Lafiel and jinto relationship with god

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lafiel and jinto relationship with god

A smile came across Lafiel's face and she now knew what Jinto was planning. . help me God, I will issue a shoot to destroy order to the fleet against any PPF ships Yes she knew what Jinto and Lafiel's relationship was even though no one. Predictably, nobody takes the president becoming a feudal lord very well. . Lafiel escorts Jinto to the bridge, where he manages to flinch when he's saluted again. Then Jinto explains marriage and that he has two parents. Hearkening back to the galaxy-building, this is perhaps Crest of the Stars's strongest point outside of the relationship between Jinto and Lafiel.

Teal Clint, his guardian in place of Rock Linn, also seems to dislike the fact that Jinto is nobility and this is shown in Surrender of Martine to the Empire.

Because of his new status as heir to the Earldom of Martine, he had to be sent to planet Derctuh to be educated in Baronh, the language of the Abh. After spending the next nine years there he soon returned to Martine to accept the title of his nobility. He would not be at home for long, for he had to be picked up by Officer Candidate Abriel Lafiel, who at the time he had no clue was the Princess of the Empire. This ignorance first captures Lafiel in a subtle way for she doubted anyone in the galaxy would not know of her, much less an Abh noble.

He then endures rigorous space flight for the first time when being transported to Patrol Ship Goslauth. He expected it to be far smaller since intuitively one may assume the title Patrol designates a small ship designed to quickly scout foreign areas.

lafiel and jinto relationship with god

Early on the voyage to Lakfakallehe is introduced to Kilo-Commander Lexhue and her staffing officers. She explains to him the relatively flexible idea of how a noble acts, additionally the fact that Lafiel is the Princess.

This briefly causes a conflict between the two since she hates being referred to by her title, especially since that is not how she ordered him to refer to her by anyway. Barony of Febdash and Marqueesdom of Sufugnoff Edit Jinto and Lafiel resolve this conflict early, but are soon forced to abandon ship by Lexhue, who knows that Lafiel must complete the mission set out for them, getting Jinto to Lakfakalle. This attack on the Goslauth would spark a chain of events that would lead to The War between Humans and Abh.

The first destination they are made to arrive at is the Barony of Febdash, where acting Baron Febdash Klowal accepts them in with the warmest intentions; to at least Lafiel, and proceeded to begin making things as hospitable as possible for the Princess.

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However, it seems early on that he and his vassals have no like for the Earl, despite his noble position, simply because he is a Lander. More specifically the Baron hates Lander males because he descends from one. Jinto is incapacitated and sealed away with the Former Baron Febdash, who is a human male. This leads to an elaborate internal rebellion between Febdash and his 50 vassals between Jinto and Lafiel, who is furious that both Jinto has been taken prisoner and that the Baron is stalling her mission.

He is hence killed in action and left to drift indefinitely in space. Jinto endures this first imprisonment and near-death experiences here. Order is soon restored and the mission resumes with an eminent Mankind fleet near Febdash at Sufugnoff.

Jinto and Lafiel in their disguises while behind enemy lines at Sufugnoff. Once they arrive at Sufugnoff they make contact with the Star Force communication base in orbit of the planet. They are told they cannot land and must suspend contact.

It cannot be revealed to the enemy already present in the system who is currently just within the grasp of the United Mankind. They spend some time orbiting Sufugnoff before engaged by three heavy patrol craft. Lafiel piloting the ship has no choice but make planetfall on the planet.

Abandoning their communications ship they proceed on foot on familiar terms of the count. Behind enemy lines, Jinto now must lead Lafiel and himself to a safe location and a location that can provide enough food and cover to prevent capture if any help happens to arrive. Only Lafiel knew where they were relative to Abh positions, so Jinto was preparing for worst case scenario, which is permanent exile behind enemy lines. They manage to sneak into Lune Vega City where they reside for perhaps no more than a few hours before being discovered by the enemy.

This is due to the trouble that he and Lafiel had no choice in stirring up since two Landers attempted to mug them, though Lafiel dispatched them with her ability in hand-weapons.

When Jinto and Lafiel were discovered, Jinto valiantly attempted to defend himself and Lafiel after the Anti-Imperial Landers broke in, but it was once again left to Lafiel to defend herself and Jinto.

He knows what they would need to survive, and Lafiel knows what needs to be carried out in tense situations. Even though this experience started with Jinto being entirely green as in terms of being an infantryman, after the pursuit against the United Mankind he became just as able marksman as Lafiel was. It also marks the only instance that Jinto was wounded in action.

Spoor makes fun of how Jinto managed to convince Lafiel in dressing so shabby, and also perhaps honestly comments him on his brilliance.

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It maybe that following Sufugnoff she believes that Jinto has an invaluable knowledge of how to survive which even overrode the knowledge of the Princess. Skaresh and the Academy Edit Jinto on duty on board Basiroil. Jinto and Lafiel were recovered in time to be returned to a besieged Lakfakalle. But let me be clear. May it superdimensionally cross paths with Myung and Isamu and Misa and Hikaru.

Can I ever be more than just moe?

lafiel and jinto relationship with god

I wanted to see so much potential. I wanted to see Ranka as a triumph, not an in-joke… a criticism of moe and loli. This is just me being a fan and issuing a deluge of words on my favorite characters. With my intentions hopefully clear, here I go.

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Lafiel had her weakness moments as well, but these serve to humanize her and adds nothing but charm to her. Ranka was weak and earning her confidence. Both are in the story to find themselves — though Ranka is looking to find her strength, while Lafiel is figuring out how strong she really is.

The respective levels of maturity offer no comparison. Ranka behaves almost entirely like a child, while Lafiel already behaves like a leader.

This gap only exacerbates my yearning to see a Ranka that is that strong. She is a leader by circumstance to the Vajra — as evidenced by them listening to her, or at least accepting her role as intermediary between their species at the end. But she will have a tough road establishing herself as a representative of the Vajra to humans, who must assuredly still carry ill feelings towards the alien space bugs who killed so many.

It is a different case with the Zentrans, who were present in the aftermath of the great space war and behaved like willing participants in the integrated society.

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The Vajra are completely alien, and non-humanoid. Lafiel also is a link between two human races and societies. However, she represents the ruling class and is hated and feared for it. Jinto plays more of the Ranka role, and is integrated in Abh society as an Abh.

lafiel and jinto relationship with god

I enjoyed it when it was there to be enjoyed. In any case, the Minmei story post Macross is not what I want for Ranka. Do I see her as a starship captain? Do I see her as an idol competing with Sheryl?

Yes, but I want more, something different for her.

lafiel and jinto relationship with god

Something like being part of a new expeditionary colony, where she can start fresh. There she can be the center of a new triangle. Now the Macross Frontier movie may provide a denouement for Ranka and the rest, and I expect it to be satisfying in its fashion. But still I hopelessly want her to have what I call the Lafiel moments of win.

lafiel and jinto relationship with god

And to me these are: Her dinner with Clowal the Baron Febdash; she was clearly at a disadvantage, with only her birth and station protecting her. Her seething and controlled anger as she dealt with the Baron triumphantly and with such civility was awesome.