Lord krishna and arjuna relationship counseling

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lord krishna and arjuna relationship counseling

Pandavas secretly went from Varnavrat after saving themselves from evil plan of Duryodhana, Shakuni and Karna. then Karna praised him by comparing him with Lord Vishnu. Under Bhishma's advice, the kingdom is split, with the Their cousins Krishna and Balarama helped them. Dharma, and the call of God, must always be greater than loyalty to He disregarded Krishna's advice, which was that to drop the vow for the. Because Arjuna had such a friendly rapport with the Lord, his turning to Krishna for instruction was a shift in the relationship. This was the.

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In this story the two men show the reciprocity of their respect for one another and the equality of their relationship by teaming up and defeating gods and animals. This story starts out with the two, now brothers, running into the fire god Agni, who is hungry and asks to be fed. The two men comply with his requests and decide to burn down the entire forest and all the creatures within it Rajagoplachari Rajagoplachari editor of Mahabharata 6th ed.

It is about two men who are about to prove themselves to their fathers, themselves and their worlds Rajagoplachari Another similarity taken from this story would be that the two men know how to complement one another and by doing so how to fight off other warriors sufficiently. In the end of the story the men are granted a favour from the god Indra, who has now been defeated by Arjuna, a proven man to his father the god Indra.

Krsna chooses to remain close companions with Arjuna for all his life as his wish Katz This is an incredible request that lets us see the true companionship that Krsna feels with Arjuna and not just the devotion that is normally shown of Arjuna toward Krsna. Part of the closeness between Arjuna and Krsna can be seen in its opposing relationship, between Krsna and Duryodhana.

lord krishna and arjuna relationship counseling

At one point Krsna goes to Duryodhana and shows him a truth. Much the same as when he shows Arjuna his true identity as the god Visnu in the story of the Bhagavad Gita.

This little side story to the Mahabharata only accents the commitment and devotion that Arjuna holds for Krsna Katz The devotion that is shown by Arjuna for Krsna is a model throughout the Mahabharata.

There are also references to the relationship between the gods, Indra and Visnu. The two gods have a friendship themselves and the friendship between Arjuna and Krsna hints at the same friendship as the one shared between the two father gods Katz This is an interesting side note as it leads to the idea of a strong eternal friendship between two equals.

Right after the Pandavas are exiled for thirteen years by Duryodhana they begin their journey into the forest. Krsna, hearing of their exile, rushes out to say goodbye to them and to see them off.

He finds the Pandavas and appears to them in the forest. He comforts them, especially Draupadi, who is upset over her disrobing scene.

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He then assures vengeance on the Kauravas, then says goodbye and is on his way. Before the great war of Kurukshetra, Arjuna and his cousin Duryodhana race to Krsnas kingdom in efforts of recruiting him for either side of the war.

lord krishna and arjuna relationship counseling

Bhishma Bhishma was another person who never performed a selfish action in his whole life. He was mighty, learned and respected.

lord krishna and arjuna relationship counseling

But he too ended up fighting on the side of adharma, and came to a tragic end. He was actually an impediment to the establishment of a righteous kingdom. Because he put his personal oath on a pedestal and made it the focus and obsession of his life.

That oath was that he would unquestioningly follow and do the bidding of whoever was the king of Hastinapur Delhi. This vow, he would never break as long as he lived, even when it involved fighting his own beloved nephews who he knew had done nothing wrong.

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Sticking to a vow is important, especially today when people make promises and break them the very next day or even the very next second. But the Mahabharata demonstrates that if your attachment to a personal vow stops you from doing what is blatantly right, and ends up making you serve evil, such a vow should be discarded and set aside. Bhishma put his personal vow above anything else, even when that vow became an instrument of evil. Drona Drona was an employee of the king of Hastinapur, who happened to be Dhitirashtra, the father of Duryodhana.

lord krishna and arjuna relationship counseling

He was employed to teach all the princes of that kingdom in the art of warfare and statecraft, and was considered the very greatest teacher of the era.

For his services, he was remunerated handsomely. Before he got this job, he was very poor and therefore was very grateful to the King for employing him. When Duryodhan was doing wrong, Drona was fully aware of it. On some occasions he even tried to stop Duryodhan, at which Duryodhan would say: Drona, despite being an outstanding warrior, and well versed in morality, put his loyalty towards his employer before the more important and fundamental question of dharma.

Pandava Prince, no significant neurotic traits, maladjustments or faulty coping pattern; a great warrior and veteran of many battles, in the recent past he fought against the same army and won the battle Uttara Gograhanam. Proactive role in the preparation for the current war and he drove into the battlefield with great enthusiasm to fight and win.

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Therapist Lord Krishna - A long-time friend, relative, well wisher of the patient, highly respected in the community, supposedly with supernatural powers, legendary mediating skills, mischievous lover boy in his younger days, with tons of common sense and in the contemporary language a kind of Go-Getter.

Descriptive psychopathology of Arjuna: Seedanthi mama gatrani mukham cha parisushyathi vepathus cha sarire me roma-harshas cha jayate Weakness of limbs, Dryness of mouth, Shivering of the body, Goose skin 1…….

Na kankhse vijayam Krishna na cha rajyam sukhani cha Kim no rajyena Govinda kim bhogairjivitena va. Do not desire victory, Neither kingdom nor pleasures why kingdom, why luxuries, why this war, wh…. Discussion on the natural inevitability of birth and death of life cycle, immortality of soul, performance of your own Dharma duty otherwise running the risk of shame and public defame.

Goal of therapy is removal of guilt and remotivate for action. Asochyan anvasochastvam Pragna-vadams cha bhashase gatasun agatasumscha n anusochanti panditah You worry about events you are not supposed, and speak like a learned man, Wise people do not worry about things that are perishable, or immortal II…….

Why did Krishna choose Arjuna instead of Karna,Drona or Bhishma ?

Intelligent action Gnana Karma without performance anxiety and without the greed for the fruits of the work Nishkama Karma and never to have the choice of nonperformance of duty Akarma emerges as a key point in the teaching of Bhagavad Gita. Emphasis on the power and capabilities of individual self, and how the person alone will be responsible for his actions, growth or otherwise.

Is the therapist inducing a state of hypnotic trance at this point!

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