Mugen and fuu relationship test

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mugen and fuu relationship test

It was JIN who realized that Fuu doubted Mugen's feelings regarding thier relationship. Fuu had thought that they had come all this way and. Unholy Union - Stepping Stone Test Fuu's held up in a cabin waiting for Mugen and Jin to come back when she's unexpectedly . giving a proper name to the enigmatic figure, AND *finally* identifying his relationship to Fuu. Hmmm, there was a time when I thought she was falling for Jin, but I'm not sure she'd I really can't picture her with either of them, and I like the relationship they had. I think Fuu likes Jin or Mugen.. thats the best guess you'll ever get Member of: Japanese | Celestia | Make a Friend | Minitokyo Review.

If you are a fan of Cowboy Bebop you have to see this. In fact if your a anime fan at all you need to see this.

mugen and fuu relationship test

This will go down in history as one of the greats along with Cowboy Bebop. This story is about kick ass warriors Mugen and Jin and a funny female Fuu on a journey to the find the samurai "who smells of sunflowers" the catch is Mugen and Jin don't really like each other very much but made a deal with Fuu that they would not fight each other till they find the samurai "who smells of sunflowers" This is what sets up the show to be very entertaining the show is often hilarious and than thrilling with kick ass sword fights etc.

I'm not a huge hip-hop fan but damn it works its outstanding for this show the music is awesome Overall this is a must own DVD go buy it right now it is worth every cent I can't wait to get this whole set!

Parted Roads: The Ending of Samurai Champloo

Watanabe has done it again. This time, he heads toward the samurai-era with 3 wonderful characters. Fuu saves Jin and Mugen's life and as a debt, they have to help her find a "samurai who smells like sunflower".

There's even beat-boxing in one ep. Set in Japan's Samurai Era 's'sthis show tells the tale of three people: Jin, Mugen, and Fuu. Jin is a ronin wandering samurai.

jin's repressed feelings for fuu.: _champloo

Calm, cool, and skilled in the art of the sword. Mugen is hot-tempered and has a short temper, the exact opposite of Jin. When these two warriors are nearly executed, they are saved by a tea shop waitress named Fuu. In return for her help, the two warriors promise to help her find "the samurai with the smell of sunflowers.

The animation is gorgeous. The lightning and shading is mesmerizing. Also, the painted backgrounds are lush and draws the viewer in. Watanabe really shows his skill as an animator in this one. The animation is one of the best features in this show. It has one of the best stylizations in anime. The story lines, too, are great. Set in feudal Japan, this show does a great job of showing the life and times of ronin samurai at that time.

From the the peasants, to the prostitutes, to the gangsters, to just about everyone, this show has a graphic depiction of Japan during its Samurai Era, when the warrior was the dominant force in everyone's lives. The show even goes to show what type of clothes they wore, what houses they lived in, and what food they all -- all accurately. Only the Japanese know how to portray their history graphically. Speaking of graphic, this show in realistic in terms of real.

It includes some profanity although minor and goes deep into the underground world of the brothels. In Japan, animation is for everyone, not just kids, and this show in very mature.

Its story lines are very complicated. Its issues are deep and meaningful. At times, some episodes are dark, even showing death scenes and bloodshed, but this is exactly what makes this show cool.

Parted Roads: The Ending of Samurai Champloo - Japan Powered

What makes "Champloo" so unique in anime is that it combines the modern with the olden, and this is why the show is cool. The hip hop beats in this period piece are nice to listen to and blends in with the Fuedal Japan setting. The word "Champloo" means mix, and this anime mixes the modern with the olden, from Jin having glasses, to the language of the characters; the people here in the English version speak in modern American slang and vernacular.

And rather than downplaying the ancient feel of this show, this show still retains its olden times aspects. Best anime i've ever watched hands down yevonwm 22 December This anime tells the obscure story of 2 samurai bound to a girl on a quest for a samurai who smells of sunflowers.

She constantly conceals her motiviation for doing so. The comedy element in this anime is excellent. A deliberate pairing comparable to Spike and Jet in cowboy beebop exists with one vagabond samurai and one honorable samurai.

Both samurai have a completely contrasting fighting style which makes for great action scenes and simultaneous plots where one is fighting on one side of a city and another is fighting on the other.

mugen and fuu relationship test

When they fail to find the girl, the two leave… for the time being. Meanwhile, Mugen and Jin come across a mass of people in line, witnessing an elderly woman praying before being carried off by two government men. At the spot where the woman was captured, Mugen catches sight of an image of Jesus Christ being executed, and the official there tells him to step on it as a way of testing to see whether or not Mugen is a Christian.

Suddenly, the fight is interrupted by the arrival of a priest who identifies himself as Xavier III, the grandson of real-life historical figure Saint Francis Xavier, the missionary responsible for introducing Christianity to Japan. He intimidates the officials by firing several rounds from his gun before escaping on his horse.

He also intimidates them with his terrifying face. Back at the cabin, Fuu strikes up a conversation with the girl, who introduces herself as Yuri. Yuri points out a hidden secret within the miniature skull that Fuu carries around with her: Before she can learn any more information, the two thugs from earlier break in, knocking Fuu unconscious and taking Yuri with them.

Fuu is finally woken up by Mugen and Jin, and the three proceed to wander off aimlessly after she tells them what happened, eventually coming across a small village.

mugen and fuu relationship test

They inquire about the thugs, but the man posted at the front claims to have seen nothing of note. He offers them a place to stay in the village for the night, which they quickly take up. Fuu awakens in the middle of the night and notices a massive trail of people all walking in a line towards… somewhere. She stealthily pursues them and finds the mass of people walking into a cave and follows them in, witnessing the sight of a massive sermon being led by Xavier III, with a plethora of Christians praising his every word.

He proclaims to the audience that the key to achieving salvation is… to earn it by helping to manufacture tanegashima, a Japanese form of matchlock gun.

mugen and fuu relationship test

During the sermon, Fuu is cornered and caught by one of the thugs from earlier. Meanwhile, Jin goes out looking for her and comes across a deal being made between the other thug and some government officials to sell them matchlock guns. Back at the cave, we see Yuri questioning the motivations of Xavier III, who as it turns out is just exploiting the faith of the local Christian population for massive profit, using the profits from gun sales to purchase valuable artworks, historical artifacts, and even the love of others as he attempts to force Yuri to marry him.