Never let me go kathy and ruth relationship

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never let me go kathy and ruth relationship

Get everything you need to know about Ruth in Never Let Me Go. One of Kathy's best friends, Ruth is a complex and often difficult person. .. Ruth and Tommy had become an “item,” although their relationship was somewhat tumultuous. Kathy lives with Ruth at Hailsham and at the Cottages, and later becomes As a teenager, Ruth also begins a longstanding romantic relationship with Tommy. Ruth is Kathy's best friend and her arch nemesis. It really depends on the day. Sometimes Ruth is so nice that we want to reach through the page and give her a .

Before she dies, she admits to trying to keep Kathy and Tommy apart and urges them to find some happiness before it is too late.

Manipulative How is Ruth like this? Ruth tries to manipulate situations so that they have the outcome she wants them to have.


Ruth knows therefore that Tommy will be particularly hurt at the thought of Kathy laughing at his attempts to draw. Kathy here finds your animals a complete hoot.

Never Let Me Go - Kathy And Tommy

Ruth to Tommy Analysis Here the reader can see how Ruth manipulates the memory of a conversation she had with Kathy. Ruth knows Kathy well enough to understand that Kathy will be keen to keep the peace between them. Desperate to fit in How is Ruth like this?

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From the moment Ruth arrives at The Cottages she makes it obvious that she aspires to be like the veterans and is desperate to fit in with them. Ruth watches the actions of the veterans carefully, especially those who are in a relationship and tries to mimic their behaviour with her own. Analysis When she realises that the couples at The Cottages do not often openly display affection for one another she tries to adopt the same attitude and instead of hugging and kissing Tommy as she would have done at Hailsham, Ruth simply slaps his arm, a gesture used by the veterans.

never let me go kathy and ruth relationship

Ruth is also keen to distance herself from anything related to her old school and will often claim to have forgotten events that happened there or conversations and jokes that Kathy can remember quite clearly. Regrets past actions How is Ruth like this? When Ruth begins the donation process and Kathy becomes her carer, Ruth regrets the way she has previously behaved.

She admits to Kathy and Tommy that she purposely tried to keep them apart and even urges them to apply for a deferral in order to secure themselves some future happiness. This section gives us a greater insight into the relationship between Kathy and Ruth, showing how their friendship in The Cottages differs to when they were at Hailsham. In this section we learn a lot about Ruth as she shows her true colours or ruthless nature if you will when arguing with Kathy.

These comments remind us of a child trailing around after a parent, which makes Kathy seem immature and insignificant. All of this shows that Kathy, Ruth and Tommy are not as close as they once were, which shows how the love triangle is beginning to break up, which makes us think that in future they may become even more distant. Which key themes are brought up in this section and what do we learn about them?

The key themes brought up in this section are friendship, family, relationships, and the idea of moving on. The idea of moving on is presented in this section by Ruth who suggests how the students of Hailsham are gradually growing up and moving on from their Hailsham days, except from Kathy.

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One explanation for this could be the fact that Ruth seems to alter her personality and behaviour in order to fit in and attempt to be popular, this is shown by the fact that she mimics the veterans at the cottages. The cold, uninviting setting suggests the cold, heartless manner of Ruth later on when arguing with Kathy. Also the fact that the students from Hailsham are still outside reading in this weather shows that they have not settled in to the cottages quite yet and still try to cling to any sort of routine they have established since arriving so as to avoid any more change.

This shows that the students from Hailsham are still quite childish and do not want to move on yet. Not only this, but the students are likely to be scared by the thought of life outside of Hailsham; this shows us that the clones are not prepared for living in the outside world and so makes us confused as to why they have been sheltered all their lives, as though there is some deeper hidden reason for their isolation, which adds to the uneasy feel.

This means that we can understand and sympathise with her character more, despite the fact that she does not always make a big deal of how she is feeling or what she is thinking.

This image is an interesting choice as it is clear from the start that the clones have been raised without any parents so inferring that Kathy is a small child trailing after a parent, in this case Ruth, is a peculiar choice to make.

never let me go kathy and ruth relationship

However this image does suggest that Ruth is more adult and grown up than Kathy which is what Ruth is ultimately trying to achieve. Even if this is the case, this particular image reminds us of the differences between ourselves and the clones. Find 5 key quotations and analyse what they tell you. This tells us that the clones are not really prepared at all for life outside of Hailsham.