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Penelope is shrewd, and she challenges Odysseus to prove his identity. In response he describes how he built their marriage bed with his own. Reading The Odyssey and examining its characters is one of the the recklessness of their own ways destroyed them all, His is the tale of every young man's longing to have a relationship with his dad, and become a man in his own right. waterhouse penelope and the suitors homer's odyssey painting. Penelope counters this basic point in two different ways: by discussing her of Penelope, the emotion of Odysseus, and the relationship that exists between.

Eventually she manages to persuade Poseidon to stop picking on the poor man. A messenger is dispatched, and they get Odysseus off that spit of land and back home to Ithaca. Then, at the end of those 10 years, the Greek ships start to return from Troy.

But Odysseus is not among them. More years pass — still no sign of Odysseus. Penelope looks everyday to the shores, but he never comes. Eventually, everyone assumes he is dead. But not Penelope and her son. Penelope will not give up on her love.

Chapter 2. One-on-one Conversations (Odysseus and Penelope)

Others are not so patient. Not only that, they force the maidservants of the house to sleep with them, steal off the goods of the surrounding villages, and even conspire to kill Odysseus should he ever appear and his son now a young man and due to inherit. Luckily, Penelope is just as smart and cunning as her husband and finds a myriad of ways to stall them.

This scheme holds them off for years, but they eventually catch on and she comes up with a new plan. So I have devised a test to determine who shall be my husband. Fire an arrow through the holes of 12 axes. Whoever could do this the most easily would marry her. The men laugh at the contest, each of them thinking themselves more than up to the challenge. But not a single one of them can even string the bow!

Meanwhile, Odysseus watches the pitiful contest in his hall.

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He had finally made it back, and in secret. Other Greek kings returned from the war to be murdered by their wives. A lot could change in 20 years. So he disguises himself as a decrepit old man in order to assess the situation at his home. The suitors laugh at the old man they see before them, but they quickly choke on their laughter when Odysseus easily strings the bow and fires the shot perfectly.

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In a flash, his disguise is lifted and he is transformed before their eyes into his awesome manly glory. To their horror, they recognize their king Odysseus who is now armed and very angry. With a signal, Odysseus and his men dispatch the suitors. The Great Rooted Bed Penelope heard the ruckus in the great hall when Odysseus took out all the suitors.

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She knows something is coming — something big — so she waits in the chamber next to her bedroom. And then Odysseus walks in. Thus, this relationship between Odysseus and Telemakhos gave both of them the courage to overcome the hardships ahead of them. While the relationship between Odysseus and Telemakhos is a blind love, the relationship between Odysseus and Penelope is a love between two people who just want to be together.

Odysseus shows his love towards Penelope throughout the Odyssey. In spite of the fact that Odysseus has been gone for twenty years, he never forgets his wife back in Ithaca. One example of how much he wanted to go home was when he went to the island of the Lotus-Eaters. He could have stayed on the island of the Lotus-Eaters where everything he ever wanted was there, but the thing he wanted the most was to be with his wife.

Penelope likewise displays this kind of love towards Odysseus. The suitors in Ithaka were always courting her while Odysseus was gone. To avoid marriage, she unraveled the shroud every night. She always believes that Odysseus would come back.