Modern teacher and student relationship

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modern teacher and student relationship

"Decades ago, the relationship between teachers and students was closer, more respectful and sacred. I can't be more worried about it in. Teacher-Student Relationship: Present Scenario tolerant, committed, organized – these are some of the qualities of the modern teachers. This article is an attempt to identify areas of potential conflict in the teacher- student relationship and to redefine the teacher's role in the modern context.

Amongst all the neglected and the downtrodden groups in India, the plight of the teaching community is perhaps the worst. Theirs is a community which renders what India has always considered as the most sacred duty — the gift of knowledge vidya daanam but suffers complete indifference and neglect from the society. Nor does this community receive any effective recognition from the society at large which can help them raise their head in pride, except for a few formal awards doled out to them by the government or some NGOs.

In comparison, Page 3 celebrities, film actors and cricket players seem to have a much better self-esteem and respect in society!

modern teacher and student relationship

No wonder that India is facing one of its worst ever crises in education — the absence of visionary teachers who can bring back the lost glory of the teaching profession. In the words of Dr. Unless, remedies to these problems are applied at the national level, the teacher-student equation is not likely to undergo any positive change.

The traditional shishya vs.

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It is not fresh clay but half-baked clay which they get to work with. They face brickbats and taunts from crowds of unruly and organised gangs who pass off as students! The tragic case of Professor Harbhajan Singh Sabharwal of Madhav College, Ujjain, who died recently when he was beaten up by a mob of students who were protesting cancellation of student elections, is a shocking example of the grim state of affairs prevalent today.

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In fact, many seem to entertain the fancy that the internet will soon replace the classroom and there will be no further need for teachers. When the Anna university vice-chancellor imposed a ban on cell phones and vulgar clothing on the campus, some of the students did not hesitate to put pressure on him to withdraw this decision by giving interviews to the media. He was branded as an obscurantist and as a moral policeman out of tune with the times.

The pitiable part is that the youth justify their delinquent behaviour and conduct today in the name of human rights and freedom. That this selfish notion of freedom violates the freedom of other constituents of the society they live in and has a harmful effect on the whole, never occurs to them.

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But how can these students be different from what they are when their parental and teacher influence is woefully devoid of inspirational value? This is the vicious circle in which Indian education is caught today. Breaking the Impasse The educational scenario in India is likely to deteriorate further in the coming years. One cannot expect significant changes as long as career and commercial interests dominate education and character building is relegated to the back seat.

In addition, Indian society continues to blindly follow modern, western norms in social relationships in preference to its own time tested principles.

Teacher development involves more than changing teachers' behaviour. Teachers have always had the ability to determine the tone and direction of a school, to create exemplary worlds within the classroom, and to scuttle reform movements that failed to fit their mental models.

'My Role Is To Figure Out What The Modern Student-Teacher Relationship Sounds Like'

For too long, those actions have taken place without conscious thought or choice. Let performing teachers be rewarded significantly and visibly so that they may serve as an inspiration for others. In particular, firm steps are needed to prevent the destructive influence of outside political forces from vitiating the sacred atmosphere within educational institutions Let teachers and students sit together as described in the Upanishads of yore and deliberate on the root cause of the conflicts between them.

Let every teacher make a conscious effort to become a channel of inspiration for the students and not just a medium for transmission of dry technical information. Teachers were under increasing pressure to provide educational services, Minh added.

modern teacher and student relationship

Teachers were now expected to stay strict and discipline children, while at the same time satisfying their customers to maintain the schools' revenue. I need my children to learn how to be creative and independent.

They need appreciation and respect, as well. So I expect that the teachers in this era will act as inspirers rather than presenters.

Teacher-Student Relationship: Present Scenario

TV, books and newspapers, and the internet, which help build personalities and freedom more quickly than in the past. Also, children going through puberty can have more aggressive responses to teachers. Of course they have the right to say so when the information is made public.

But it also makes me worried about the limited awareness of privacy in their behavior and communication that both schools and families should help them to build.

modern teacher and student relationship

My friend Trang still goes to work happy and excited. I just need to find a suitable approach to making them feel loved and disciplined so they will go my way. Sometimes I have to think a lot about their questions so I change to another topic, leaving them to think alone for a while, and then I will come back to help them fix the problem. I don't vote for authoritarian education.

modern teacher and student relationship