Mic louise and spencer relationship fake jordans

Made In Chelsea couples: the relationships you had forgotten about!

mic louise and spencer relationship fake jordans

The fourth series of Made in Chelsea, a British structured-reality television programme, began The series saw the arrival of several new cast members including Andy Jordan, Ashley James, Carly Rothman, Sam Cussins, Sophia Sassoon, Stevie and the rocky relationship between Spencer and Louise until the revelation. Made in Chelsea (abbreviated MIC) is a BAFTA award-winning, structured-reality television . The series included the end of Spencer and Louise's relationship after the Despite the series featuring all of the Chelsea cast, there were notable absences from Andy Jordan, Georgia "Toff" Toffolo and Sophie Hermann. 'Made in Chelsea' stars Andy Jordan, Louise Thompson together Made in Chelsea stars Louise Thompson and Andy Jordan seemingly solidified their relationship status by making achieved their goal of giving her ex Spencer Matthews something to get Scarlett Johansson on being used in fake porn.

Series 8 [ edit ] Main article: Made in Chelsea series 8 The eighth series began airing on 13 October on E4. A Christmas special episode aired immediately after the series on 22 Decemberwhich was then followed by an end of season special presented by Rick Edwards on 29 December This is the first series to feature new main cast members Josh Shepherd, [49] Lauren Frazer-Hutton, Tiff Watson and Lonan O'Herlihy, [50] and was the only series to include cast members George Amor and Will Colebrook after they did not return for the ninth series.

Lauren was introduced as the new girlfriend of already established cast member Spencer Matthews[51] whilst Tiffany is the sister of Lucy Watson.

mic louise and spencer relationship fake jordans

The series focused on Spencer and Laurens relationship, an ongoing argument between Binky and Fran, [52] the romance between Alik and Louise,[ citation needed ] and Sam attempting to win back Tiffany following several cheating allegations. Made in Chelsea series 9 The ninth series began airing on 13 April on E4. This series also featured the show's th episode; broadcast on 15 June The series focused on blossoming relationships between James and Lucy, and Jamie and Jess, a rift forming between Lucy and Stephanie, and Spencer's romance with Lauren hitting the rocks when he turns back to his old ways.

LA A spin off series entitled Made in Chelsea: LA was confirmed on 14 May It was revealed that this would be a stand-alone series which would not be promoted as the tenth series. The tenth series will in fact follow in October Filming for the spin-off began in late May and concluded in late-July.

mic louise and spencer relationship fake jordans

This is the second spin-off show filmed in America following the NYC special the previous year. The third episode of this series was filmed in Las Vegas.

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It also featured the brief return of former cast member Gabriella Ellis, [58] as well as the permanent return of Ollie Locke. The series included the end of the relationship between Josh and Stephanie, Jamie starting a holiday romance with Naz before eventually realising he actually has feelings for Jess, and Binky opening up to JP about her growing love for him only for him to break things off completely.

Series 10 [ edit ] Main article: Made in Chelsea series 10 The tenth series began airing on 19 October on E4. The official trailer for the new series was released on 29 September confirming the start date. Richard Dinan also returned to the series having last appeared during the fifth series[62] and Francis Boulle made a one-off return during the Christmas special.

The series focused heavily on Sam and Tiff's rocky relationship coming to an end when Tiff admits to cheating on him during the summer and rumours of Sam cheating surface, [65] until the pair eventually reunite. Made in Chelsea series 11 The eleventh series was confirmed on 1 March to begin on 11 April on E4 [67] and concluded on 27 June following eleven regular episodes and a "The Aftermath" special hosted by Rick Edwards.

Ahead of the series, it was confirmed that Jessica Dixon and Olivia Bentley had joined the series as new cast members,[ citation needed ] however Jessica only appeared in four episodes. They were joined by Frankie Gaff and Matt Draper mid-way through the series.

The series focused heavily on the fallout between Lucy and Stephanie and the consequences it had for the remaining cast,[ citation needed ] as well blossoming romance between Jamie and Frankie despite cheating allegations. South of France A spin off series entitled Made in Chelsea: South of France was confirmed on 8 June[75] and began airing on 1 August It was announced that the cast of Made in Chelsea would be travelling to Cannes to film a special series of the show.

It was revealed that this would be a stand-alone series which would not be promoted as the twelfth series. The twelfth series followed in October The series featured the return of former cast member Francis Boulle.

It is the only series to include French cast member Lukas Avalon,[ citation needed ] the last to include Louise's ex-boyfriend Alik Alfus, [78] and first to include her new boyfriend Ryan Libbey. Made in Chelsea series 12 The twelfth series began airing on 10 October on E4[81] [82] and concluded on 26 December following eleven episodes and a "Christmas Party" special episode hosted by Rick Edwards.

Made in Chelsea series 13 The thirteenth series began on 20 March on E4 lasting for eleven episodes. The series heavily focused on the rift between Jamie and Frankie following a number of obstacles getting in their way, the end of Olivia and Fredrik's relationship when his attention sways elsewhere, and JP and Binky planning their future with the imminent arrival of their baby.

It also included Louise and Ryan taking their relationship to the next step, and Julius and Ella facing difficulties whilst trying to earn each other's trust. Ibiza A spin off series entitled Made in Chelsea: Ibiza was confirmed on 11 April [96] and began on 31 July It was revealed that this would be a stand-alone series which would not be promoted as the fourteenth series.

The cast for the series was revealed on 19 July[98] and only features some of the Made in Chelsea cast, with notable absences from Francis Boulle, Fredrik Ferrier and Oliver Proudlock. The series focused heavily on the final nail in the coffin for Sam T and Tiff's turbulent relationship following their attempt at taking a break, as well as Jamie and Frankie both realising that they're better off apart.

It also included the rivalry between Olivia and Julius escalating, and Sam P betraying Toff one too many times.

9 Made In Chelsea couples you had completely forgotten were together

FilmMagic She and Spencer split after cheating rumours - but she said that wasn't even her lowest point Image: Wenn "I would go out and get really drunk and forget about everything. I was never a horrible drunk or aggressive, but I would embarrass myself, so I would have to pick up the pieces for the next few days," she said. Louise also dated Andy Jordan on the show Image: Made In Chelsea bosses gently insisted Louise go for counselling instead, and she says the therapy helped her get better.

Now Louise relies on "punishing" her body with eight-hour high-energy workouts and gym sessions to feel better - something she says has made her a "happier, normal person". She's now found love with Ryan Libbey Image: Instagram And her relationship with personal trainer Ryan Libbey - another Made In Chelsea regular - has also helped ground her.

It's so tragic, but so many marriages end in divorce.

mic louise and spencer relationship fake jordans

She's now been with Ryan for 18 months, but she was forced to deny split rumours last month after tweeting a cryptic message that had fans guessing they had broken up. Like us on Facebook.