Moesha and relationship help

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moesha and relationship help

How was it possible when Hakeem was like a son to him. Mr. Mitch shared family recipes with Hakeem and everything. Moesha even said she. The following is a list of episodes for the UPN comedy-drama series Moesha. The series Moesha helps Hakeem get a job interview at a store in the mall when she learns his mother has been laid off. .. Moesha and Dee both don't approve of Hakeem's relationship with Jennifer but Frank assures them that nothing's wrong. Moesha is an American sitcom that ran on UPN from January 23, Aborted Arc: Bernie and Andell's secret relationship in the third season In "The Candidate", Moesha and Hakeem have this after the political candidate they support.

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Moesha's oldest friend is Andell Wilkerson seasonsportrayed by Yvette Wilson who owns Moesha and her friends' favorite hangout "The Den". Andell helps Moesha and her friends out when she can at times.

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The Andell Wilkerson character was written out of the series, Moesha for season 6 and she and Nicole Ann 'Nikki' Parker, portrayed by Mo'nique Imes Jackson in the spinoff series "The Parkers" become ever loving and loyal best friends together. Andell is replacing Nikki's 1st friend and neighbor, Desiree Littlejohn portrayed by Mari Morrow in the second half of season 1 and all of seasons in "The Parkers" who is no longer on the show and written out of the series and then she is not seen afterwards in the second half of season 1 and all of seasons Mari Morrow's Desiree Littlejohn character was on the show for only 7 episodes of it till November She left the show and was removed from it that year in and was not seen after it.

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Q was eventually written out of the show but later Moesha and Q became engaged until Q wanted to pawn off the engagement ring and when Moesha refused to give up the ring, Q got upset and didn't want Moesha to help him out ever at all.

Moesha then decided that she could do better than Q and broke up with him. The other guy Moesha fell for would be her long time best friend Hakeem Campbell.

moesha and relationship help

Hakeem and Moesha were also on and off towards the end of the series. And as I watched the show the second time around, I was waiting to clown him for his subpar acting skills and general lameness.

moesha and relationship help

And actually, when things got emotional, as Frank decided to ship him off to boot camp and he begged to stay, claiming he was going to do better, I was touched. Charles, pictured above, himself and Dorian.

Her comedic timing is impressive, even today.

moesha and relationship help

But he filled the void Kim left when she left in season 6. Like his predecessor, he brought plenty of unexpected laughs.

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Niecy was a shady friend I was watching the episodes out of order and saw that by the time Niecy and Moesha were in college there was some type of beef between the former friends. Moesha and Jeremy played by Usher go to see Usher in concert.

moesha and relationship help

Ray J eventually appears as himself in a later season. Later episodes got a lot more serious due to the waning relationship between Moesha and Frank.

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The cast also crossed over for a Halloween episode of The Parkers. There is also some Character Overlap when Maya from Girlfriends appears - her brother is married to Dorian's birth mother.

moesha and relationship help

Niecy similarly made an appearance on Girlfriends. The series ended in a cliffhanger due to being Even more egregious since they were, apparently, only one episode from completing the series. Word of God said that the family would've rescued Myles from his captors. The intro to seasons four through six.