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off well on a lighter note with the girl Nusrat (Vaani) impressing you right away more than the boy Kartik (Akaash). of release this deals with the trials and tribulations of a love affair during modern times in the Indian context. .. Performance wise Kartik Tiwari as Aakash is just OK. Nushrat Bharucha as Vani is competent. Performance: Karthik Aaryan is improving day by day in terms of acting. Nushrat Bharucha is another key factor of this movie. Singh, Swapnil Tiwari, Zack Knight, Guru Randhawa, Singhsta and Oye Sheraa. You know at the end Sonu will manage to stop the marriage, but you just wait to watch how does he do it. Chitra Bharucha, Former vice chairman of the BBC Trust. Kartik Aaryan (born Kartik Tiwari on 22 November ) is an Indian actor who The film stars Kartik Aaryan and Nushrat Bharucha in lead roles. Amisha Patel, however the actress turn it down due to her relation with Kareena Kapoor not being good at the time.

The young guys, especially, would find the love stories of the three friends interesting and entertaining as they are bossed around and used by their girlfriends. But the film takes quite a serious turn after interval, which is when things start going wrong for the audience. In a way, the very flavour of the film changes and what had started off as a fun-filled comedy turns into a serious, tension-filled drama in which the characters fret, fume, shed tears and stomp out of relationships in frustration.

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Although the screenplay talks about three different stories, the similarity in the love stories of Nishant and Vikrant Chaudhary makes it quite repetitive. In a way, both the girls are sailing in two boats although it is revealed that Charu never loved Nishant in the first place. Even though there is this basic difference in the two love stories — Charu does not love Nishant whereas Riya is in love with Vikrant — the similarity about both the girls having problems with their earlier boyfriends does make the drama seem repetitive and similar.

But probably the biggest drawback is that girls come across as opportunist vamps even as guys appear to be salivating idiots who cannot see beyond sex and who can take any nonsense from their girlfriends only because of the three-letter word.

Writer Luv Ranjan, in his quest to be different and provide to the audience a side of love not exploited earlier on screen, has made quite a mess of a romantic film. Had the drama remained a love story with a happy ending, in which the girls and guys realised their mistakes and follies, it may still have worked. But the way this drama or these three love stories end, the whole concept of love has been turned on its head.

Even this may have been accepted had it either been done in a brilliant and convincing fashion or as an out-and-out laugh riot but not as a half-comedy-half-serious drama. The scenes showing the tendency of girls to never be satisfied are enjoyable if only because they show how fickle-minded they can be.

Divyendu Sharma is supremely natural and is the best actor of the lot. Raayo Bhakhirta makes an ordinary debut. Nushrat Bharucha acts with admirable ease and impresses a lot. Ishita Sharma is also very good in some scenes.

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Sonali Sehgal does a fair job. Nushrat Bharucha has the author-backed role as the girl who must sacrifice her love to make her parents happy. Not exactly the most novel of ideas.

The sincerity with which the young almost-new actress approaches her part propels the part to a level beyond the mundane. Yes, you feel the girl trapped in a marriage of compromise where the cruelty is so intangible and prone to sarcasm that it seems negligible from the outside.

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She carries no signs of his cruelty on her body. The soul gets wounded. In a languorously-shot lengthy stretch of post-marital escape into Utopian happiness we see Vani united with her lover again. They spend time together, frolic in the snow, live out some of the dreams they had dreamt during courtship. And when they do the words are never meant to impress us.

Pyaar Ka Punchnama Review

For a change the couple seems to be talking to each other rather than to an imaginary audience. Both Kartik and Nushrat are here to stay. Though there are patches of aridity in the relationship what was Akaash doing while Vani was suffering in malfunctional domesticity? He has a keen eye for the inner life of his protagonists.

Their inner turmoil is palpable and urgent. Ranjan quietly sucks us into the story of Akaash and Vani. Suffused in contemplative silences and deriving its dramatic energy from the age-old debate on arranged versus love marriages, AkaashVani is thoughtful and absorbing not prone to tripping over with nervous anxiety and excessive energy to hold our attention.