Mike and jesse relationship memes

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mike and jesse relationship memes

Breaking Bad's Mike and Jesse may have more in common than simply sharing a dangerous profession. As it turns out, they may actually be. Here are the 35 best memes that will define the internet in Web Culture · Sex & Relationships · Celebrities · Memes · Parenting · Social Media · Tech · Business · Apps · Gadgets . train emojis. — Mike Cernovichy France (@ DOGGEAUX) July 7, Jesse McLaren (@McJesse) October 15, Discover best Breaking Bad Memes images and ideas on Bing. ideas about Walter White Breaking Bad, Jesse Pinkman, Breaking Bad Seasons. Mike Tyson Memes Funny; Mike Tyson Memes About Bad Relationships; Funny Memes.

Mike is the grunting, no-nonsense, mysterious strong-arm of major drug dealer Gus Fring, and his multi-billion dollar business.

mike and jesse relationship memes

Mike And Jesse Both Love Kids Throughout the series, Jesse is often thrown into situations involving children, and he is always at their defense. His first interaction with a child involves the junkie-parents of said child, who Walt sent him to kill. And although Mike is basically a ninja with invincibility code enabled, he has a soft side, protecting his granddaughter, Kaylee, to the fullest extent.

It is even revealed at one point that all his earnings will go to her once everything inevitably goes down the crapper. Jesse, in retrospect, has a smaller yet intensely loyal crew in Skinny Pete and Badgeralthough killing is a last resort for them.

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It seems throughout the series that Jesse, wrought with guilt and conflicting emotions toward his mentor, becomes more callous while holding on to his strong morality.

In an almost bored-yet-disciplinary manner, Mike tells Jesse to calm down, count to 20, then call After making Jesse repeat it 3 more times, he calmly gets up and leaves. Mike has an interesting opportunity here, to beat some sense into his younger self so that he could focus on the matter at hand, which would most definitely affect Mike.

Although most of their interactions are business-related, there is a great level of respect and nigh-comradery among them.

They have a history, and so do Jesse and Walt. While Jesse has his doubts, Walt is still his mentor in that he taught him how to make the purest meth known to man. The Dead Drop Ambush Scene Gus sends Mike and Jesse on a long road trip through the desertto his random money caches distributed there. At the final drop of the trip, two muggers come out of nowhere, and Jesse is almost jacked for all the loot. With quick thinking, Jesse gets the hell out of Dodge, knocking one guy over in the process and losing the others in a chase.

mike and jesse relationship memes

He ultimately comes back for Mike, who had the stash and was waiting for him at a phone booth. It is later revealed that this event was in fact orchestrated by Gus, presumably as a test of worth, but really just to piss off Walt.

Top 10 Reasons That Prove Breaking Bad’s Mike And Jesse Are The Same Person

Twisted ankle, nothing too bad. It all went like you thought it would, more or less. More than a few, yeah … but I know better than to ask.

In this aspect, Gus is basically a liaison for Mike in keeping his current worth to the operation, and ensuring his own success in the future.

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mike and jesse relationship memes

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Cernovich claimed that he had felt a "cosmic" "shift in energy" which only "high-consciousness people" were able to experience. He also elaborated on his past use of mind-altering drugs and referred to reality as a "simulation" several times.

mike and jesse relationship memes

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