Moka and tsukune relationship quiz

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moka and tsukune relationship quiz

Read The wedding day part 1 & Family Chaos from the story Moka and Tsukune's New Life by Lissy with 66 reads. babies, rosariovampire, moka. Moka's. Now Tsukune was fine but he was shocked at how beautiful Moka We can tell how beautiful this relationship is because when Tsukune takes. Relationships. Moka Akashiya (Outer). When Tsukune was heading to Yokai Academy he met Moka. When they first met Tsukune was really.

Rosario Vampire - First Meet and First Sight Tsukune Aono and Moka Akashiya (English Dub)

There's nothing more important to me than the woman I love! Tsukune Aono was a human but is now a vampire. Tsukune usually wears his school uniform which is a set of a white dress shirt with a red tie.

A green suit and beige pants. He has brown eyes and black hair. However since Tsukune has vampire blood in him he can transform into a ghoul and vampire. I will talk about that during the overview section Tsukune had three different appearances when he transformed.

When Tsukune first turned into a ghoul his eyes turns red while his hair is still brown. He also gets a scar oh his neck and face. When he turned ghoul for a second time his appearance changed again. This time his while body changes. He gets silver hair, fangs and gets wings on his back. His eyes colour turns white and his whole body is black but with small red marks around his chest and abs.

His final appearance is when he turns into a Shinzo Vampire which is very similar to his 2nd transformation but with this transformation his eyes are red and he also has a steel armor around his chest area.

Personality Tsukune has 2 personality so lets start with his human form. When Tsukune is in his human form he is really caring and kind. He wouldnt even hurt a fly and cares deeply for his friends and in some cases his enemies.

He does not like to see his friends gets hurt and believes there is always good in people. What Tsukune really wants and what he believes is that all humans can coexist with monsters.

He does however get a little awkward around his friends whenever they try to seduce him.

moka and tsukune relationship quiz

However at the same time if his friends are in danger he will do what he can to protect them even though he is very weak in his human form. In same cases though his kindness sometimes gets him into trouble because he believes that he can get along with and trust everyone but that is sometimes not the case. When Tsukune turns into a Ghoul all of his senses are gone. He is unable to control his powers and the kindness and compassion he has disappears.

In his ghoul form he attacks whoever he sees. He shows no mercy and attacks until the enemy is dead. When he goes into this form he also considers his friends his enemies and attacks them as well.

However he later controls this powers and he becomes compassionate and caring again towards his friends. He was an average guy who failed all his entrance exams for high school. However his parents found a school out of the country.

The school was called Yokai Academy but what they didnt know was that it was a school for monsters. Yokai Academy was a school for monster to try to exist with humans. Tsukune first run's into Moka who he considered really pretty.

Moka sucks his blood and in a weird way Tsukune liked it. They become friends and a bit later Tsukune becomes friends with Kurumo and Yukari and they join the newspaper club. The newspaper Club president was Gin who was a bot of a perfect but they also become friends.

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He later becomes friends with Mizore and Ruby as well. There has been a lot of speculation around the school that Tsukune is a human. You see the school forbids humans to enter the school or they will be punished. The only people who know that he is human are his friends. Even though there were speculation of him being human he was able to overcome all those obstacles because of his friends. He was able to get Moka's blood which turned him into a vampire and was able to clear his slate.

Tsukune has a couple of transformations and a lot of them he cant control. However his friends were the ones that gave him strength. He believed in his friends and they all believes in him. While Inner Moka loves Kokoa as a sibling, she finds her "too clingy. When it comes to the Outer Moka, the Inner is deeply close towards her. The two have a very strong bond and act almost like sisters who watch each others' backs.

They share a lot in common due to them being in each others' bodies. Inner tends to make sure that she eats, bathes and does her homework as usual and looks out for her well-being. Outer is the only person, aside from Tsukune, that she can open to, such as her worries over events and how the two feel about their love for Tsukune.

According to Tsukune, he cares for both of them the same and hopes that one day inner and outer Moka can become one together. Which happens in epilogue. In Chapter 14 of Rosario Vampire II, the spirit of the Snow Oracle prophesies that Tsukune and Moka have a "special destiny" and a "destiny that will move the whole world". Her vampiress nature also emerges when she is unsealed. She normally punishes the monsters who dare pick on Tsukune for various reasons and depending on how they treated Outer, she'd even attempt to permanently maim them.

Her pride of being a noble vampiress is very apparent in how she deals with everything. She is very masculine for a girl opposed, to her girly counterpart. In all accounts, she is a completely different entity from Outer Moka. Despite her cold nature as a vampiress, she does not truly wish to kill anyone and is very merciful in fights.

This is why she curbs her power, to keep herself from killing people. Even when she was forced to kill Tsukune when her blood was taking him over and left him unable to control himself, she didn't want to kill him and showed emotional distress when trying to put him down.

Afterwards she and Outer Moka were sad over Tsukune's condition and Inner Moka blamed herself for hurting him. Throughout both seasons, we learn the true reason for her coldness is to keep distance between her and her friends she doesn't want to lose anyone else even if she is the only one who suffers, not accepted, and hated. Inner Moka's true intentions throughout the series was to protect Tsukune and thinks that she is only needed for fighting.

As such, she wanted to stay as "Inner Moka" so she doesn't become weaker, one of the two reasons she was in a hurry to fix her seal only for "Outer" Moka to try to convince her otherwise, the two working together and filling each other's gaps. Inner Moka tended to be slightly amused at Tsukune's attempts to assist her despite him being a 'mere human'.

She claimed her personal interest in protecting him was due to his apparently tasty human blood, the primary source of nourishment for her body, but also to keep the sealed Moka happy.

moka and tsukune relationship quiz

Even so, as Inner, she has never drank Tsukune's blood in the manga, leaving that task to Outer. Over the course of the series, Inner Moka begins to take a more aggressive stance whenever she appears on behalf of Tsukune, becoming angry when he is injured trying to protect her or Outer Moka.

She even saves him a few times from blows that might have killed him at the cost of personal injury to herself. In the anime, this is shown when she forcibly bypasses the rosary's sealing power to strike back at Ruby who had mercilessly attacked Tsukune from behind.

Later on, during the rare moments when she was not fighting, Inner is actually quite a normal girl to be around, despite her high upbringing.

Moka and Tsukune

She is best described as very 'tsundere' and tomboyish, being prone to using violent or brash methods to get her point across. She is very smart, having been compared as slightly lower than the genius-level Yukari solving complex math formulas and being bilingual with English as her 2nd language. Despite being very tomboyish most of the time, she can be quite feminine. She likes shopping for clothes and adores cute stuffed animals.

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She is also a bit of a tease, quite willing to show off her legs, but will allow nothing above 'holding of hands' at this point. In showing a rare weakness, she apparently knows what to cook, but the actual art of cooking is lost on her.

She blames not being out nearly long enough to have any sort of practice in it. In the anime, Inner is a bit more socially awkward as well being obsessed with anything martial arts-related. As time goes on, she comes to genuinely respect Tsukune's growing courage and gentle heart, especially after he risks his life several times in order to pull the rosary to free her when the both of them are in danger. His gentle and caring nature slowly begin to wear down on Inner's prideful and arrogant exterior, helping her form bonds with the rest of the group.

She has noted that the more time she spends out in the world and around Tsukune, the softer she becomes and the more dependent she is on Tsukune and everyone else. Throughout both seasons Inner Moka began to invest more and more into her relationship with Tsukune as her feelings develop from friendship to love. Her protective nature becomes so intense that Inner Moka beings to retaliate without warning, like the time where she lashed out at Midou for insulting Tsukune in public.

She also does unprecedented things like shielding Tsukune at her own expense and injecting him with her blood, even though she was aware of what it could do to him. These emotional developments come to fruition in Season II, where Inner Moka has changed tremendously in how she thinks of Tsukune and her emotions now blatantly express her love for him.

Physical contact is embarrassing to her, although she typically hides it well, there are instances where her composure falters, like in chapter 16 when Tsukune suddenly embraces her. Her possessive nature of Tsukune grows to the point where she takes a role in the romantic competition, where she vehemently rejects the idea of polygamy along with Tsukune; and when Kurumu says that this was because she Inner Moka wants Tsukune to be hers alone, she blushes and quickly lashes out in embarrassment Chapter 26, Rosario Vampire When she first failed, she exhibited obvious depression, as the goal of the class was to "make it while thinking of the person you want to give it to".

moka and tsukune relationship quiz

Eventually when Tsukune eats and enjoys the pie she is greatly relieved and satisfied. Although Inner Moka is much more open and visibly smitten whenever she thinks about Tsukune, Inner Moka worries about her emotional evolution because she is starting to act like the Outer Moka and fears that she is losing her edge because of this, losing her proficiency to protect and as a result, be with Tsukune.

However, she overcomes this sentiment after saving the Hyung Airplane from the gremilns, accepting her feelings and her new personality as a way to be more flexible.

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Her love for Tsukune progresses mostly throughout Fairy Tale part of the series, where she opens her heart to him upon their reunion, and when she heavily worries for him during his transformation to a ghoul exhibiting emotional distress, where she cries and later begs for him not to turn into one throughout his crisis.

When it comes to the Outer Moka, Inner is deeply close towards her, even though she's a fake personality. The two have a very strong bond and act almost like sisters who watch each others backs. They both share a lot in common due to them being in each others bodies. According to Tsukune, he cares for both of them the same and hopes that one day Inner and Outer Moka can become one together.

Issa elaborates that Outer Moka had never left, and that her personality and experiences were always a part of Inner Moka and her soul, and as a result Inner Moka is bright and cheerful as her outer form.

With this differentiation between Inner and Outer become pointless as Moka is finally free to be herself and openly love and protect Tsukune. Equipment Rosario Cross formerly: It was created by her mother to protect her from Alucard's blood.

The rosary also is what lets Outer Moka live as well, so when Alucard destroyed it, Tsukune died to keep Outer Moka alive even if the rosario is destroyed he changed it to instead of Outer Moka dying Tsukune will die instead. Though after this incident Mikogami forbade her from taking it again thus she never used it after training Tsukune. Weakness Lack of Blood: Due to Moka's strength originating from her blood, if she loses it by injecting it to another or deprived of it her overall power significantly decreases.

Her greatest weakness and the one of any vampiress in general is water. Due to its purifying properties, it has an adverse effect on her body, causing painful shocks and rendering her virtually immobile.

However, it is possible to negate the weakening and harmful effects by adding certain herbs to the water. As seen when she makes breakfast for Tsukune or when she takes a bath. Quotes "Mother" Inner Moka Know your place!

Moka and Tsukune's relationship

Now she didn't kill Tsukune because the headmaster put a holy lock on Tsukune so he wouldn't transform but this showed us how much Moka really cares for Tsukune. That he is willing to do whats best for him even if she doesn't want to. He didnt like what he was going to be but because of Moka he decided that he wants to use his powers to protect the women he loves.

moka and tsukune relationship quiz

He would train with Inner Moka and Ruby so he can try to control his power. His mindset changed a little when training with a monster named Fuhai.

He wanted to be stronger so he can save Moka from Fairy Tale. Moka has a huge impact on Tsukune and because of his love towards Moka. Tsukune was willing to have special needles go through his body so he can control his power. These needles were so powerful that the first needle almost made Tsukune give up.

However his determination for saving Moka was what kept him going. This moment has been 2 years in the making. We have seen time and time again that Moka has gave her blood to Tsukune so he can live but this time it was the other way around. Alcurd who is the main villain would attack outer Moka close to the heart and would be near death.

Tsukune was in tears because Moka means everything to him. I mean they both care about each other so much and were letting all those feelings out that they were finally able to kiss.

moka and tsukune relationship quiz

There was a way to save Moka from death and that was to give blood to her. Now Akua who is Moka's sister tried giving her blood first. She told Tsukune that his feeling and love for Moka won't help and that he was just a human. Tsukune didn't want to believe what Akua was saying and when her blood didnt seem to revive Moka, Tsukune decided to take off his Holy Lock.

We can tell how beautiful this relationship is because when Tsukune takes off his holy lock he becomes a ghoul and usually cant control his powers however his feelings towards Moka changed that. He was able to inject blood into Moka and because of that he was able to save Moka! I mean Tsukune finally able to save Moka and control his power and fighting along side Moka as both shinzo vampires was amazing. After the battle we see Akasha who is in a way outer Moka, thank tsukune for his love and was grateful that she met him.

We see Tsukune in tears because he does not want to say goodbye to outer Moka as inner Moka hugs Tsukune.