Marriage counseling and relationship advice india

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marriage counseling and relationship advice india

Because counselling is a practice that focuses on the self. experience with marriage doesn't factor into the relationship advice they dispense. What is relationship counselIing? Read more about relationship counselling and find a couples counsellor near you. Home / free-online-marriage-couples-counseling-india. Couples For Support & Necessary Advice complete the Contact form given below and the like are increasing, resulting in marital disharmony, broken family relationship and divorce.

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The overall aim of couples counselling is to help you do the following: Understand how external factors such as family values, religion, lifestyle and culture affect your relationship. Reflect on the past and how it operates in the present. Communicate in a more constructive way. Learn why arguments escalate.

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Negotiate and resolve conflicts where possible. Either way, counselling will offer you the space to grow and ultimately, decide what you would like the future to hold for both of you.

marriage counseling and relationship advice india

Common relationship problems There are many different concerns that might bring you to couples counselling, ranging from a lack of communication to a betrayal or affair. The objective perspective of a trained counselor has often been found to be extremely helpful in such cases. Who is not eligible for the treatment? Couples who are not looking for expert guidance need not go for marriage counselling.

Are there any side effects? Marriage counselling has as much potential to yield negative results as much as positive ones.

Relationship counselling

Things can go either way. It is possible that the couples carry their fights to the counsellor and may even yell and argue with each other during the sessions. The therapist, at such times, can act as the mediator and help the couple cope with the turmoil. What are the post-treatment guidelines? Couples need to keep in mind that effective change requires knowledge and action. If you are looking to create a win-win situation, you cannot continue to hold a position that has caused distress to your partner in the past.

Counselling enables both persons to speak from their heart about what they really want, and this insight is often invaluable to save a relationship. With the knowledge gained, couples can look to better themselves and their communication with their significant other for a fulfilling relationship.

marriage counseling and relationship advice india

How long does it take to recover? How much time it takes for a relationship to bounce back will depend entirely on the couple — it can take just a few days to even months for a couple to stabilize their marriage. If you tackle your issues early on, you might need just a couple of sessions to get through an issue. However, it may take some months or even years to work through it all.

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Often, with the guidance of an expert, couples gain new insights into their relationships and they start to take steps to build a better bond. Gaining Knowledge and Breaking Myths Marriage counseling is a place to better understand how relationships work.

The process shines a light on common myths about marriage that actually do damage to relationships.

marriage counseling and relationship advice india

A common myth about marriage is that partners must do everything together, otherwise, there is something awry in the relationship. The reality is that people in a relationship need an individual self as well as a relationship self.

How can we miss or desire that which is always there? A little room for an individual self actually allows couples to be closer to each other.

marriage counseling and relationship advice india

This is just one of many marriage myths, there are plenty more. Marriage counseling provides a space to confront notions of what being married means to you and your partner.

It offers a place to consider what is useful to your relationship and what ideas about relationships can be discarded. A marriage therapist will also help partners understand the unique dynamics in their own relationship.

marriage counseling and relationship advice india

Also check out Four Factors that Predict Relationship Investment Dealing with the Past One major role of marriage therapy is to help couples deal with the past. The past of each individual and, and past as a couple. People are not always aware of how their current actions are influenced by past relationships with family and former partners. A marriage therapist facilitates a conversation about the past and uses those revelations to help couples put current problems in perspective.

For example, someone who felt financially taken advantage of by their family might have some strong convictions about spending when it comes to their marriage.