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Clearly, Singleton needed the security of married life, the comfort of a John wanted from Margaret a soul mate to nurture him with love and understanding. . "It was a terrifically thoughtful gesture - tracksuits, jeans, tops and things like Singleton was pursuing Jennifer Murrant, a tall, slim, brunette, softly. Jennifer Horton Deveraux is a fictional character on the NBC daytime drama, Days of Our Lives, . Jack pretends to be Jennifer's husband, and they offer the child Hannah a foster home. Jack soon falls in love with Jennifer, but Emilio soon comes to town. Although Emilio pulls away from Jennifer when she is threatened by. Following Jennifer Garner's rare Hollywood Walk Of Fame RELATED VIDEO: JENNIFER GARGER ON HER RELATIONSHIP WITH . single frustration she still has with her ex-husband—his sobriety. FashionKylie Jenner Copied Meghan Markle's Style In A Maggie Marilyn Dress On New Year's Eve.

The pair split almost four years ago, but divorce proceedings are at a standstill. Aug 22, 3: If you haven't been keeping up with Garner and Affleck's rollercoaster of a relationship post-split, allow us to get you up to speed. The couple made headlines worldwide after announcing that they would be going their separate ways after 10 years of marriage. Just days after the pair marked their ten year wedding anniversary, the couple released a short statement about their separation back in We go forward with love and friendship for one another and a commitment to co-parenting our children whose privacy we ask to be respected during this difficult time.

We were building a house and renovating the farm and all that. I was pushing too hard and John doesn't have a lot of time in his life for people who are sick.

You are either on the fun wagon or you're not. I guess I didn't have a lot of time to be on the fun wagon - and he just got bored. Where Maggi used to spontaneously combust in a jealous rage, Belinda appears to have treated his philandering as a contemptible weakness rather than an affront. Still, they had some memorable rows, and, like Maggi, Belinda was widely rumoured to have suffered physical violence at Singleton's hands.

But she could not have given me a more comprehensive or more heartfelt denial, insisting: The man has never lifted a hand or attempted to strike me in any way. And I am happy to confess that I provoked him to the hilt. Belinda's successor, Liz Hayes, gives perhaps the most succinct and convincing argument for why Singleton is psychologically programmed so as to be incapable of striking or roughing up a female.

It's as simple as that," Singleton was quoted as saying. I hope it won't be too long Meanwhile, his agency business was growing so fast that he could even blame the pressures of work for his marriage problems. Belinda, however, had no illusions about the main source of their marital difficulties: The following year, during his campaign for the Hawke government's re-election, the couple parted again. By the end of he was joking to the press that "Belinda wants a divorce for Christmas, but I wasn't planning to spend that much".

Though they continued to live separately they were photographed frequently in each other's company over the next year: Brought up on a dairy farm, she began her career on a rural newspaper before moving to Sydney and, before long, the Channel 9 newsroom.

Her natural warmth and bubbly good nature made her an obvious choice as co-host of Channel 9's popular morning program. Hayes wasn't exactly swept off her feet when Singleton made his first advance during lunch in a restaurant.

I actually don't like being around someone who is out of control. The very first phase of intensive courtship saw him as considerate and sensitive as any woman could wish. He had the knack for anticipating her every need. With a current affairs program that started at 7am, Hayes had to leave her home by 4.

Spending nights with a lover meant she would then have to stop by her own apartment to pick up clothes. One night, however, she dropped over to Singleton's waterfront property in Balmain to find he had bought her a full wardrobe. Not only did he refuse to stop drinking in a restaurant when she needed to get some sleep, he sometimes brought his drunken football mates home to party through the night. He could also find endless ways to needle her about her supposed weaknesses and inadequacies.

Soon enough, she was grappling with evidence of his seeing other women. And she had more to deal with than a casual flirtation. He pursued her and it was impossible not to know what was going on. I'm sure it was because he was playing around and I think it was his way of trying to send me away, so I wouldn't find out, so it would somehow all seem OK in his own mind.

But then, blow me down, he's back, really trying very hard to make amends! He swept her away with a proposal of marriage. And so we did. Singleton urged that they keep their wedding secret, saying he was afraid he could become a laughing stock after having been married so many times before.

They were married in February Yet a "secret" wedding is almost a contradiction in terms. The rite is meant to be a public affirmation of a couple's love. If a bride can't share her happiness, the day seems to lose all meaning. By the late spring ofHayes could no longer stand the emotional strain and suffered a breakdown serious enough to require treatment in hospital. When she returned home, she found Singleton preparing to fly to the United States in pursuit of a major advertising account.

She begged him to stay, but the trip was too important. In the first week of December, while he was still away, she decided to pack her bags. The most destructive thing he had done, Singleton later admitted, was to ask her to keep their marriage secret. Today the two declare themselves the best of friends. JENNIFER Within three months of Hayes's departure, Singleton was pursuing Jennifer Murrant, a tall, slim, brunette, softly spoken and serious-minded, beautiful enough with her finely chiselled features to be a Vogue cover girl but far too shy and introspective.

Desperate to keep Jennifer from marrying Emilio, Jack kidnaps her on her wedding day. When Jennifer escapes, she falls off a cliff and was knocked unconscious. Jack finally pours his heart out to her.

Later, Jack becomes insecure about his feelings for Jennifer, so she returns to Emilio. During the Cruise Of Deception, however, Jack saves Jennifer's life, and they make love for the first time. Jennifer believes that Lawrence thinks she is Katerina, the heiress to the Von Leuschner fortune, due to a confusion going back to when the real heiress Carly Manning and Jennifer were teenagers and they had switched dates.

Jack arrives to rescue Jennifer. Jack and Jennifer became engaged, but he calls off the wedding because he feels alienated from her. Jennifer is still unable to handle intimacy and is too ashamed to tell Jack that Lawrence raped her. After Jennifer finally tells Jack the truth, she presses rape charges against Lawrence. Kimberly and Jack are able to record him confessing to the rape, and Lawrence is then sent to jail. Eve reluctantly grants Jack a divorce, and Jack and Jennifer are married.

Soon after, a swindler named Hawk soon cheats them out of their money. He is caught, but the couple remains penniless. Jennifer then learns she is pregnant, but Jack's joy is not great. He thinks he is suffering a relapse of Hodgkin's disease. Jennifer gives birth later that year to a daughter, Abigail Johanna. Jennifer teams up with Austin Reed to find the environmental cause of Abigail's illness.

It is soon revealed that Jack was the one who had allowed the toxic waste dumping and was responsible for Abigail's illness. Overwhelmed with guilt, Jack leaves Salem and Jennifer behind. Jennifer begins dating Peter Blake after Jack is gone.

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Peter is involved with drug trafficking at the time. Jennifer's mother Laura sees Peter with a lowlife by the name of Leo as the two of them scheme to make it appear as if Laura is having a mental relapse. Jack returns to Salem and spies on his ex-wife and her current love.

Jennifer is devastated and goes through with her marriage to Peter. Jack tries continuously to prove that Peter is devious but to no avail. A year later, Jennifer and Peter separate when she finds out he lied to her. Jack catches Peter with a syringe meant for Jennifer so that Peter can drug her and then take her and Abigail out of the country. Jack ends up shooting Peter, and it looks like Peter has died. Stefano switches Peter's alive body with the dead body of an old associate wearing a Peter mask.

Jack is sentenced to serving life in prison for the death of Peter, and Jennifer vows her eternal love for Jack every day. Jack breaks out of jail and takes Jen with him to evade police. They all are on the run for a while, until they join up with a circus. Jack becomes a laborer and Jen the assistant with Abby, their daughter. Abby strikes up a good friendship with the ringmaster's son. Eventually, Jack and Jennifer flee for Africa.

While in Africa, Jennifer and Jack experience some problems with their relationship, especially when Jennifer falls for a young man named Colin Murphy She flees to Ireland with Abby, where she ends up getting herself in trouble, and then has to come back to Salem with Bo.

Jack soon follows her, and the two move in together so they can look after Abigail. Jennifer initially pushes Jack away and concentrates on relationships, first with Brandon then Colin, but she and Jack can't resist that certain something that has always been between them. They are remarried, much to the delight of their daughter Abby.

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Jack and Jennifer are just beginning to enjoy their married life together again and hosting "In the House," a show that was a wedding gifts from Jennifer's father Bill to her and Jack. Jennifer is then dealt the harshest blow of her life when Jack is struck down in an alley behind Salem Place by the Salem Stalker, and Jennifer is forced to make the choice of taking him off life support and donating his organs.

Abby is unable to forgive her mother until Jennifer realizes she is pregnant, but tragedy strikes again when Jennifer learns that her baby will have serious mental and physical deformities, and Lexie advises her to terminate.