecher to give up his relationship with Keller and help Guenzel any way he can. Beecher asks Sister Pete to talk to . In case you thought we only supported relationships comprised of bad I watched Tobias Beecher's and Christopher Keller's relationship play.

The two had a relationship when Keller was a young felon and apparently Verne protected him. Once Tobias is smitten, Keller reveals his duplicity.

oz beecher and kellers relationship

He leads Tobias in to a trap and the Aryans beat the ever-loving snot out of him, breaking both his arms and legs. This upsets just about everybody including Keller, though he makes no attempts to shank Beecher see, I told you it was love.

Beecher eventually says that he could forgive Keller if he confesses to being involved in his attack. Round three Verne stabs Beecher for…I forget why because it happens a lot.

oz beecher and kellers relationship

Keller saves his life however and the two manage to forgive each other and Beecher asks that Keller be transferred to his old cell. Somehow Keller is implicated in the and Beecher naturally spurns him and attempts to murder him. The two then spend the majority of the season prison-pranking each other, which is just another way of saying Beecher becomes a giant slut and Keller secretly kills all of his lovers. In retaliation for the retaliation of his retaliations, Beecher agrees to give evidence to the FBI that would implicate Keller in the murders of all those nice young gay men I mentioned earlier.

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Keller, believing his life was basically a waste anyway, confessed to the murder for Beecher and is sent to Massachusetts state penitentiary to await trial.

However, in the last moment Keller gives Beecher the real knife and he stabs and finally kills Verne. When Sister Pete discovers that his confessions are insincere, she turns her back on him. In the season premiere, Keller is shot in the shoulder.

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The shooter kills two inmates and one guard, and set the alarm before Keller got hit. The shooter then kills himself. Sister Pete, upon hearing that Keller desires to see Beecher after his discharge from the hospital ward, tells Beecher that Keller is "a manipulative, sociopathic liar.

Mad with fear and grief, Beecher believes false rumors claiming that Keller is responsible for the kidnappings. An attempt on Keller's life in retaliation ends their brief reunion, and the two spend the rest of the season attempting ways to hurt one another.

Ship of the Week: Tobias Beecher and Christopher Keller

Beecher delves into promiscuity, and Keller kills Beecher's lovers, including inmate Mondo Browneto discredit the new manager of Em City, Martin Querns. Barlog then secretly makes a deal with FBI Agent Pierce Taylor to give evidence against Keller and have him convicted of three murders in exchange for his own freedom. Beecher is immediately suspicious of Barlog and warns Keller, who dismisses the warning as mere jealousy.

But Keller soon starts to have his own suspicions and eventually murders Barlog, snapping his neck while receiving oral sex from him. Just before killing Barlog, Keller confesses that he had indeed committed the murders the FBI suspected him of, and that his victims — all young, gay men — represented something within himself that he hated. When the police discover that Schillinger's other son, Hankhad been murdered, Keller takes responsibility for the crime to protect Beecher and his family.

He is then sent to Massachusetts to stand trial for this murder. He is then put in protective custody while the District Attorney 's office tries to convict him of an unsolved murder which he had indeed committed.

While in protective custody, he begins an affair with one of the guards, Officer Claire Howellbut soon tires of her and begins rejecting her advances. Enraged, Howell brutally beats him, putting him in the infirmaryand tells her superiors that he attacked her. After he recuperates from his injuries, he is found guilty of the murder charge, and sentenced to death.

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At about this time, Beecher's father is stabbed to death in a suspiciously empty hall. While Keller's relationship with Beecher is by now somewhat estranged, he tries to show his former lover that he still cares by killing Franklin Winthropthe inmate who had murdered Beecher's father to advance in the Aryan Brotherhood.

Beecher hesitates, but eventually agrees and takes the package.

oz beecher and kellers relationship

Shortly after Beecher leaves the room, Keller makes an anonymous telephone call to tip off the police, getting Beecher caught and sent back to Oz. Furious, Beecher rejects Keller once and for all.

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Meanwhile, Keller seems to get on friendly terms with Schillinger again. Keller takes a job backstage managing the props. He tells Schillinger that they will kill Beecher then later tells Beecher that he is being friends with Schillinger to keep Beecher alive. He then kisses Schillinger and tells him that he will switch Schillinger's prop knife with a real one so he can kill Beecher onstage. However, during the final fight scene, Keller switches Beecher's knife with a real one. Beecher stabs Schillinger unintentionally during a fight scene, thinking the knife in his hand is a prop.

Keller claims to have no idea how a real knife got onto the set.