King david and his relationship with god

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king david and his relationship with god

Scripture tells us many things about David's relationship with God, His law. Yet King David did some surprisingly sinful and horrid acts. King David plays a key role in Sacred Scripture. More pages are devoted to his life than to any other person in the Old Testament. He "is par. David secretly arranged to crown Solomon before David's death - thus ending the God rewarded his humility, and gave to the young king, the whole package.

Get me out of here! But it is interesting that Psalm 63 contains no petition Perowne, p. But there is not one word of asking for temporal or even spiritual blessings. Seeking after God should be our most important priority. No matter what pressures come into your life, you will be able to handle them properly if you maintain this one priority above all else: Earnestly seek after God! I want to answer from Psalm 63 three questions about seeking after God: What does it mean to seek after God?

What does the person look like who seeks after God? How does a person seek after God? But while keeping the depth of feeling in mind, it is helpful to separate out three strands of what it means to seek after God: To seek after God means to have an intimate personal relationship with God There is a vast difference between knowing about a person and actually knowing that person.

You can learn a lot about President Obama. You can read news articles and books on his life. You can learn all about his personality, his personal habits, and his family life. But it is still not the same as knowing him personally.

king david and his relationship with god

To know the President personally would require an introduction or occasion to meet, and then spending hours with him over a long period of time in many situations. As the relationship developed you would begin to discover more and more about the man, not from an academic standpoint, but as a close friend. There must have been a time when you met Him personally through Jesus Christ. Jesus said John He gives you eternal life as His free gift. And then you must develop your relationship by spending time with your new Friend through the weeks and months and years in a variety of situations.

To seek after God means always to desire more of Him He wanted to go deeper. He was satisfied He knew that there was more and his whole being craved it as a thirsty man in the desert craves for water. It was used of wild donkeys looking eagerly for food. The point is, to seek after God means to go after God with an intense desire.


The man followed him and repeated the question. The man came up gasping for air. They mourned for Him, they prayed and wrestled and sought for Him day and night, in season and out, and when they had found Him, the finding was all the sweeter for the long seeking…. Complacency is a deadly foe of all spiritual growth.

king david and his relationship with god

To seek after God means that there is always more, because God is an infinite person. David had walked with God for years, but he thirsted for more.

To seek after God means to pursue God alone to fill the vacuum in your life. Many of us remember the day President Nixon resigned over the Watergate scandal. One day he was the leader of the most powerful nation on earth. The next day, he flew off into oblivion and disgrace. Even if we thought he deserved what happened to him, we could still identify with the emptiness, the shame, the wave of depression which must have enveloped Mr.

king david and his relationship with god

He has fled from the throne. He left his possessions and his wives behind him. His own son whom he loved was attempting to kill him. Give me my palace back. Give me my kingdom back. They may be good things, but they are not God, and God alone can satisfy your soul.

For example, many people fill their lives with family and friends. People are good, and human relationships are a blessing from God.

But we should not try to fill the vacuum in our lives with people, but with God. Others try to fill their lives with possessions or with a successful and satisfying career.

Again, those things have their place, but they are not meant to satisfy your soul. God alone can do that. To seek Him means to pursue Him alone to fill that God-shaped vacuum in your life.

Thus seeking after God means to have an intimate personal relationship with Him; always to desire more of Him; and, to pursue God alone to fill the vacuum in your life. I only want to touch lightly on this question so that I can concentrate on the third question.

But I want you to see that a person who seeks after God is not a religious mystic who is out of touch with reality. Putting God in the center of your life gives you balance and perspective in the crises of life.

Notice, briefly four things which characterize the person who seeks the Lord: The person who seeks after God has inner satisfaction Even in the middle of a calamity such as this rebellion, which would push many to fall apart emotionally, David had inner peace and calm.

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Just as you feel physically after eating a delicious prime rib dinner, so David felt spiritually after feasting on the Lord. He was satisfied in God. The person who seeks after God has inner joy David had a joy not based on circumstances. His whole world was falling apart, but he had the Lord and His loyal love, and so he could sing and rejoice in God. The person who seeks after God has inner stability and strength in crisis My soul clings to You; Your right hand upholds me.

The person who seeks after God has inner perspective and balance They will be delivered over to the power of the sword; they will be a prey for jackals [lit.

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But the king will rejoice in God; everyone who swears by Him will glory, for the mouths of those who speak lies will be stopped. As he considered his circumstances, he realized that God is just; God would judge fairly. The wicked would not prevail in the long run. Thus David could commit the situation to the Lord and act with the right perspective and balance: He would make it his business to rejoice in God, and let God deal with his enemies and vindicate him.

The point is, the person who seeks after God will be a person of strength and stability, a person with inner resources to meet every crisis in life. Now for the crucial question: As I already mentioned, you begin a relationship with God when you realize that you have sinned against the holy God and when you flee for refuge to the provision God has made for your sin, the cross of Christ.

No one seeks for God unless God first seeks after them John 6: You seek God by putting love for God at the center of your relationship with Him. What a beautiful balance! Indeed all the holy objects of the tabernacle were to be handled very carefully. They were not to be touched. Death was the consequence. The Philistines had captured the ark during the days of Eli, Hophni and Phinehas.

Every place among the Philistines where the ark was kept there were difficulties. It had remained in the house of Abinadab for 20 years. There was some opposition to the way that David humbled himself before the Lord 6: Her protest is registered in v.

And that he had done this before the maids seemed particularly insulting to Michal. There is a powerful lesson to us in this episode. We should learn to show honor to those who humble themselves before the Lord. God will build David a house 7: Walter Brueggemann First and Second Samuel, p.

This text identifies a kingdom established by God that lasts forever. There is an interesting turn of events in this chapter. David plans to build a house for God. This seems like a good idea. David has a special relationship with God.

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Nathan the prophet even approves the plan.