Kim sun ah and hyun bin relationship

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kim sun ah and hyun bin relationship

On August 10, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin appeared on KBS's Kim Sun Ah Discusses Drama “Children Of Nobody” And The Pressure Over. I personally chose to translate this interview with Kim Sun Ah cuz I have been a fan of hers since MNIKSS. I discovered Hyun Bin on that show. Kim Sun Ah's most famous onscreen pairing remains My Name is Kim Sam Soon with Hyun Bin, now a decade out since the drama aired to.

H says they have a present for her. S says but the taxi is my present. The white backpack H is wearing is a gift they prepared for S. Y tells S to walk that short red carpet to the taxi cuz they have to fold up the carpet after her. They actually show Y rolling the carpet up after S walked down it waving at her fans. Once in the car, Y says makes a comment about the Busan dialect and H points out S can speak that well. S says since she lived here when she was younger- she can speak it a little but she finds it hard to do other dialects.

Y asks S to brag about Busan in the Busan dialect. H calls out for them to be happy as S keeps smiling and waving at them. They keep going and Y says we should show S the ocean. So they got people off the streets to come into the cab and ask questions that they were curious about regarding S since S will be riding the cab today.

Y is shocked and says back in busan accent — are you crazy you could die. I did that today. H says S is too much. S lists stuff she did and H says: Y and H both laugh. H tells her to take a role where she has to gain weight now. I wont do another role where I gain weight. Y asks how much total weight S lost for this drama for this role since March.

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I went back to my original weight so since I lost kg from how I was originally it made me look thinner. Y remarks how it has a lot of calories. S makes a face and says she missed chewing it. S makes a displeased face and says: H offers to buy her candy. S agrees and says these days she tries to eat a lot more but she cant digest well. H says her appetite got smaller. Kim Won Hee shi the woman who always emcees with Yoo Jae suk on come to play and other talk shows H agrees and says she does look like Marilyn.

H and Y laugh really hard. Ya— is it just go straight here too? Y mentions how on a day like today — the actresses are the highlights of a film festival— like flowers- so who is the actress that is first or second that S thinks: S shakes her head no so Y says: I am going to die — KSA is the funniest out of all the actresses.

I said it feeling sad.

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S says how she gave up on that a little bit. I am not saying this cuz I think I look good in person or anything — since I look bloated — so people think — when I walk down the street…Y interrupts: S agrees and says: Y asks S to choose one picture that is on the internet — a capture that S wants to erase. Y jokes they will look for it. They pull up to a food stand. H feels bad for S so he laughs and asks what Y is doing how can she say that Y said that cuz S is dressed too pretty to eat standing like that.

After they get out of the car, H goes over to S and asks if she is ok. Y asks for a toothpick from the vendor so S can get one out and eat it. H asks if S wants to eat one bite of his so S gets closer to the food and licks her fingers but Y says no cuz S has to come out looking good later on the red carpet. S keeps eyeing the food and gets a cup of the soup to drink. S stands there striking a pose and drinking ladylike. Do you have a boyfriend? We are the most curious. Y asks H why cuz the groom is supposed to say that.

H starts to explain the groom can do it too …but S continues: I was feeling down — to be honest I debated whether to go or not and struggled with it.

kim sun ah and hyun bin relationship

Y says to H: H says he sincerely apologizes cuz he did that cuz so many people like her and she was friends with the person getting married so he wanted to bring them happiness. If I had known you were in that depressed state — how would I dare to do that. H mentions about how those questions make her far off relatives ask when she will get married or go on blind dates. Y says she stops it with money before they can saying anything — meaning she pays off each relative to be quiet and not ask that.

S laughs about that. Y says if a woman has earning potential she can live alone —she makes them think that. Y summarizes what S said so far: S says she likes manly guys. Some more young guys faces show up and one asks: KSA noona — what is your ideal?

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And the bewitching wardrobe! Kill me for her shoes! Hwang Ji An is a bossy, arrogant, strict, and professional shoe designer. Her life is all about shoes. What I love about Hwang Ji An is that she never compromises.

kim sun ah and hyun bin relationship

When she sets herself to something she sees it to the end. Though her work has been the most important thing for her throughout her life, she decides to let go at one time but never to compromise what she believed right. Kim Sun Ah played the confident and successful Hwang Ji An perfectly and got me to love and understand her. The drama that gave me a mind blowing first episode immediately faded away. Sun Ah played a supervisor in the Cultural Theft Division to find her treasure-thief father.

I started the drama with great expectations and finished it with a greater disappointment. Silly, shallow, careless, and ugly on the outside. Talented, caring, intelligent, and ambitious on the inside. Kim Sun Ah plays Shin Mi Rae who is the queen of part-time jobs and a low-ranking clerk whose only job is to make coffee for the other employees.

As her path crosses the genius and ambitious politician, Jo Gook Cha Seung Wonthe inner dreamer surfaces. Not tolerating injustice and standing to her rights; Shin Mi Rae presents to Jo Gook a potential politician. Her kiss and tango scenes with Cha Seung Won are epic. They make my favourite couple of all ro-comedies of all time. As this drama is my favourite ro-comedy! While on the mission; emotions get in the way.

But nothing can possibly stop the invincible Chun Jae In from achieving it all. I loved her fighting and bullying scenes. The way she talked back to her superiors was so adorable.

And her romance with Gong Yoo completed the awesome role. S Diary After Jinny gets dumped by her boyfriend, she feels blue and wonders if her three ex-boyfriends actually loved her at all. She finds everyone busy with their life and they brush her aside.

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Hurt and discouraged, she goes back and reads her diary of the three lovers. After believing she was the only one in love; she seeks revenge. The comedy and love scenes are priceless. The revenge is so funny but so meaningful and the ending is a masterpiece. Kim Sun Ah did a great job portraying the conflicted and insecure Jinny. I started and finished it trying to understand what they wanted to relay. Kim Sun Ah was the only reason I finished it. I liked her haircut, tattoo and outfit. And I cried because of her.

Byung Chul is a cold careless teacher who gave up on relationships. Yoo Ri advances, Byung Chul retreats and their four teenage students observe the relationship while fantasising about their female teacher. Yoo Ri is timid but desperate for love so her advances are adorable. Kim Sun Ah is so cute in this. Put the funny Kim Sun Ah aside and face the desperate woman living for revenge.