Louis and lestat relationship quiz

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louis and lestat relationship quiz

And Louis and Lestat's relationship with Claudia walks this very strange line between the paternal and the romantic, which is varying sorts of. What vampire did Louis create for Claudia in Anne Rice's "Interview With the In Anne Rice's "The Vampire Lestat", in what French town was. So, anyway, I couldn't help but notice the (beautifully written) way Anne Rice describes Lestat and Louis' relationship. It's so sensual? The way Louis looks at .

That haunting dance was a direct homage to Astaire's performance. The secret behind both scenes was a revolving set.

louis and lestat relationship quiz

She has interviewed the actor numerous times and spoke about how much she enjoys his work. She admitted that she could not handle the blood and gore of Interview with a Vampire and walked out in the middle of the movie.

According to the Orlando Sentinelshe later said: Believe it or not, the Saturday Night Fever actor was once in the running to take on the role of the Brat Prince. Rice told Star-News that although she was not sure if the actor himself was ever interested in the movie per se, there was a script written specifically with him in mind as Lestat. Another actor who was interested, though, was Richard Gere. Fortunately, neither made the cut. Cruise proved a controversial choice at the time but showed that he was the only one for the role.

The one actor she mentions the most is Rutger Hauer, who, at the time of the book's writing, was the author's ideal for the character. Inshe posted a birthday message to the actor with a photo of him taken when he was much younger with long, blonde hair. You want to know what Lestat looks like to me?

Look at this photograph. I didn't base Lestat's description on Hauer. Reports of strange happenings are a regular occurrence there. Once, a candlestick flew across the room, as witnessed by a tour group visiting the mansion.

Staff reports the sounds of crying coming from within its walls. Their love is a friendship, like flat-mates or partners in business. Lestat loves Louis because he's kind and loving and gentle, but mostly because he's beautiful, and Lestat loves beautiful people, he is a vain son of a bitch. Louis amuses Lestat with his condemns "you are a perfect devil". And he's company, Lestat needed company, he hates to be alone, and thinking about it, Lestat is never alone for very long.

And as Louis says, Lestat loves luxurious things, and so I think Lestat may have used Louis for his money as well.

Louis loves Lestat, he is drawn to him for authority. Louis is not a decisive person, and would and does if he could just lay around his house in his own despair. Lestat gives him instructions and tells him where to go, and Louis needs this.

Think about, he goes from Lestat to Claudia to Armand, and all of these have a strong will, and gave Louis instruction and a purpose. And after that when he was on his own, all he did was wallow in his own sorrow. Quite obviously, Lestat is charismatic and this also drew Louis to him. And he pulled Louis out of his morning for his brother, and his guilt. Lestat was always good to Louis, although they argued and he mocked Louis, he never left Louis, he never abandoned him, and Lestat always held a special place for Louis in his heart.

Now the hate, and there is a lot of hate, especially from Louis side. He and his brother used to be close, until a woman came along who they both fell in love with.

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His name is David and he was played by the actor Kiefer Sutherland. David was presumed to be the Head Vampire, and was the "leader" of the group. Despite all the dangerous and reckless situations he pulled Michael and the other Lost Boys in, David has a likable and persuasive personality.

Though it hides a much darker personality. Question 12 Save Dust This vampire is from the movie series Twilight. His name is Demetri and he is played by Charlie Bewley. Demetri is a vampire with a special ability.

His special ability is called Tracking and with it he is able to sense the "tenors" or "flavors" of a person's thoughts and use it to track them down. He is considered to be the most powerful Tracker in the series, as he had track someone over large distances.


It is that reason that he serves the Volturi. He is played by Christian Camargo and he goes by many different names, but his true name is Dracula.

Dracula takes the form of zoologist Dr. Alexander Sweet to try and seduce Vanessa Ives and make her his bride so he could gain the power to take over the world. Sweet he has a dreamer's personality and is a little awkward but charismatic.

louis and lestat relationship quiz

Question 14 Save Dust This vampire is from the Twilight movie series. His name is Edward Cullen and he is played by Robert Pattinson. Edward is one of the main characters of the series and the love interest, and eventually husband of the Bella Swan.

louis and lestat relationship quiz

Edward finds himself drawn to Bella by the scent of her blood and the fact he couldn't read her mind. As he talks to her more and gets to know her, he falls in love with her. Question 15 Save Dust This vampire is an adaptation of the famous Dracula.

louis and lestat relationship quiz

He is played by Luke Evans in the movie Dracula Untold, which gives a back story to the famous vampire. Dracula began life as Vlad "the Impaler" a prince and war hero.

louis and lestat relationship quiz

When the Ottomans threaten his people and family, Vlad uses the vampire powers given to him to protect his home. His name is Elijah Mikaelson and he is an Original vampire and one of Klaus' siblings.

He was initially very close to his brother Klaus, though a series of events had soured their relationship. He is very protective of his sister Rebekah, though he is critical of her actions sometimes.

Question 17 Save Dust This vampire is from the movie series Twilight. His name is Emmett Cullen and he is a vampire that belongs to the Cullen clan.

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He was turned to save his life, after Rosalie found him being attacked by a bear. Emmett and Rosalie immediately fell in love, and he thought of her as an "angel" seemingly not even bothered about being a vampire. He is physically the strongest of the Cullens. His name is Eric Northman and he is a main character of the series. Eric is a sheriff of town in Louisiana, he is originally from Sweden and was turned around years ago.

He owns a vampire bar called Fangtasia. Eric is calculating but loyal and can show a lot of affection to those close to him. He is a member of the Volturi guard and acts as their executioner. His superior strength and combat skills makes him a valuable asset to the Volturi.

Lestat de Lioncourt

Felix is first seen in New Moon, with him and Demetri sent out to capture and kill Edward if it was shown that he had revealed himself to humans. Question 20 Save Dust This vampire is a character from the movie series Twilight.

Lullaby Louis/Lestat

His name is Jasper Hale. He came across the vampires Maria, Lucy and Nettie and was turned by Maria, thinking that his military experience would be of use to her when she created her army of newborn vampires.

Eventually Jasper grew tired and remorselessly of all the bloodshed around him and he ran away from Maria's army, eventually coming to meet Alice. In it, Colin Farrell plays a vampire by the name of Jerry Dandrige. Jerry comes off as a simple blue collar guy who is handsome and charismatic.