Mikoto and anna relationship problems

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mikoto and anna relationship problems

"Mikoto will keep me warm," she paused and looked at him with her large Just what was her problem? But of course, she was his wife, and she was Anna, and therefore he did. .. No offence, but the only difference I saw was that in the boy/boy relationship, no one had a pair of breasts or a vagina. Mikotos Relationships Homra As A Whole: Mikoto looks at HOMRA as his Anna : Mikoto looks a Anna as his daughter, doing whatever she wanted just to make. create Collections and Bookmarks, participate in Challenges, import works, and background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships .

Mikoto is an avid smoker, having smoked since his early twenties. History Mikoto hears about a recent beating. At some point in his youth, Mikoto met Izumo Kusanagi and became best friends with him. Mikoto and Izumo went to visit him in the hospital. Once there, Izumo asked the kid, Tatara Totsukawho injured him so badly. He did not receive any answer to his question. Instead, he obliged Totsuka's request to scratch his foot for him before hitting the middle school student on the head.

Annoyed, Mikoto left the two in the room and walked outside with a scowl on his face. Totsuka rose from the couch across from him and told Mikoto what they would eat that night. Mikoto then pondered why he ever became a King and expressed his annoyance at how he is viewed as one.

For that, Totsuka gave him a quick lecture about his becoming King. He does not respond to the younger individual's words. Instead, he asks of what type of dish they'll be eating and is explained more about tom yum goong.

Afterwards, Mikoto extendd his arm to the young man. Before they can shake, Mikoto released his flame-like Aura onto his hand. Mikoto then adds that overusing one's power does not benefit the person in the end. One of the Rakshasa men fires bullets at Mikoto but he easily destroys them with his Aura. He then says not to leave behind any ashes. He went up to bat and managed to swung a home run. While out, Chitose went to bat, and ended up swinging the ball toward a woman, who was coincidentally looking for him.

When he had fled the area because of her, Mikoto went to give him a call, asking if he needed him to save Chitose. He was declined, however, leaving Mikoto solemn. Mikoto would go out to have a smoke, thinking to himself about how power caused him loneliness. He was approached by Totsuka and denied sharing any thoughts.

Mikoto was abruptly woken and he attacked in self-defense, burning part of the building. As Eric fled, Mikoto warned Totsuka to be aware of the non-member's murderous intent.

Mikoto explained himself that he was in a daze and quietly apologized for his actions. After the call was over, he got up to leave, telling Kusanagi that numbers won't matter when he's out to face the gang Hikawa. He approached their gang quietly and left them unharmed. Mikoto returned to the bar afterwards to confront Eric. Mikoto studied Eric briefly before lighting his right hand with his Aura, then pressing it against Eric's face. When asked why he did such a thing, Mikoto merely stated that he felt weak from looking at Eric.

He then reminded Totsuka that he was in charge of taking care of newcomers. One afternoon, Mikoto walked sleepily down the stairs of the bar so he could get a drink. He sat by the counter and noticed a horse drinking from a container beside him.

He asked Kusanagi why the horse was there though he did not receive an answer. Anna suddenly ran up to Mikoto and asked him to name the horse. He decided to name it " Basashi " much to the little girl's horror. Mikoto ignored her and told his Clansmen that the horse was not an ordinary being, right before it unveiled its Strain powers; seeing its shoulder immediately hungered Mikoto.

Several months later, Mikoto and Kusanagi had a brief chat about Totsuka.

mikoto and anna relationship problems

Mikoto merely commented on how strange the younger individual was, saying nothing else in regards to the topic. During the conversation, Anna giggled and ended up blowing a bubble in her drink. Mikoto asked if she was laughing, though she shook her head at him. Soon afterwards, Totsuka decided to play a song for the whole Clan following Anna's inquiry of it.

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As Totsuka sang and played music on his guitar, Mikoto expressed visible delight at his music. After finding this out, Anna quietly entered his room as Mikoto reluctantly relaid the news. Soon after he engulfed himself in flames out of anger, but they were quickly extinguished as Anna ran towards him and embraced Mikoto as hard as she could.

Sometime later that week, his Clanmen looked through Totsuka's old recorded tapes on one day, though Mikoto did not join them. Instead, he went out to have a smoke alone. Plot Mikoto leads his Clan across the city. The group splits up after a certain amount of time, leaving Mikoto with Anna. Once the others have completed the operation, Mikoto and Anna head to the hotel suite; there, Kusanagi comments on how early the former is. Upon learning that their main target does not know the person they're after, Mikoto and the others leave.

mikoto and anna relationship problems

Mikoto's damaged Sword of Damocles. They head towards the lobby, stopped only on the second floor, having been confronted by Scepter 4. Mikoto says to "burn them" before dropping down to the lobby, soon accompanied by the others. Was it love at first sight?

When he met Mikoto he knew that this was someone he would follow for the rest of his life. He was enchanted by him. Mikoto is banned from the kitchen. He knows that Kusanagi will know if he sets foot in there. Most of the more personal issues that come with raising Anna fall to Totsuka as well. Mikoto flounders when it comes to helping her take a bath, or clothes shopping, or even brushing her hair.

Would they change it if they could? It annoys Mikoto that Totsuka will never fight back because he is a pacifist at heart. And while he loves his gentle vassal very much, if he just learned some basic self-defense or used his aura to protect himself from low-life thugs, many of his injuries could be avoided. It annoys Totsuka that Mikoto will always put himself down. Totsuka wishes that one day he can finally convince him how important he is to everyone in his life.

He just knows, and it takes a huge pressure off of Mikoto. Totsuka loves how gentle Mikoto is. He was never taught about interpersonal relationships, or even societal expectations until he was much older. So he has a rough go about talking things out, which Totsuka understands and accommodates.

When Homra saved Anna, it was never a question to both of them that they would adopt her and raise her as their own.

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The only thing he lets Totsuka step in and do is cook, and only because thanks to his many hobbies, he does it better. Otherwise, as far as he is concerned, he is the only one who can take proper care of the bar and the apartment above it. Totsuka insists they celebrate every holiday. They never made a big deal about celebrating their anniversary, but the clan throws a small party every year on the day they became open about their relationship. What was the proposal like?

Any kind of honeymoon? They knew they loved each other and that was all that they needed. But when Anna found out, she wanted them to have a wedding. No one had the heart to tell her no, so a month later, they staged an elaborate ceremony that they let her officiate.

Do they have a favorite activity or do they like to switch things up? The thought of losing each other is the scariest possibility for either of them.

As Homra grew, and the clansmen joined their inner circle, they grew afraid of losing them too. For weeks after they adopted Anna, they were afraid Scepter4 was going to attempt to take her away, due to her being a Strain. It was the reason they made her an official member of Homra even though she was so young.

Totsuka will try anything once within reasonable limits and Mikoto unfortunately gets dragged into his schemes more often than not.

Mikoto still has a mild distrust of can openers and refuses to explain to anyone WHY - Do they keep secrets? When Totsuka suffers minor injuries from an attack, he will try to keep them a secret from Mikoto. Would it be permanent? They would kill for each other, and need the other like air. Do they ever feel the need to take a break from each other? Most dates are spent with Anna now, which they honestly prefer.

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Going on official dates before had been awkward, with neither of them really knowing what to do. What are their arguments like? How do they make up?

Exactly like you would expect an industrial loft to look like. They had no say in how the common rooms accessible to all of the clan members was decorated, because the building belongs to Kusanagi and the public spaces were his to decide what to do with.

Totsuka helps Kusanagi with the bar, but Mikoto is always there with him. In the beginning all intimate contact was initiated by Totsuka, but once Mikoto settled into their relationship and learned their boundaries, he lost any inhibitions. Mikoto worries about being bad for Totsuka from time to time, but Totsuka is always there to soothe away those fears. Do they share their feelings, or hold things in? They are almost always together. Mikoto is surprisingly the one who shares his feelings more often than not, while Totsuka will bottle things up in an effort not to burden Mikoto further.

The inner circle of Homra is very supportive and happy for them.

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There were lower level members who would voice disgust over them both being male from time to time, but they always seemed to drop out of Homra and disappear a short time later. He also swears he will kill them if he walks in on them one more time because they were either in an obscure location or forgot to lock the door. For Anna, they are her parents and she cannot think of a reason why they would not be together. The fact that they are so in love with each other makes her happy, and helps her feel like a normal girl.

Anna is their precious princess and they will fight anyone who says otherwise. After they get together, they spend the rest of their lives together. Running Homra and protecting Shizume City from the underground is a full-time job. Totsuka can remain perfectly calm. After being the reason for so many emergencies himself, he is a pro at keeping his head about him in stressful situations.

Mikoto, on the other hand, cannot keep his cool. Every time someone is hurt incites the same amount of panic as the time before, no matter the severity. He is waiting for the other shoe to drop and his happiness to be taken away.

Mikoto needs Totsuka with him to keep his aura at bay.