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lestat and jesse relationship tips

~Never Yours~ Lestat & Jesse Hate Site in-depth analytic and critical rant about the Lestat & Jesse relationship in the movie Queen of the Damned, Non- profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. First I want you to understand that I hate the relationship because of how it is done and how it dismisses too significant THE PRODUCER OF THE FILM; ON LESTAT AND JESSE | .. He doesn't even imply in any ways that he'd love her. The Vampire Chronicles Photo: Lestat and Jesse .. Explore our collection of motivational and famous quotes by authors you know and love.

The original script had so, so many scene versions showing the depth far better. Though even in it the ending with the whole Lestat-Marius-Jesse matter is that totally wrong one. While I think most of the things they changed and did with the movie are good for the film itself if they weren't going to be loyal to the books - the movie would've ended so much more realistically, effectively and believebly if they had done it more like the book's ending.

With Lestat being the ultimate rebel and getting kicks out of being bad. Also, adding some of that discussion of Lestat and Marius's from the end, to the film's end, would've made such a powerful ending check on the relationships.

Especially the bit I already quoted anove. I mean, even more so than it already is in the book, because in this film's vision Marius does not deserve from Lestat such unconditional and strong love and worshipping that he gets. I couldn't even think of leaving you, not for very long, anyway. Too bad the first mentioned which they invented totally themselves took the place of this one that actually does exsist in the books and is also very vital part of them.

Below these my opinions on these scenes vs. I heart those two moments in the scene but generally I think it too poorly done not in acting, the acting is awesome in everythingto be picked as a favorite. Of course the literal birth moments are also awesome.

Crowned with that line "More! So it's not my favorite. It's still very interesting and well done, pointing out Lestat's innocence and curiosity, and how he just couldn't understand what he had become. The beautiful night, the music and a new-born vampire on the beach with his father, ah.

And the violin dueto between Lestat and the girl is really cute, too bad it ends tragically.

The whole thing is just crowned with Marius turning around still looking ok and probably just to check out what's keepinh the boy and then the most perfectly HORRIFIED look appears into his eyes. And not only because it added more of this pair into the film, heh. Bits I do adore in this scene are the "how did you find me", "I just had to look for the most ghose house in the block", they both are so sweet in that moment.

And the "it's what you've always wanted. And of course the look on Lestat's face when he sets his eyes on Marius; Lestat looks so as if he thinks he's dreaming or doesn't see well enough but when Marius says his name, Lestat suddenly looks like Heaven just opened up in front of his eyes! Which also makes his comment "Vampires don't settle old scores. As I take that line as another form of saying "I'll never forgive you.

But the earlier scripts' had this reunion scene a whole lot better in every way and not the least in not having any out-of-character lines there.

I love everything about that scene from the beginning to the end. As for moments in the scene before Marius appears on the stage, I love the way he looks at the vampires approaching while singing "the jury is coming - coming to tear me apart!

But I love especially Lestat's gorgeous, happy smile when he watches Marius kick the vampires' ass in efforts to protect him. But also Lestat's absolutely heartfelt and happy yay-jump when Marius had leapt on the stage and the fans keep on chearing - at the same time Marius too finding the moment great and his beautiful smile and applausing. And of course the very moment their eyes meet in the first place when Marius has leapt on the stage. There's just so much love and strong bond in both of their eyes and expressions.

And the actors play together so extremely perfectly in all this. Somehow this scene just always was so very interesting with Lestat being 'high' with the liquid fire blood and Marius told the story of Akasha and Enkil Also this has the Marius' loveable line 'I don't think so, my little lord.

And I looove the perfectly devilish chuckle Townsend manages to let out at Marius's statement of the statues not once moving in all the years he had kept for them. That chuckle is just priceless. And Lestat's plea "Let me go.

And it certainly wasn't making it any easier that when he did find it out they were no use with Marius still being stronger and right there beside him, keeping him from breaking free anyways.

And indeed, the moment Marius pinned his arm back and he didn't find a way to get away he raised his voice to announce "You'll not stop me!! I consider this a very entertaining way to point out Lestat's rebelious, bratty persona without extremeness of the rock star life thing. While making fan videos and getting extremely frustrated with the lack of physical affection shown between them and some other significant elements and events, I've had to give tons of thought to the matter. In the end I think they did well if out-counted that damned Magnus-Marius mixing which was probably the only thing keeping them from doing perfectly.

The film's beach scene isn't totally invented by the script writers even though it's events are very different. At least I'm pretty sure that scene was inspired by Marius forbidding Lestat from going back to Akasha and Enkil's chamber alone while he himself was gone but Lestat does it anyways just wanting to play the violin and it leads to rather dramatic events.

Only in the film it wasn't the chamber but the mortals that Marius told him not to go to. And unlike in the book, Marius was there to keep an eye on and save the situation before it got really ugly but in both he does and tells Lestat to do something Lestat obeys to only at the second time.

And in the film as well, before Lestat disobeyd he probably honestly thought nothing would happen as he put it in his endless pleas for Marius to forgive him. Which he also asks Marius to do in the film scene even though not begging so endlessly as he does in the book but then again the situation is completely different.

However, for the last similiarity after the situation is over they're on the beach, and Lestat's crying because he's upset. Well, in the film just almost crying, but still. And, Marius shows some of his infinite compassion In the original script Marius also yells at Lestat first, though unfortunately not exactly the same words as in the book. Though if I remember correctly, in the book he rather raised his voice, but anyways.

But I wish they'd done the birth scene more book-like in tone. The magnus-like attack was ridiculous and yet the gentle, compassionate tone in his voice and look in his eyes when he feeds Lestat saying "You've been brave enough for one night, my son.

As the whole turning someone into a vampire thing has always reminded me of a parent feeding their infant child. But especially the book's scene since Marius was feeding him to give him strength. They already are with how the scene is now.

And I'm pretty sure slashers minds in the gutter would never think of a parent feeding an infant anyways. Lestat's claim about his family sending an armey to look for him is ridiculous.

NO, they would not do that. The books make it more than clear that his father and brothers loathed him and his mama was there for him only in his extreme pain and otherwise cared more about her books. If this son was lost, they wouldn't care in that way and especially not soon enough. The script writers clearly didn't give a shit about Lestat's character in any matter that made him who he is. Lestat's suspicious toned "Who are you?!

Do I know you?! This film simply couldn't get more out of place scene. The only in-character moment in this film's scene is Marius's compassionate eyes and tone when he says "You've been brave enough for one night, my son. He clearly knew this person could become the father he had always yearned for. I kinda like the film version of the whole Akasha and Enkil's chamber-violin-and-aftermath scene up until they ruin it with Marius just leaving like that.

He should've at least left a loving note or something. Which, like we planned with a fellow fan, Lestat would've torn apart in anger and then taped back together and carried THAT letter around instead of the stupid violin that wasn't even Nicki's in the film. No, the violin isn't stupid, the girl is. But I'd have loved to see in the movie the version where Enkil goes all psycho over Lestat - it turned out to be far more impressive and fascinating scene that I had imagined it might be.

And it would've shown how much Akasha and Marius cared for Lestat. Marius yelling thourgh telepathy, not out loud to Enkil just about to crush lestat's heart: The film version made it seem as if Marius was just somewhat protective and then would ditch lestat the next day.

I already said quite a lot on the reunion scene which seems to be the only one totally not in the books. The original script, they should've stuck to it in this scene's case. The "too late to come over all paternal", "you almost cost me everything" and "you've just become very hard to avoid these days" bullshit make me try to mute the thing or jump over or pause or anything so I don't have to hear them. This is probably just a face though, they were'nt that torturing all along, so I'll get over it.

It's just that the more I've thought the more I've come to decision those three lines sealed the fact this film's version of the relationship will always give the TOTAL opposite and wrong image of this very vital relationship of the story.

Some cry out loud about Lestat's wrong hair colour. I cry out loud because of those lines. Especially as they weren't in their original intentions and it's so freakin' unbelievable they in the end came up with such absurdness. The way how Marius is the only one defending Lestat on the stage is very impressive and effective and kinda makes up for some major bullshit between them earlier in the film though still not those three lines.

I hope the earlier bullshit is the reason why they decided not to have Marius in the ice only able to try and reach Lestat through telepathy. Both are great visions but I like better the film where Marius is literally there with him, as said because at least that makes it absolutely clear to those who know not the truth, that he would defend Lestat with his life and not just ditch the kid at any given time. The only real difference in the book was that Marius simply was not able to get out from the ice to physically go to Lestat's defence.

Well, yes, though I also think the reason why Akasha prisoned Marius in the ice was so that the man couldn't get to Lestat and ruin her plans. Not only the fact this scene educates well, but to me personally it rocks my socks to literally see what WOULD have happened if Marius wasn't buried in ice. Especially as I said, the actors play perfectly together here.

They do all the time but especially here. Basically I mean this to just anyone who's interested and maybe targetted at those who adore this film and think they could not have done better.

Some lovers of this film say; "it was only inspired by the books, so there was no need for it to be any closer to them" - but that is so not true. They do not mean us to think of this as only an inspired work and they did not work on this as such - the producer's words quoted in this article, make that very clear. And some lovers say; "of course it can not be exactly like the books". Well, true enough but it could have been much closer to the books if not exactly like them, and my critical analysis should make that clear.

These things happen in The Vampire Lestat book; Lestat is made into a vampire. He meets and parts ways with Marius. He meets the band. Lestat performs the concert. Akasha snatches him with her. ALL of this happen in their movie and are pretty much the whole movie. As in, there is like 3 or 4 scenes in the entire movie that have anything to do with QOTD.

TVL would make a wonderful normal-length film if someone who actually gives a shit about the books, was working on it. Lestat is an extraordinary vampire character and he does go through some very impressive events in his mortal life and as a young vampire. How is that not enough for a great feature film even IF it doesn't offer any clear narrative spine?

And of course the film would end to a cliffhanger, but so what? I have said though, that because they link so strongly together TVL and QOTD would have to be combined but best if made into seperate films. But both books so very well have what it takes to be independent, wonderful, enjoyable films. After all it is the basic part of the story of the beloved vampire Lestat. We only have a problem in dealing with them, as they are mostly unnecessar and extremely violating everything. I personally have found some relatively good in there too though.

Hence, the word 'relatively'. Why would they want to write off their investment, and let Anne Rice sell the novels all over again? Believe me, there was no big rush or sense of panic on their part to get the film made. They were not in a rush but still didn't bother to even try to adapt the books. They were satisfied enough with the screenplay to give it the go-ahead. From the beginning, we felt that we would have to rewrite the "guts" of the story, because they wouldn't possibly fit into the length of a typical feature film.

It could be argued quite well that the way to do full justice to Anne Rice's second and third vampire novels is to film them as a mini-series. However, this was not our mandate. It was supposed to be a book-to-film; ANY narrative spine that IS from the book would make more sense than a narrative spine that has nothing to do with the book.

Besides, Anne Rice had written impressive, memoriable scenes, original characters and beautiful, indepth relationships. What WERE they thinking? Using the word 'greatness' isn't helping, you know. For there is an obvious way to do it and they were pointed to that road but they didn't take it and now they deny that it even exsists.

Surely the author herself knows a way to to replicate the facts and the greatness of her own work into a feature film. Know what the film should and should not include to do justice to what came out from her imagination in the first place.

Especially as she had done it before! The necessity of veering from the text leads to unavoidable compromises and the occasional inspired moment of originality. Not that they even wrote a love story but that clearly was their unoriginal attempt. We will always have Anne Rice's books.

Jessica Miriam Reeves

The movie is, in many respects, something different. How can they say the scales tilt to the right direction? Hence, the IWTV film. That is the film where the scales tilt to the right direction. Hiding behind the creative lisence is very natural. Only it miserably fails when they throw away all the core elements and original characters and replace them with your own, multilating what remained from the books.

It crosses the line of being creative. By a million miles. You see, in the book's ending Lestat and Louis walk into the night with Louis scolding Lestat for what he had just done. It is NOT weighting on any romantic atmosphere in the book.

Louis is furious and Lestat is laughing his ass off, enjoying Louis's anger. Especially since in the books Marius has loud and clear forbid Lestat from meddling with Talamasca.

That could've been put into a line in the final scene. They didn't have to include Louis. If they're problem was the limited minutesm they could've easily used the creative lisence AND remain respectful to the books as I just lampood.

Or maybe this film is like this because they did mind that fact, but in the very wrong way. That certainly is NOT a minor storyline change. Well, that makes perfect sense. It can never be perfect but it can be following the book's story with the book's chatacters.

And then they try to excuse it with complexity and limited minutes and other issues that would only take a little care and effort with respect for the source material, to overcome. Only, there is no room for preconceptions when the film footage screams bloody murder of the novels. But I too, have many times stated, that many fans are way too blinded by the changes.

While the movie has many details that will resonate only with Anne Rice's fans, it can be enjoyed with no exposure to either of the books, or the first movie. This would apply to any adaptation. You want the funnel to widen, not narrow.

It happens to work extremely well from a character-motivation point of view. But why the fuck did they not use those motives in the film then? But nothing changes the fact that ditching Magnus in the first place, not to mention turning Marius into the cold one, was probably the most crucial change they could ever make.

And thus basically very wrong. There is a reason why Magnus and Marius are two different characters. Two VERY different chatacters. Creative freedom is a good thing. That's what creativity is: So did they have to fuck it up so majorly? They had some bizzare combination of Marius and Magnus do the trick. As in, how much is that if not almost costing him everyhting? At least momenterally they remembere what Marius really was like with Lestat.

I have little doubt that this won't satisfy you, but thought I'd let you know what the basic thought process was behind our decision. Did they really think combining two such a different characters into one in anything but the concept of being the maker, would make anything but a weird mess.

Seriously; in order to stay faithful enough to Lestat's personality and behavour - it HAS to be either both, Magnus and Marius included without toching their motives and choices - OR including only Marius and stay true to his personality and motives with Lestat. This film while butchering that fact, turned Marius into Magnus with only a shadow of what Marius is.

The film Marius was draining Lestat's strength. This film in comparation to the books is the ultimate proof of how extremely important and deep affect the true Marius has in Lestat's character. So you simply can not do what they did, which was mixing Magnus with Marius in more then the concept of making L into a vampirewithout a horrid mess. If they weren't going to keep Magnus - all they needed to do to make it without throughly fucking up Lestat's character, was to then forget about Magnus and stay true to Marius.

They totally fucked up with a very solid base to do realtively well. We needed a human character to both be the audience's way into the movie, and someone besides Marius with whom Lestat could have a dynamic. In a feature-length story, characters often have to do double duty. Now we have to, for a moment, look at this thing as an independent thing. So; that reasoning I can actually accept. As in, seeing to that they were not adapting the books's story but telling their own, to which that of course was needed.

BUT if they were adapting the books, there would have been Lestat himself as a human for the audience's way into the film, and Nicki, and Gabrielle for the dynamic with besides Marius. For their story I guess Jesse was the only choice if they needed a human; but what the hell were they thinking with the storyline for Lestat and Jesse?! I agree that Lestat is much less likely to fall for Jesse than she with him.

But I honestly don't think that's too far from plain unlikely, as they are forced to throw in "fate" because of the feeble base combined to no chemitry and unrealistic storyline. Seriously, people forget how deep and strong feeling love really is. And especially when in this case there sure as hell are certain aspects of her that would totally make him hate her, which easily and naturally outweight whatever "intrigueing" there might be.

~The Secret of Eternity~ Lestat & Marius Fan Site // Books vs. Movie

Fate is suggested always when logic fails! In fact, it only proves the point more, that he never found Jesse THAT interesting, since he never thought he would end up together with her. And the logic really, really fails here miserably in every way.

Of course circumstances always bring together anyone and anything. But those particular ones?

lestat and jesse relationship tips

Lestat is lonely and suicidal, calling out for Marius even without an answer, and almost killing Jesse who had lied about Marius. Only a few days before Marius's return Lestat has been followed around by this Jesse who he clearly rather genuinely hates and doesn't want around and really has valid reasons for that! When he saw Akasha's true narutre it would most likely be Marius he thinks of, as he was the one who tried to tell him so but he didn't listen.

It would be Marius he would want to talk about it and deal with. And in the first place he wasn't even looking for any romantic company but just company and attention, and particularry Marius he obviously loved and wanted back. So how the HELL are those circumstances put together, as all of them do matter, supposed to bring Lestat and Jesse together the hate weighterd thing with a feeble base for anything else instead of him and Marius the unconditional love thing and years of waiting for a reunion.

NO, in those circumstances you do NOT end up together with the chick you rather hate but with the father you cried out for years and had now back in your life after a huge encounter with the one who seperated you those two centuries ago. So, seeing to that they had the ending the opposite of that, their little story meetings before filming began, were fucked up. So basically they admit there is no chemistry what-so-ever and no realistic storyline, and no way in hell he would acturlly downright fall in love romantically with her.

And as I analysed, the circumstances don't support the ending either. No way the film's end could have any emotional logic. So they majorly fucked up but can't admit it and throw in "fate" just in case. He did mention the "fate" first, obviously uncertain of if the circumstances would do the trick and they indeed so do NOT.

lestat and jesse relationship tips

But at least they admit he wouldn't exactly love her. At least they have a clue!

Hence, this gap-bridge lead Lestat almost killing Jesse and later on other things lead him to see her kind never satisfies his thrirst. Marius does link them together, yes, but in a very, very negative way.

Hence, how extremely much Lestat had wanted him back and how that obviously was a moment of forgiveness between them. He had 15 billion adoring human fans from whom to find someone surely much more intriguing than Jesse could ever hope to be, if he really cared for that kind of thing at the point. Which is a major reason for why this film is pain for me as a movie buff. With less than two hours to work with, this meant no Story of the Twins.

This is one of those changes that was all but dictated by the constraints of our situation, but that I realize is painful to all lovers of the book. You have our sincere apologies for not being able to give you everything that you wanted. There isn't enough room for all of the vampires, and their roles seemed less crucial to the telling of our story. They were never trying to give us a version of ANNE's story.

The nature of their story is that of eternity and loneliness; Lestat's struggle in that and it focuses on two relationships. How does it make more sense for the ending of his loneliness and in order to be happy, that he chose the company of someone he rather hates than the one he loves and had missed for centuries?

They even admited already that it's not too likely he would fall for Jesse and seriously, as I already analysed, those circumstances in their story would realistically lead him into Marius's company and not Jesse's. And fate their ass. I repeat;They just fucked up and they can't admit it! While it covers an unusually long time span and is told in flashback, its plot follows one character in one plot, from point A to point B.

That makes it easy to compress, and easier for the audience to follow. The rest of Anne Rice's novels in the series all have multiple plots This may help to explain, if not the choices we made, then why choices had to be made. So there goes bye-bye their precious explanation for why choices had to be made when it comes to the story.

You can hear her comments on her web site phone message, but I can tell you that she was pleased enough to offer the use of her name and possessory credit in our marketing materials.

Either they put her name there without her permission or had it before she saw what they had done. Especially after these loads of crap they keep saying for excuses. But they are not integral to their personalities. And just look at poor Jesse!!! Hell would freeze a zillion times before Anne Rice would write a character anything like that! SO how the hell did they "try to remain faithful to the characters' personalities"????

Either that was a really bad joke, a shameless lie, or they're mental and really believe in what they say. The Film's Running Time: It's not longer because, in our opinion, that's the best length for the material that we shot of the story we decided to tell. They had the right to decide the length of the film, and they kept it that short for the sake of the story they decided to tell, indtead of letting Anne write the screenplay and having the running time as long as allowed to, in order to actually adapt the books with respect and care?

They have been putting quite a lot of weight on the limited minutes during their answers and now in the end they reveal that. This was the final proof of how from the very beginning they had ALL the base, chances and possibiities to make a respective and good adaptation of the books but they didn't even try to try.

In a nutdhell; this is what they thought: OH this seems SO hard! He doesn't even imply in any ways that he'd love her. Jesse dismisses all this, begging him to let her be with him even though he never said he wanted that. She's begging him to kill in her the only thing he finds beautiful and interesting about her.

And she does this in such a shallow way as with drawing the wound on her breast. It's not exactly suggesting the right thing in her caring about his loneliness And for some unknown reason again, he almost does turn her into a vampire. However he stops just in time, violently pushes her as far from himself as he could, and becomes angry and offended.

Gees, I wonder why!? So at this point she has only added to the horrible first impression by keeping up the brainless and disrespectve tactic in trying to get to Lestat. Then in the concert, Jesse brainlessly screams out his name and wants his attention for no reason that I can think of, whatsoever, while Lestat doesn't seem to even remember she exists.

And when Marius appears on the stage, Lestat clearly forgets about everything else but Marius and how much fun he's having kicking the vampire ass with Marius. With Akasha he clearly forgot about everyone but Akasha herself until he saw what Akasha really was like and that he had slaughtered mortals with her. So, when Akasha tells him to kill Jesse and he says "She's nothing to me. The only thing Jesse had on her side for Lestat's good books was "it touched me" about his journal and that she had understood one bit of it on some deeper level.

That really isn't much when looked at the entire picture of what she had said and done all along, which includes numerous major offensive attitudes and actions and total lack of respect towards him. Why would he pretend hate, when she's given and continued giving him numerous reasons to really, genuinely hate her!? If something Lestat in this film tries to hide, and fails to do sois his happiness about Marius's return.

Or "maybe he hated her in the beginning and then began to love her"? Which she by the way, as pointed out, kept fireing up all along before the concert - during and after which, they don't even talk to each other or meet anymore before the end, so that anything could make him hate her less. So, love, is just way too strong and big of a feeling to find a place in that kind of a lack of chemitry and a storyline like that.

Plus, his precious Marius had returned and he and Lestat had in the concert made up and were all friends again - Lestat would not even feel a desire or need for a new companion anyway. So why the hell is he with Jesse in that hand-in-hand tone in the end, instead of having killed her off from bothering him, feeling even remotely sad about Akasha's death and enjoying Marius's company with all his black little heart?

And not only does he hang around with J and not do those other things but he hangs with Jesse who he had turned into a vampire, so killing in her the only thing he ever found beautiful about her and so there should be no valid reason for him to care about even her exsistance at all at the point. I think the only valid reason for him to turn her into a vampire would be that he didn't want her to die just because of someone like Akasha, who he clearly didn't exactly love.

But then again he obviosuly hated Jesse more than he didn't love Akasha, so But then again, I think he respected Maharet, who Jesse clearly was important to. So, after Akasha's death, he goes to Jesse and even looks up as if making a wish or something; that wish was most likely that he still has time to turn her into a vampire, so he wouldn't have yet another human life on his conscience because of his wayward behavour with Akasha.

Marius's values which he respected probably had to do with that as well. And as said, also Maharet's care for Jesse. NOT as if Lestat would love Jesse. So after that act, he would've realistically and logically left Jesse with Maharet and hope beyond hope that she leaves him alone - and been sad about Akasha and how he can no longer be a rockstar but must remain in shadows again, and sought and received comfort in Marius's company.

This film has one of the most self-mocking storylines I've ever had the dispelasure to witness. And the saddest thing is I'm not even sure if the film makers see it. And, to add the insult to injury; they butchered the borrowed material from the books in the name of something they didn't even make work. So you see the storyline and lack of chemistry is just ridiculous in the ofiicial version that is the film. Even though it had the storyline's more believable because they talk more, even in friendly tones, and Jesse's got depth, BUT they lack chemistry - for one because; they still had her being the same personality; she still is nevertheless the same stalky, bitchy and too-dumb-for-her-own-good herself as she is in the final version that is what we see in the film, and thus, still so not Lestat's type, so not someone he'd realistically be even interested in.

Only, unlike in the film, where she doesn't have depth at all - in that original script's storyline they actually have him interested in her just because she's mortal and in-depth thinker too. His interest in her is just so fake. Marius part explains it even better. MARIUS They almost dismissed Marius and forced Jesse in, making this relationship all the more fake all the way; the original script also tries to make Lestat into a totally lonely indiividual and Jesse into "the only person who really knows and understands Lestat and loves him for who he is", the one that "Lestat desires".

When in fact Marius with who Lestat has a pure father-son relationship was the only person who really knew Lestat and understood him - Marius was the one Lestat desired to have by his side.

Marius is the person that comforts him, the one he couldn't even think of leaving, according to his own words, so I'm not analyzing it out of nowhere. What that does make me think is that the loving father is more precious to Lestat than anything else.

Knowing and understanding Lestat: She read his in-depth, heartfelt thoughts from his journal and then analyzed them.

Doing that doesn't have you really know a person because it's still just words on paper, no matter how much written from the heart. You have to live with the person, and you have to watch their life, their behavour methods, their undertakings, you have to really talk with them - all this for a long time and for real. Jesse did none of that, so Jesse could not have known who Lestat truly is and thus also not exactly either love him for that.

He gave Lestat space, yet was always there for him when he really needed. Even though Lestat doesn't love Marius romantically, the point is he does love him.

And if this is the kind of persoanlity Lestat generally taken loves, something like Jesse couldn't stir his love of any tone not to mention make him want to share eternity with her. Even though the film version of Marius isn't too purely all that because they fucked him up by combining his personality with Magnus, who is Lestat's maker in the books - they still shhowed Lestat was VERY much bound to him emotionally and wanted Marius into his life and not Jesse.

As said Lestat told he called out for Marius many times since they parted, he noticed and saved Jesse only because she mentioned Marius, he intended to kill her when found out she doesn't know Marius, and the way Lestat looks at Marius in the first moments 0of the reunion scene Not to mention how Lestat obviously forgets all his worries after that moment. You see, regardless of the film Marius giving a random, shallow reason for choosing Lestat, it obviously had come clear to Lestat that, that reason wasn't true.

But that Marius had for one thing wanted to be his father. If Lestat had been left in the impression that Marius wouldn't want him but only for some random reason, Lestat couldn't have grown to love the man so deeply. But he had, so obviously the time had shown Lestat why Marius truly chose him and formed extremely strong love and bond between them. And it's proved also in Marius's efforts to protect Lestat and to risk his own life to try and save Lestat's life.

Marius never read all about Lestat and then claimed to know and understand him and all that stuff. Marius watched him, he lived with him and he listened to him, had long conversations and all that stuff. He genuinely loved Lestat for who he is, he knew and understood Lestat and he had all the valid base to do so.

Because HE was meant for Lestat. They fucked up the true father-son relationship and it's strength and extreme significance to Lestat and replaced it with clearly forced, fake mortal-immortal "romance" and tried to make it into what the father-son relationship was in significance. The official vision; the film, does this too, only the original script shows the abuse clearly.

SO, the original script makes this pairing even worse with all it's desperate efforts to pair them for "the love story of the century", while they just clearly do not fit together and the "relationship" has no genuine base to begin with hence, Jesse cheated and became obsessive stalker.

They're trying to paint them as lovers clearly just because Jesse needed to become a vampire and Lestat happens to be one and they wanted a cliche love story between a mortal and a vampire. Far more worse, because it's not just empty and pointless but it's story and lack of chemitsry realistically supports hate instead of love and tsill the film idiotically suggests that they fall in love.

And in this so-called "romance" a truly awesome and in-depth character, Lestatsuffers great injustice. It's actually offending the character that they first dismiss the most vital relationship he originally has and then try to pair him with someone like this film-version of Jesse, especially when the story doesn't even work with no chemistry - and how could it when she's not Lestat's type.

Twilight is poorly written and the characters unoriginal and uninteresting. Really, I'm so sick of all the "This song really fits them! They could not be in love and certainly would not die for each other or anything such, well, at least Lestat wouldn't for Jesse, exactly because of the lack of chemistry and the fact Jesse's so not his type.

And then added to that significant basic, the horribly written stoylines, there is no way in hell any love song would fit them, not to mention scream them. No but it's completely the other way around; combining love songs to them is just pure irony and painful to those who actually understand what and how relationships and love should be in order to fit such visions.

In fact, more realistic would be that eventually Lestat would become truly hate her, as he already in the film feels disgusted and annoyed. Hate would soon come if she kept on being dumb, lying about Lestat's loved ones, reading his journals, dismissing his wise and reasonable words, and following him around when he clearly signals he doesn't want her around. If this part didn't make clear why they don't have chemistry and don't fit together, read the reason number 2.

A fellow hater, offbeatgirl, made a good point, when commenting on my hate video "Lestat to Jesse - Had Enough" on it's comment book: And there would have to be some interaction between her and Marius, as she would be capable of understanding why he is so important in Lestat's life. If Marius is really like Lestat's father, wouldn't he have some remote concern about who the love of his life is? There was like zero interaction between Jesse and Marius in the movie at all.

But the film version Marius is rather a paradox of that and Magnus the vampire who makes Lestat in the bookwho didn't care to even be alive for Lestat as a vampire 'father' and probably wouldn't have played an actual father anyways but been just the maker - the film Marius mixed with that and even weighted on that. And that is probably why they didn't have Jesse and Marius in any way connected.

lestat and jesse relationship tips

So as said, it is so, SO wrong they fucked up the true father-son relationship and replaced it with and focused on that forced, unrealistic "romance". Jesse's so not Lestat's type. As said even though this film's Lestat's partly different from what he is in the books, he's not THAT much different, and as explained in the Books VS.

Lestat's careless and irresponsible in the bratty way. He causes himself trouble to get Marius's attention - not to try and get something that's not good for him unlike Jesse does.

Lestat's deep and artistic soul and even if the original script Jesse happens to have some depth into her too, it doesn't really make up for being stalky, obsessive, bitchy and too dumb for her own good. This film's Jesse just doesn't seem anything like his kind of persona would be love-interested in and as lampood in the above part, in the official version that is the film, he clearly wasn't.

And that's realistic - I mean why would such a soul as Lestat fall for and want to spend eternity with someone who reads other people's journals, doesn't know when to leave someone alone, talks in bitchy tones and doesn't know how to stay alive? I admit Jesse does seem to understand Lestat to a degree.

But that only makes her good in psychological analysing - it doesn't make her a suitable companion for him. She may care about him. But none of that makes her the right one for Lestat. To be the right one for someone takse ALSO chamistry, which they don't have what-so-ever AND being the right one takes respect towards the other person and Jesse obviously doesn't respect Lestat's privacy nor his opinions.

Yet suddenly in the end hand in hand they walk smiling I wonder who blackmailed him into doing so. They're not enough alike, and they certainly are not soulmates. As said, even the producer admits this.

That she's not his type. He said "Lestat is far less likely to fall for Jesse than she with him" and was forced to throw in "fate" for a reason why they'd end up together and fate, dear reader, is something used when logic fails.

He also said "bring them together in a way he never would have predicted" which only proves my points more. He did not find her interesting as a lover or any kind of companion that is but apparently the producer's precious fate decided otherwise. More on this in the "The producer of this film; On Lestat and Jesse" sucsection. They waste almost half of the movie - in the original script literally that much if not even more - with this bullshit pairing which also dismisses every important relationships and turns the ending upside dwon.

Already juat the fact that they waste half of a movie that's supposed to be an adaptation of a book, with something that doesn't exsist in the book in question, in any level but what they made up totally themselves - is freakin' moronic. But it wasn't enough for them - they had to butcher everything that is significant in the source material: In the book's ending, after Akasha was destroyed - in which events I don't recall Jesse playing any part in - the remaining vampires form a coven and come up with a new rule, which forbids anyone to make any more vampires.

Lestat remains in-doors, writing his book "Queen of the Damned" and mourning Akasha's fate. He did stand on the good guys' side in her destruction but she had captured his heart so it wasn't easy for him. BUT in the movie's ending Jesse plays a pretty big part in the destruction of Akasha, though not directly in destroying her.

Lestat doesn't seem to care about Akasha the least bit, though not exactly about Jesse either. I could see the reason why he didn't wish to kill Jesse was because she wasn't on Akasha's side which is true to the books, fortunately.

In the book's ending Marius comes to Lestat, trying to get him finally come out and join the others, realizes what Lestat's writing and they have a longish discussion about The significant details seeing to this point are: To which Lestat replies: I couldn't even think of leaving you, not for very long, anyway.

So, the father he had in Marius meant more to him than anything else, ever. He could take anything as long as Marius was there for him. Marius comforted him and he could not even think of leaving Marius, not for long, anyways.

And Marius was serious, meant every word and according to Louis, who hung around as a disapproving babysitter, when Lestat after all eventually stuck his nose into Talamasca, breaking 3 rules at once"Lestat! Marius will be furious if you do this! The cardinal rule is-", which was interrupted by Lestat's statement of how Louis was making it irresistable. So it is Lestat, who goes into Talamasca and bugs David Talbot in efforts to offer him the Dark Gift, in other words to turn him into a vampire.

Lestat doesn't exactly say he will but that he might, if David wanted it. Marius is nowhere around at this point. Only Lestat and Louis. And Marius probably doesn't even know yet that Lestat's been misbehaving again. And Lestat's final words, which are directed to Louis are "Come on, sayi it again.

I'm a perfect devil. Tell me how bad I am. It makes me feel so good! And as lampood above, Lestat would never leave Marius for long, and most definitely not for some so-called romantic love especially if it was someone like Jesse - and that Marius would not meddle with Talamasca as he wouldn't allow Lestat to do so either and if Louis was right, would also be furious if Lestat did it anyway.

He's a good daddy, he's not the "don't-do-as-I-do--do-as-I-say" type. And the whole picture makes it seem as if Lestat changed from a brat to grown-up person and "love saved him". Lestat would NEVER change and in the books it clearly was only Marius, who could affect his bratness in a positive way - Marius is the only vampire Lestat openly respects.

All this makes the film's ending version so totally fucked up. And endings are the most important parts of a story. I know they changed the storylines and characters radically all along but all the other stuff in the film didn't make it necessary to change the ending that radically and having at least the ending right, could've made this film much more appreciatable as an adaptation.

This pairing doesn't work in any way, has no chemistry, she's not his type at all, and this pairing dismisses too many, too significant true relationships and facts. This pairing doesn't have a place in this film's story as long a sthose other relationships that truly belong into it, exsist.

lestat and jesse relationship tips

And it's no wonder since Anne Rice didn't write Lestat to have such a relationship with Jesse or anyone else. Those script writers shouldn't have been allowed to write this adaptation as they obviously didn't care about the books but wanted to do their totally own story.