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These two definitely have a better relationship with each other than almost any his horrible family members and her giving him advice on how to prank courtiers, And Sansa cherished Margaery's friendship above almost. "When Sansa was first kissed by Margaery, she had been surprised. What was Margaery had ignored Sansa's advice. She was wrong. Later. However, Margaery Tyrell wants nothing more but to corrupt the perfect prince and Internally, he wished he could heed his own advice.

Margaery finds herself arrested and awaiting trial, although Cersei is arrested as well on unrelated charges. Season 6[ edit ] After a period of captivity, Margaery is permitted to visit Loras in his cell. She discovers that he is beginning to break under the Faith's questioning, and that the meeting is a ploy to break her too. Jaime Lannister leads the Tyrell army on the Sept of Baelor to secure Margaery's release, but it is revealed that she has been absolved by convincing Tommen to forge an alliance between the Faith and the Crown.

Margaery later convinces Olenna to return to Highgarden, subtly indicating that she is still loyal to House Tyrell. Margaery persuades the High Sparrow, the leader of the Faith, to release Loras if he surrenders his claim as heir of House Tyrell and joins the Faith.

However, when Cersei fails to arrive for her trial Margaery deduces Cersei is plotting something and tries to convince the High Sparrow to evacuate the Sept of Baelor, but the High Sparrow refuses and has the Faith Militant bar the exits. Moments later, wildfire that had been ignited beneath the Sept on Cersei's orders explodes, and Margaery is killed in the explosion, along with all others present.

Her death, and those of her brother and father, lead Olenna to accept a proposal by the Sand Snakes who currently lead the Reach's ancient rival, Dorne in supporting Daenerys Targaryen 's invasion of Westeros. She states that; "In the books, I felt [Margaery] was just pushed to the background.

A pawn," and "Margaery's cunning was hinted at in the books, especially in her lunch with Lady Olenna and Sansa. Collins writing for Rolling Stone feels that author Martin has been vague about Margaery's ambition and political cunning and describes her as a; "mute mystery whose motives and level of involvement in the game of thrones are unknown [by A Clash of Kings]" [5] However other writers feel Margaery's political ambition is more obvious.

Madeline of Feministing writes; "Margaery is an ambitious politico as well as being a damn good actress — she plays the part of the tragic, virginal twice-widow so well that almost no one suspects that she is dead set on winning the throne.

Despite frequently being used as a bartering chip, Margaery uses her womanhood to her advantage, knowing that producing an heir will shoot her to power. David Sims writing for The A.

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Club enjoyed the introduction of Margaery's character in " What Is Dead May Never Die " commenting; "the fun twist to this plot is that Margaery Tyrell is obviously not the blushing maiden she appears to be, but an operator just like everyone else," and "Margaery could just be a cypher, a mostly silent cog in Renly 's plans for dominance, but instead she's going to be a lot more.

Rhiannon of feministfiction writes: Graceful, elegant, and aware of how powerful every word can be. She's an expert at the game that Sansa has only just begun, and it is stunning to see her. Margaery brings this whole new element to the Game that you haven't seen before, which is basically PR. It's quite a modern ethos on PR and courting public affections, hopefully. We've all seen politicians kiss babies. It doesn't mean that she's insincere in her genuine hope to do charitable work and it's just an interesting new comment on how you handle the masses and how you win power that maybe we haven't seen in Westeros before.

Margaery had better things to do, and Sansa was nothing more than the daughter of a traitor. Margaery made sure, at least once a week, made sure Sansa wasn't lonely. Margaery, more often than not, spent time with with her. We could be sisters, Sansa thought. Would Margaery enjoy Sansa as much as she enjoyed her cousins? Sansa was delighted at every moment Margaery and she had together, but they were rarely alone. Margaery might not like her as much in the solitude of the night.

Margaery had seemed as excited as she was; after she and Sansa had settled into bed, all it took was a gentle touch and a kind look from the older girl to make Sansa feel better. She and Margaery didn't run out of anything to talk about, from Margaery gently encouraging Sansa to talk about Winterfell, to Sansa timidly asking Margaery girlhood tales from Highgarden. Margaery even fell asleep holding hands with her. She is so kind, Sansa thought.

Would Margaery not think her pretty? Margaery had taken Sansa to the seamstress for new clothes, and Sansa had had to strip bare. She knew it was silly-Sansa had been unclothed in the presence of others before-but Sansa was worried Margaery might not think her comely.

As Sansa pulled off her gown, Margaery had smiled encouragingly. When Sansa was naked, she blushed and crossed her arms. Margaery touched Sansa's elbow, telling her not to be ashamed; Margaery thought she was beautiful.

Margaery had complimented her. Margaery pleases me so, Sansa thought.

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Hadn't Margaery realized how cruel he was? Margaery was smiling and kissing him, and Sansa felt herself grow jealous. Margaery had ignored Sansa's advice. Later, Margaery confessed how careful she was around Joffrey.

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Margaery told Sansa she was conscious of her guidance, and how grateful she was of Sansa's warning. Margaery said Sansa shouldn't feel bad about being fooled by the prince; he did seem very charming. Margaery had listened to her. I am relieved, Sansa thought. The kiss had been brief, and after it happened Margaery had left fairly quickly. Sansa was fretful Margaery wouldn't want to be around her anymore. A few days later, to Sansa's surprise, she was invited to spend the night with Margaery again.

When Sansa arrived, Margaery behavior had returned to normal, and she said nothing of what had occurred earlier. Only after they had been in bed for a while did Margaery mention it. Margaery, her hand resting on Sansa's, apologized for her behavior. She should not have pressured Sansa, she said, and she was sorry it had happened. Their faces were so close. Sansa silenced the queen-to-be with a kiss. Sansa often recalled what had transpired that night, Margaery pulling at Sansa hungrily, leaving Sansa feeling warm wherever her hands ran over Sansa's body.