Obito and madara relationship quiz

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Everyone loves the Akatsuki. A group of class A badasses? Please!! Find out who you would most likely have a relationship with! Calculating. Test your mind on Obito. Obito Uchiha Quiz. Obitobi 08/31/ 1. Start Quiz . Test your mind on Obito. see if you know as much as I do! ^^ Quiz. quote message. dude tobi is obito and the leader is madara and sasuke does not kill itachi naruto does.

Guy is a very powerful taijutsu user, surpassing even the Hokages. He can open all the Eight Inner Gates, at the cost of severe damage to his body. Well respected by many of his students and peers for his skill in Taijutsu, Might Guy is close friends and rivals with Kakashi Hatake. Question 12 What is the name of Gaara's voice actor in the English Dub?

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In many ways similar to Naruto, he was shunned by society because he was the host of a Tailed Beast. Because of this, Gaara grew up hating the world, apathetic and uncaring. He fought against Naruto and lost, learning humility and even comraderie, because Naruto also knew what the isolation from society felt like. His power lies in controlling and manipulating the sand he carries in a gourd strapped to his back. Question 13 Sakura was the first to defeat an Akatsuki member, who was he? Sasori Kisame Itachi Sakura Haruno is the main female protagonist of the show.

Her character grows throughout the series. Originally she was seen as weak, and somewhat cowardly, though towards the end of the anime, she becomes strong and relatively fearless. She is a part of the titular Team 7, standing alongside Naruto and Sasuke, lead by Kakashi. Sakura later becomes Tsunade's apprentice to learn medical-nin because she realised how ineffective her strength was when compared to the might of Naruto and Sasuke.

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Question 14 Madara becomes the Jinchuriki for which Tailed Beast? As is a common theme in the anime, his best friend is also his rival, Hashirama Senju. Though he and Senju both wanted peace, the means by which they wished to achieve it was different. This caused a rift in their friendship and eventually grew into a conflict that resulted in Madara's losing his life. Obito would later use his name to cause the Fourth Great Ninja War.

Question 15 What three Nature Releases can Boruto use? Childish and immature, Boruto tends to play pranks or act out to get his father's attention, which seems to work. He is also the older brother of Himawari, and close friends with Sarada.

Current member of Team 7, led by Naruto's old protege, Konohamru. Much like his father, he is rambunctious, loud and energetic. He is an incredibly talented ninja who refuses to be limited by the great shadow his father casts.

Question 16 Who did Danzo task Sai to defeat? He was trained to be cold and emotionless, as a part of the Anbu. Capable of throwing around fake smiles and emotions when he was put in Team 7 as Sasuke's replacement, he eventually learns about people's feelings and tries to develop his own personality. At the end of the series, Sai later marries Ino and they have a child together named Inojin Yamanaka. He was adopted by the Third Raikage, becoming his son and the brother of A, who later becomes the Fourth Raikage.

B lives in the land of Kumogakure. Unlike his predecessors, he was able to harness his Jinchuriki's power and befriend it. Despite being the guardian of Kumogakure, B aspires to be the greatest rapper in the world. He is a strong and powerful shinobi, something even the current Raikage has noticed. Question 18 What rank is the Rasengan jutsu? It took him over three years to master this skill. Later in life, Minato's master, Jiraiya, learns of this technique and teaches it to Naruto.

obito and madara relationship quiz

The Rasengan exists as concentrated chakra in the user's palm, rotating at immense speeds. Unlike many techniques, this move does not require any hand signs. To learn it, you must know the three main steps. Rotation, power, and containment. If you do not learn these steps you cannot use the Rasengan. Question 19 What names have Kakashi gone by?

He is considered to be one of Konoha's most powerful and useful ninjas. Despite his distaste for responsibility, many shinobi constantly look to him for advice and leadership. He taught Sasuke the chidori, a technique he personally created. Kakashi lost two of his closest friends early in his life one after another, forcing him into a deep depression. Isolated and alone, he joins the covert Anbu Clan. Question 20 What clan does Pain belong to?

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Uchiha Kaguya Uzumaki Pain originally went by Nagato. He took on the persona after losing one of his closest friends, Yahiko.

As the person who formed the group known as Akatsuki, he defined their mission as bringing peace to the violent shinobi world.

After Nagato adopted the alias Pain, he decided to use any means necessary to attain his goals Once a student of Jiraiya, Pain sought to use his power to save the world he cherished. Somewhere along the way, his goals became warped. Question 21 What was Jiraiya's first book? Besides Jiraiya, the other members of the Sannin are Tsunade and Orochimaru.

He is the Godfather of Naruto Uzumaki, his student's son.

Which Naruto Character Are You Most Like?

Despite his age, Jiraiya is considered to be a powerful shinobi, capable of taking on six members of the infamous Akatsuki. He has long white hair that he can manipulate at will. Question 22 Orochimaru, compared to the rest of the Sannin, stands where? Stronger than Tsunade, weaker than Jiraiya Strongest of them all Stronger than Jiraiya, weaker than Tsunade All of them are equal in strength Orochimaru is also a part of the Legendary Sannin, along with Jiraiya and Tsunade.

He has long black hair, a relatively thin body, golden eyes, and snake-like features. Persuading Sasuke to join his group, he promised the young Uchiha strength to exact his revenge. Orochimaru is responsible for the demise of the third Hokage and many other ninjas of the Hidden Leaf Village.

His dream was to become the ultimate being, which he tried to achieve through experimentation upon himself and others. Question 23 Itachi is ranked where among the Uchiha clan? He is the older brother of Sasuke Uchiha, who has vowed to take vengeance upon him should he ever get the chance. This is because Itachi is responsible for the Uchiha Clan almost all of its members. He was ordered to do so by Danzo, the leader of the Hidden Leaf Village's covert black ops unit.

Relatively quiet and direct, he prefers to say little and keeps to himself.

obito and madara relationship quiz

Question 24 Obito can use what kind of Sage technique? Initially, he was believed to have lost his life, his only surviving legacy being the Sharingan he gave Kakashi, his closest friend. Trained by Madara himself so Obito may carry on his dream that conflicted with Senju's, he chose to work in the shadows and took on another identity, Tobi.

As Tobi, he leads the Akatsuki, letting everyone believe that Pain is the head of the group. Half of his face is scarred. Question 25 What is Hinata's strongest jutsu? She had a crush on Naruto since the beginning of the series. Due to her meek personality, her father didn't consider her suited to the responsibilities of leading her clan.

In his own film, Boruto went from cheater to hero in a matter of hours, but the new show moves at a much slower pace. His team members are insanely talented, and have backstories that are just as interesting as Boruto's, and they also both have pretty famous fathers.

As a child who felt alone, who was embarking on a mission of revenge and would stop at nothing, Sasuke was unable to love anyone because those people were taken away from him. Itachi forced Sasuke into a life of exile, even though Itachi thought that was his burden to bare. So whatever happened to the two young ninja? Anbu Black Ops Donzo's Chosen Akatsuki These two characters have their similarities, but they're awfully different in the long run.

One of them felt betrayed by the people closest to him, and the other was forced to betray those closest to him to protect the grander picture. Itachi believed that it was more beneficial for his family to die and to save the entire village than to result to infighting, and Nagato believed that peace could only be achieved through force, and that people would not willingly get there on their own.

Foot Leg Finger During Sasuke and Naruto's ultimate and final fight, they both collide in the same valley where they initially fought. Of course this time the stakes were even higher, because Sasuke was looking to destroy the village and rule based on his own power. Naruto believed that the old system was not perfect, but was the most stable option for the continued success of the village.

Neither of them held back as they traded blow after blow, and they both walked away with scars that would never heal, especially Sasuke. Asuma Rin Might In what was perhaps the most gruesome and heart wrenching moment in the show, Obito raced to save his two greatest friends, and watched, in awe, as Kakashi thrust his hand through his friend's chest.

And of course from his perspective it looked as through Kakashi lost control and took aim at their teammate, but instead, she took Kakashi's chidori and stabbed herself with it, eliminating all possibilities of the tailed beast inside her wreaking havoc on her village that she cared about.

Naruto Sasuke Since the beginning of the show, these two main characters were always at each others throats, never giving the other an advantage. Of course this rivalry evolved into extreme problems down the road, but their friendship was truly the only thing keeping the Shinobi world together in the long run.

Their strength levels are constantly swapping, as does their level of maturity, and their grasp on the real-world around them. So when it comes down to it, who is older, Sasuke or Naruto? Shukaku Shendo Kurama The Tailed Beasts are completely misunderstood creatures that do have immense power, but don't actually all want to use that power to destroy everything in their path.

By the time Shippuden wrapped, it seemed like most of the tailed beasts were enjoying spending time with their Jinchuriki. And Naruto certainly had the most stubborn beast of all, but even he was able to fall in love with the young ninja that taught him about bravery, courage, and the power it takes to save, rather than destroy what's around you.

Might Jiraiya Minato Naruto and Kurama have one of the most underrated relationships throughout the series, as they also start on polar opposite ends of the spectrum, but end up incredibly close. Unlike Sasuke, Kurama was actually trying to kill Naruto from day one, loathing the fact that he was trapped inside some little brat who would barely even acknowledge his presence.

During an epic battle with Nagato, this individual was able to seal the beast within Naruto, which was the right move for the time, but it would prove to further complicate things for Naruto in the short-term future. Kakuzu Kakashi Sasuke When Naruto was able to master the rasen-shuriken technique, the show got a brand new life. Naruto was finally able to fight with the enemies that had been trampling him in the past. Naruto was out-of-his-league for so long before he was able to master this insanely powerful move, and his progression only seemed to get faster and faster following this move.

His chakra control had finally become a necessity for the character, and that meant that he was able to take leaps and bounds towards getting stronger.