Lee sin and sona relationship goals

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lee sin and sona relationship goals

Lee Sin & Sona League Of Legends Memes, Pc Gamer, Anime, Spiel, .. Cute ahri and thresh Microsoft Windows, Couple, Lovers, Lol, League Of Legends. With the new God Fist Lee Sin skin testing on the PBE for release in the Patch , the team that . in the beginning and remove things that didn't hit the goal of making GOD FIST Lee Sin." . This process is pretty organic so it can come about a couple of ways. .. Why there's no Lucian, Sona or Xin story?. making sure i got the list right Garen - Katarina Rumble - Tristana Ezreal - Lux ( taric) Lee sin - Sona Twisted Fate.

Never seen her so angry! Give me a few minutes, ha ha! Udyr said he smelt the Kumungu jungle in her pants.

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I don't know, how long does someone have to be in a relationship for before you try stealing them? Does it matter if it's five minutes or five years? Oh for, you always say that you can't be caged!

And then you were in a relationship! I don't think even Heimerdinger can explain that! Not in the mood! And besides, it was Bob who enrolled himself and came to see me! And why did you enroll yourself into the program? Is that another cat joke? Why does it even matter?! You're feral, you- Cass: Enough already, why don't you two kiss already? Jan and Nid In Unison: Why would I kiss her? You argue like an old married couple, but I meant kiss and make up.

I have no idea where your little minds wandered off to. We never wear pants. Nothing is more honest than that of the body. Because I want to study your body language more intimately. I am beautiful, you think so, and why speak words when our bodies can say so much more?

From what we have inferred, whether we chose to or not, that would be physically impossible due to you having a cloaca. That's a new one! Reproductive organ of reptiles. Think of it with those scales. That is where the cloaca is.

Give yourself a minute or two. Oh dear gods, no! I think you're man enough to handle such a minor obstacle. Unless, you're admitting weakness, of course. But you find me beautiful. That usually goes hand in hand. Usually, though not for us. We find the billowing streams beautiful, we find some types of beetle beautiful, we find the glades of Ionia breath taking, but that does not mean we are attracted to them. Alright, what do you find attractive then?

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In terms of sexual appeal? I call bull on that. She is magically enchanted to entice anything. But it makes my point, you do have it within you. So why not follow your body's natural urges? You are human after all, despite how many hides you may wear. Someone aside from me asks the bloody question. A true beast would not ever speak or refer to others, or wear really…weird looking underwear, or be able to repress natural instincts, yes?

You have the urges in you, why not follow them? Just as living in the forests did not make him a sexual predator, being nobility did not make you a lady.

And there goes four minutes of relative safety. Tut tut, no need to get wound up so tight, Demacian. My offer, of course, extends to you as well. No reason to discriminate behind closed doors, yes?


Do you know what a honey badger is? What does th- U: A honey badger is a small animal that feeds on grubs and bee larvae, and no matter its opponent, will fight to the bitterest death. Whether it is another badger or a moose or a bear, the honey badger will fight with unbound ferocity the likes that few mortals have ever seen in their life time. The only way to stop the badger's onslaught is for its foe to die, or for it to die.

As long as I'm not the only confused one here, keep going. Now you know what a honey badger is, correct? In our youth, when we had first gone into the forest, we tried doing such a feat.

Needless to say, it did not end well for the badger. We were in the throes of development, Summoner. We realized shortly after we saw a rather curvaceous tree stump that we may have a problem with our current condition and our current habitat. And so, to avoid further incident, we segregated such urges. The badger's totally the sexy aunt. I have to agree. I'd think after the badger, he would settle for a second rate cougar. You don't need to dig graves in the Kumungu Jungles.

So after that, why not- U: Afterwards, we were raised and trained by celibate monks. Attraction never arose again. It is not natural for us to do otherwise. Wait, you spit on social norms. Why uphold this one? Because it was started by us and accented by the monks. It was not forced upon us, and it developed naturally. It was our choice. So what I'm gathering from all of this is that…you've never been intimate, ever.

It is our choice, it is natural to us. Ergo, we do as we wish.


No reason to occlude our nature or our goals with such trivial matters. So what you're doing is not unnatural?

lee sin and sona relationship goals

It is as natural to us as intimacy is to you. I believe you just inferred something, beast man.

lee sin and sona relationship goals

You a slut, girl. Don't even say it. Prepare to hit the deck? Are you saying you're better than me, wretch? I'm saying you could try wearing more clothing than two copper coins strapped over your breasts. Coming from the cougar who likes pole dancing! It is simply your nature. Do you regret your actions? Everything that has led up to this point, do you regret them?

Do you, regret, your actions, that led you up to this point? We knew that, or else you would have accepted the remedy for your condition long ago. That was not what we meant. You are alive, despite your current status, meaning you wish to continue living, meaning you have a purpose in your life.

Many others would end themselves if put in a situation such as yours. You may wish you were not a snake, but you do not regret the actions leading up to it. You reflect its nature, but do not give into it. Accept, as you have already done. Why would we say embrace it? If we embraced our primal urges fully, we would be sitting on a tree stump squawking and flapping our arms akin to a bird. It would be fairly unproductive. What is natural to you, is different from what is natural to us.

Because you frequently do that. Discussion is only saved for those deserving of it. You surprise me, beast man. What makes you say that? Because you're stubborn, egotistical, self-righteous… Sej: You really want to die, don't you? The default position I take is that I try and preserve whatever and as much I can, but where I have to cut, I cut or change in a way that still honours what went before as much as I can - in spirit if not in actual words. Are lores and art concepts made individually, as a group or all the department together?

In other words are there any tasks were just one person deals with them? It's always a group effort -- artists, game designers, writers, editors, etc. Everyone works together to make sure the character's story and thematic fits their gameplay and makes sense cohesively in Runeterra. Individuals may run point on a certain aspect of a character head writer, lead game designer, etcbut it definitely takes a village to create or update a champion.

One thing that undoubtedly makes your job difficult is that it's hard for characters to really change much--they're more or less static champions in the game.

lee sin and sona relationship goals

Additionally, you have to be careful that any story you write has staying power, since you might not get to revisit a champion for months or even years. Barring the occasional rework i. GP, Sionhow do you introduce character development among characters that can't really "develop? Does that make it significantly harder to take narrative risks and if so, do you think it makes it harder to write compelling characters? Do you find these limitations frustrating, or an exciting challenge?

We're basically setting up the status quo for these characters, so we can then take them places and change them through proper stories. We just gotta get to the proper stories. Burning Tides changed Gangplank and Miss Fortune fundamentally in the story world, while only Gangplank kept up in-game. All of the characters we create are done with an arc for them in mind in which they grow, discover truths about themselves, and explore the difference between their 'wants' and 'needs'.

Ryze's recent update was done with a certain journey for him in mind. We do have certain limitations in place you won't see us making a new Champion that we will kill in the second act of the first story as an unexpected turnbut part of being creative is making limitations into positives.

Many of the best ideas come from having to work your way out of a box without breaking it. Why did you decide to rewrite lore on a character-by-character basis? I'm honestly disenchanted with the entire lore of League of Legends now, in part because I've been playing since Olaf release, and in part because of the dramatic shifts happening character-by-character. I would have been more comfortable with a complete re-write behind the scenes, followed by a new world rollout zone-by-zone.

Why choose to do the lore alters one at a time? If we waited until all of the characters were done before we released it all, there'd be no public-facing lore whatsoever for several years. What is the process of the art? And how long does it take to create a piece? Specifically for these sketches, it was mostly a read story, have conversation with writer, draw type deal.

How much, if at all, game voice influence the new story? It's something I think the team is very good at doing, but it's good to have in mind when giving feedback. The VO is an important part of that process. We'll also drop in direct quotes from the VO into text, here and there.

lee sin and sona relationship goals

I think I missed something, but what caused Demacia's literal "witch-hunting"? Demacia was founded by survivors of the Rune Wars, so they were, understandably, a bit wary of magic going forward. In their minds they say mages and reckless magic use as things that almost brought the world to extinction. They found a safe haven from the things that almost ended the world, so don't want anyone to ruin that for them. Is Demacia interested in expansion or are they content with protecting the land that they currently have?

Demacia is a very insular place, one that doesn't see the need to go conquering - since they are self-sufficient and, in their minds, feel they have everything they need.

Noxus, on the other hand, has poor land that's doesn't suit farming and ensures they need to always be taking it from beyond. So you won't typically see Demacian raiding parties I believe Noxus doesn't get rid of their mages, how can Demacia survive conflicts without them?

Armor and weapons made of magic-dampening steel helps a lot. How do they feel about shurimans in general? Are the acsended seen as abominations by demacians? As shown in "The Bird and the Branch," news of the rebirth of the Shuriman capital has spread far and wide. The problem with a worldwide game of telephone is that the truth is hard to disseminate. Taliyah is racing home because she's worried a bird-god has risen to subjugate her family and her people. That's not true, if you ask Azir. What is Demacia's definition of "justice"?

Because a lot of the things they do seem very unjust, like exiling mages just becausebthey were born with magic, or trying to exile Fiora's entire family because her father committed a dishonorable act why not banish only him instead? I think their definition of "justice" has a lot to do with "tradition," which in a lot of ways is a fun word for "something that we do just because we've done it for the past few generations". Why is Demacia so anti-magic and yet has their own College of Magic?

Does it suck besides Lux of course? The Colleges of Magic is one thing that had to bite the lore dust It didn't make much sense to have such an institution in a place that fears magic and regards it with great suspicion.

How does Demacia stay competitive militarily? Technologically they seem be even behind Bilgewater who have developed gunpowder firearms. Demacia's best soldiers use swords, spears and crossbows while places like Piltover are ages ahead.

It also doesn't help that Demacia kinda shoots itself in the foot by denouncing magic outright. Its warriors are among the best trained, disciplined and brave in the known world. They're the Delta Force of Valoran and that cuts a lot of mustard.

lee sin and sona relationship goals

Yeah, if they ventured out into the world, they might find it tricky to come up against an army with such weapons, but Each such weapon is pretty much handmade and isn't available in large numbers to make a difference. Great job with this new stuff! I have a couple questions, especially about magic and how it works. First off, petricite- is it a renewable resource, or does Demacia have a limited supply given that it was said to come from fossilized trees? And how does it suppress magic exactly? Does it straight-up silence magic users like in games or is it more along the lines of making it difficult to concentrate?

Lastly, does mana or something similar to it exist in the game's universe and not just the mechanics? As an enthusiast of this sorta thing, I'm really excited to hear more about magic. You have some good foundations! It's made from the Pillars of Demacia, the petrified wood around which their civilization was built.

This stuff has to be used sparingly. Some people are saying Lux is a lesbian. Is this true or not? Hi there, my take when writing Lux's bio and colour text was that the emotional conflict she feels growing up, and the sense of having to hide her true self have obvious parallels with a great many people.

Stories are great in that people can take from them what they want, and though those parallels are there, for sure, it's not intended to explicitly say that Lux is gay. It's more about the arc of her journey as opposed to saying one thing or the other. However, this doesn't mean that Lux herself is actually lesbian. Does Lux encourage Garen's relationship with Katarina? How much is Garen willing to risk to make a relationship with Kat work? That's not something she's aware of.

And neither is Garen or Kat, actually. It's a story we haven't done. I'm being very vague aren't I? I truly enjoyed Garens story and his relationship with his sister: What does Lux feel about Garen? Does she try and make up or comfort her brother's fears? Is she secretly a bro-con? Props for the good read! What would he do if he was put into a position where he couldn't deny the existence of her powers? Since its kinda explicitly in Lux new voice lines, is that something you feel you should match in the lore or are ingame interactions just random eastereggs?

It's a mixture of stuff. We like to use the VO to hint at certain things, poke fun at others, and generally bring possibilities and flavor of who the Champ is. The game is, however, analagous to the story world and not always 1 to 1. Also, the Champ in-game is not always indicative of the character in the story world at any specific stage in their life. Which new lore underwent the most iterations and what were some of the unused versions like? Garen underwent a fair few iterations. Since he's our Captain America in many ways -- a genuinely heroic guy, emblematic of Demacian ideals, etc -- he was hard to get right in a way that didn't, hopefully, come off as too boring.

I initially tried to make him more of a creepy zealot, but we pulled way back from that into what you see in the lore now. When I was reading Garen's color story, I thought for sure it was leading up to a memory of Katarina. It was still amazing with the conflict with Lux, but does this mean, like Lux and Ezreal, that Kat and Garen are no longer part of any canon?

They're not, and never have been, lovers at this moment in the timeline. It just means that in Garen's timeline, the bio and his color text occur before any potential meeting with Katarina. We briefly had Katarina in his bio, but it felt kinda hamfisted to just shove it in -- you had to mention it and then move onto the rest of Garen's backstory, or you had to devote an ungodly amount of text to what ultimately is a romantic subplot.

We decided it'd be better to explore that relationship in a proper story unto itself.