Moka and tsukune relationship test

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Tsukune Aono- Moka first met Tsukune when she accidentally ran him over Yukari Sendo- Moka has a bit of a weird relationship with Yukari. Set many about thirty years into Moka and Tsukune's marriage. academy, one which was willing to take me despite my atrocious test scores. Moka then tackles Tsukune to the ground with happiness and hugs him and asks Tsukune: (Confused) You did this to test your strength. I am a little confused as to how to conduct a good relationship with you, Tsukune.

moka and tsukune relationship test

Lady Oyakata Ruby in the anime uses her magic to merge her body with that of her hanabake plant monsters and becomes a giant plant monster with the intent of destroying Tsukune, his Unwanted Harem and every human being within the neighboring town. Quickly followed by Boy Becomes Ghoul. Well, you've got some big, brass ones, I'll give ya that much.

Alucard gives one to Tsukune after the latter's transformation into a Shinso. He reveals how Tsukune has been manipulated from the very beginning by the Chairman to become what he is now, and how this has forever separated him from his former human identity.

Alucard then tells Tsukune that it's in his best interests to stop fighting and accept a place in the new world Alucard will create. However, while it does make Tsukune freeze up for a second or two, he quickly shrugs it off and tells the bastard to go stuff it. Kurumu has come to the conclusion that, no matter what she does, Tsukune is going to try and make Moka his girlfriend and not them. Mizore states she won't give up or change in her feelings, Rubi seems to be of a similar mindset, but it has serious adverse effects on Kurumu.

She's a succubus so she runs on love and when she is forced to acknowledge that Tsukune isn't going to love her, she breaks down and reveals that for a Succubi unrequited love is fatal, in chapter 40 of Rosario Vampire II. Though after they kissed it seems Kurumu has gained some insight and is no longer in danger of dying. The Flower Offering arc included a very serious intent of doing this to Mizore. Breaking the Fourth Wall: A very humorous example.

In chapter 23 of the second manga series, when Tsukune gets a very homoerotic request from the very androgynous looking Fang-FangTsukune grabs Moka's arm, pulls her along with him, and mutters to himself "I think I'm in the wrong manga Hey, what the hell is this?

I just debuted on the previous episode, can't you let me appear earlier? Once Season 2 starts, the bat narrator turns out to be more than just Mr. Exposition when Kokoa shows up. Kurumu and the others immediately point that out. In episode 5 while playing chicken in the pool, Yukari actually bites Kurumu's left breast. Animated Moka's breasts go up a couple of cup sizes whenever she transforms into a super-vampire.

The tankobon volumes each feature a multiple-choice "test" about the monster or group that holds the most relevance to the volume's events. Volume 6 of season I is on Ghouls, since Tsukune is starting to get kinda bloodthirsty. The reccomended treatment if you find yourself turning into a ghoul is To get in touch with your inner ghoul The "Melody of Death". Kurumu's popularity in the school is due to her large bust.

Tsukune Aono combines this trope with came back wrong via liberal use of vampire blood to fix his wounds after ever near death experience. Later it's just this trope when he seals his super powered evil sidebut keeps the power. Even so Moka and Kurumu have fought a lot of battles together and care for each other deeply.

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Yukari Sendo- Moka has a bit of a weird relationship with Yukari. You see when they first met Yukari would always get picked on since she was young and a witch.

moka and tsukune relationship test

However it was Moka who stood up for her. She deeply loves Moka and wants to sleep with her and usually always squeezes her breast. She later starts to like Tsukune and her fantasy gets more wild as she wants to sleep with both Tsukune and Moka. Even though Yukari is young and a bit out going she considers Yukari a littles sister and does have love for her. Mizore Shirayuki- Mizore is another friends of Moka and is a love rival as well.

Mizore is also part of the crew that always want to seperate Moka and Tsukune.

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She usually does a good job as well since she is a stalker. Since Mizore is a snow woman she usually makes icicles and tosses them between Moka and Tsukune. Even though they are love rivals Moka still considers Mizore her friend. Moka and Mizore haven't really shared any intimate moments but Mizore did try to help Moka when Akua kidnapped her even though she knows Moka is competition. I instantly fell for her and I needed to her name and thank god for the comment section.

At the time I watched season 1 but not season 2 since it wasn't released and it was the first anime I watched subbed. Moka was so beautiful and I rewatched the episode over and over again just to see her. When Capu 2 came on I was extremely happy since I got to see Moka again and see her new adventures. However the series was bad and bombed in Japan so the cancelled the series. However the english dub came out in and even though I grew up I still had a huge crush on Moka.

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I watched the series again and just last year I started reading manga and the manga that I really wanted to read was Rosario Vampire. I got to see Moka again and it brought back so much memories. In the manga Moka got to be in more adventures and I got to see more personality from her.

Moka has it all. She has the looks, the personality and the brains. Whenever she tries to say something to Tsukune or when she starts blushing it is absolutely adorable.

While Ginei is chased by all the girls he took pictures of, Moka kicks Tsukune after he nearly looks up her skirt and ends up sucking his blood again.

Moka and Tsukune's relationship

Seeing him as a lonely kindred spirit that needs companionship, Mizore tries to isolate Tsukune for herself, but Moka and Kurumu prevent that from happening. Mizore later finds herself in danger of expulsion because Okuto Kotsubothe physical education teacher, accuses her of attacking him without cause. Ginei ends up clearing Mizore's name by showing photos he took of Kotsubo in his kraken form trying to take advantage of Mizore.

As Mizore expresses her loneliness, Tsukune prevents Mizore from falling off the cliff into the ocean.

moka and tsukune relationship test

As Moka reaches for Tsukune, he removes the rosary on Moka's neck. Moka's inner self punishes Mizore and tells her to try living her life before thinking of dying.

Mizore returns the next day with a new haircut. Ginei is beaten up for continuing to take secret photos of female students.