Online tv channels india and pakistan relationship

The Pakistan that India loves! - Movies

online tv channels india and pakistan relationship

This is this gap that Pakistani television serials have succeeded in bridging, says before a premier Indian channel would air Pakistani television content. In today's image-centred world, television and the internet do the job of The familial relations and the extended families shown in the serials also do. After a barren spell, Pakistan and India played cricket twice in 14 days. other news channels from Zee Media will not be covering any news about India Pak match Analysts hoping for resumption of ties on and off the field argue that the Indian Faras Ghani is Deputy Online Editor at Al Jazeera English. Pages | Published online: 29 Dec Locating Zindagi in the contemporary period of Indian television country Pakistan with reference to the launching of a new television channel in India, Zindagi/Life. Zindagi was launched on . India's contested political relations with Pakistan that go back to the early years of.

This is the DNA that the state approves. Politicians become cricket experts overnight and the game is thought to be won from the strategies marked in the studio. In addition to that, there is Twitter.

Can cricket cool India-Pakistan political hostility?

Cricket team bhejna please. Earlier Hockey ya Kho Kho team bhejin thin. Kyon ki 18th June Fathers Day Baap khel raha tumhare saath lol! Please send a cricket team. You sent a hockey or kho kho team earlier. On June 18 Father's Dayyou will be taking on your father.

The Pakistan that India loves!

Great effort to reach semis. Ghar ki hi baat hai. Father's Day par Bete ke saath final hai. Mazaak ko serious mat liyo bete.

online tv channels india and pakistan relationship

Well tried, grandson [Bangladesh]. It's a household thing. We're taking on our son on Father's Day.

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Don't take our joke seriously, son. The dramas shown on Zindagi, the television channel launched by Zee Entertainment Enterprises in June last year, have become very popular in India.

In the last few months, their viewership has increased significantly. The commercial breaks in the serials are becoming longer and longer and more and more people are exchanging their notes on these programmes. If it can be said that the ultimate destination of television stars is Bollywood -- more so of Pakistani artistes as Pakistan's film industry struggles to gain recognition -- then Humsafar stars Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan have already become a part of Bollywood.

One should not be surprised, if sooner or later, other actors appearing in these serials bag roles in Indian films.

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Unlike regular soaps, these serials maintain an even pace and move towards a definite resolution within 20 to 25 episodes. With the exception of some serials like Khwahishein, most have avoided the endless recycling of situations. The serials use easy-to-understand, conversational Urdu.

Words like dastbardar, sairab, bezar, taqaddus, khwar or wajood are definitely Urdu words but Indian audiences have always been exposed to the use of Urdu words through Hindi films, especially Hindi lyrics.

One does not need to reiterate how well the Urdu-laden lyrics from the musical hit, Aashiqui 2, were received in India. In some serials, a glossary of Urdu words appears helpfully on the television screen.

online tv channels india and pakistan relationship

Except for the Urdu words imbued with religious imagery, most words are easily understood by even those who do not claim Urdu as their mother tongue but are exposed to Urdu in their daily life. In fact, the language used in these dramas is close to Hindustani.

online tv channels india and pakistan relationship

It gives lie to the certainty that Hindi and Urdu languages have different identities. Moreover, despite the apathy shown by different governments towards Urdu, the language is loved by the common people who are always eager to learn it.

online tv channels india and pakistan relationship

The language used in these serials poses no special problem of understanding for the Indian audience. In recent years, Pakistan appears to have only a political and religious presence in popular imagination. The image of Pakistan has been reduced to some dominant impressions which centre round the Taliban dressed in shalwar-kameezes with Kalashnikovs hanging on their shoulders or well-dressed diplomats and mustached army officers passionately expressing Pakistan's view on matters of strategy and polity.

At other times, an occasional Pakistani singer or chef makes an appearance on the Indian television screen. Of course, Pakistani cricketers and cricketers-turned commentators remain the most familiar faces in India. What is largely lacking is what American philosopher Richard Rorty calls the 'cosmopolitan conversation of human kind'. The ordinary life lived in Pakistan is rarely a part of the Indian imagination. In fact, the imagined life of the people living on the other side of the border is made up of these television images and political narratives.

The value of popular culture lies in foregrounding the ordinary and the commonplace.

online tv channels india and pakistan relationship

It puts the spotlight on the normative behavior, the everyday existence and the common worries and aspirations of people. Sometimes the normative is brought out through its contrast with what is considered the idiosyncratic. Until recently, novels and stories have served to familiarise people with far off places. Our knowledge of the lesser-known parts of the world owed something to our reading of stories. Those who did not read did not know anything about these places.

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Secondly, why is everyone talking about an Indian reaction already? My belief is that India should be sensible and not react to the news at all. If people remember when Ajmal Kasab was sentenced, Pakistan had remained silent about the whole thing. No political party or institution in Pakistan condemned the act.

Our prerogative was simple, if there is evidence against Kassab then he should be sentenced according to the Indian law.

So India should be sensible, not react to the news, not try to paint Jadhav as a hero, the media should take that same tone.