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Nichkhun/Victoria You can trust me. G At the town festival, Nichkhun sees Victoria and decides to help her have a fun night. Summary: Their relationship is a little more complicated off screen, but Victoria knows that it doesn't have to be . 2PM's Nichkhun and f(x)'s Victoria will go on a 'deviation trip', where they will be traveling to a place nobody lives in. This coming 17th at 5PM. myself again. I have to vacuum from | Tags: khuntoria nichkhun romance victoria wgm. He wants to proof that he's the perfect man for him, and wants her to trust him completely. Now people know about our relationship.

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Star king victoria and nichkhun dating

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FYI, you should have made your post in the spoiler tag in case you analysis inflates and then cruelly deflates someone's fantasy. Aw, I'm sorry I got your anticipation up, but it's just my speculation.

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And if we can't drive each other crazy with speculation here, where can we? They totally made my day. That said, I get why you may not want to visit this thread anymore. I wish you would, though, and write here, too. Dozens of people visit this thread everyday so even if a few give you negative marks it doesn't mean everyone here is ready to jump down your throat. Thanks for the translations, again, Kgrl.

Khun and Vic really like making promises to each about their future together. Maybe the time-limited nature of their current relationship as costars is affecting them because these types of promises and discussions feel to me like they're trying to make sure they have a future together. And IA about the previews. Usually the previews leave me dying for the next episode, but this latest one has actually enabled me to live in some peace.

star king victoria and nichkhun dating

But I liked the feel of Saturday's episode -- it felt balanced to me. There was lots of humor and warmth and lots of different activities and mini-adventures, but it didn't feel rushed. I have so many thoughts about what happened in Thailand but I can't get them out in a coherent non-dissertation length way. One day soon I'll write up some terribly long comment just to get it out of my system.

And IA that now Victoria depends on him way more.