Kazuma and ayano relationship help

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kazuma and ayano relationship help

Will something bloom from this monogamous relationship? or [read on!] Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Drama - Kazuma Y., Ayano K. - Chapters: 3 . [ and it is worth continuing, thank you guys for all your support:D! ]. 1/2 blood relation (cousins) -- those kids married blood unrelated partners and had We are talking about Kazuma and Ayano at this point. Ayano can't believe that her father has arranged a marriage for her and . got something that will help you in this marriage," Kazuma said from.

In this state, his eye are crimson red, his wind turns black, and he is seen using mind reading powers. He has no problem about hurting others with his abilities, as long as he gets what he wants, as he loses rationality.

kazuma and ayano relationship help

However when in this state, his overall powers seem to be weaker due to losing control over it. In episode 23 when Ayano helps him snap out of his rage, he states that his black wind is pathetic. At one point Ayano states that she was never afraid of him in his normal state, and as he is so strong, her fear seems pointless. She takes the fear she feels of him in his enraged state as a sign that he is weaker. Despite being substantially weaker, he has no trouble defeating other strong fire users like Ayano, but not his own father Genma.

He was taken out of this black wind state when Ayano used her crimson fire against him. Other Abilities Edit Keen Intellect: In addition to being extremely powerful, Kazuma often proves himself to be very intelligent and perceptive; he is easily able to see through Juugo's deceptions to get him and Ayano together though he ends up falling for her anywaylargely because Ayano shouldn't need a bodyguard since she can easily take care of herself.

During missions, he acts as the strategist, often making battle plans for him and Ayano, who has the tendency to just charge in blindly with no strategy whatsoever. He can also be rather manipulative, such as when he uses Ayano as bait to lure out a Yoma. Relationships Edit Ayano Kannagi: Kazuma annoys Ayano in the beginning of the story but later begins to flirt with her occasionally as they create a bond together through magic training.

When he is in his darkest moments, she helps him through it. He loves her for having the most brilliant spirit he has ever seen and began to love her during their first battle together at the moment she first used the Crimson Flame. He kissed Ayano on the neck at the end of episode 23, after realizing he was in love with her.

He stayed in Japan to look after her and exist together.

kazuma and ayano relationship help

Kazuma loves his brother and shows that he will do anything to keep him safe, since his brother never harmed him emotionally during his youth. Ren is the only Kanangi that Kazuma still considers his family, and Ren's safety being threatened is one of the few things that can bring Kazuma out of his apathy- it was the Fuga clan's kidnapping of him that convinced Kazuma to get involved in their rebellion against the Kanangi family.

Kazuma Yagami

All of this being said, even Ren isn't safe from Kazuma's teasing at times, such as on the night they meet for the first time in four years. Kazuma met her during his travels and came to love her. He would end up settling in her town and living with her until she was sacrificed to resurrect a demon. It was the reason that he wanted power so that he can take revenge from those who killed her and in future protect those he care about.

In the last episode Lapis revealed that Ling's final feelings were to kill Kazuma which leaves him shattered. But he still loves her despite what she thinks. AznAnimeFreak4life Were they even partners? The flame-headed Kannagi heiress; Kannagi, Ayano, has had enough of not being able to comprehend her undecided relationship with Kazuma any longer.

kazuma and ayano relationship help

Kazuma also feels somewhat the same, wanting to pursue something more with the crimson beauty, but has not doted on it. Will something bloom from this monogamous relationship? Well, I know many of you want me to continue Kaze no Stigma Season 2! Also it'll be off to a slow start, but I am just setting the "mood" for the fanfict: He then yawned and stretched out.

With her back turned to him, Ayano winced, but gave in as she noticed that Kazuma was only assisting her.

kazuma and ayano relationship help

After just-" "I know, I got it! She then regained her focus and shot three fire balls, two successfully made the target, but one missed and hit a nearby tree, which Kazuma fortunately put out himself.

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Ayano sneered as she caught Kazuma smirking at her. In the meeting room, Ayano and Kazuma were both waiting for Jugo to join them. Jugo had apparently wanted to discuss something important with the two of them, as noted by Ren, who had told them to meet Jugo in the meeting room right after they were done with Ayano's practice.

Ayano slightly turned her head to find Kazuma gazing her.

kazuma and ayano relationship help

Whenever Kazuma gazes at her, Ayano finds herself in a place she can't escape. Kazuma had many different ways of getting under Ayano's skin, but he did what gets to her most, just simply gazing at her.

Kaze No Stigma Ep 16 part 3 - Father And Son

His eyes were pin-pointed on hers. His ruby red on her golden-tinted crimson, Ayano couldn't look away, she just couldn't, because his eyes were telling her otherwise. I can't take this anymore! She couldn't mutter a word. Heh, sorry for the false accusation because we all know miss princess here, is way too innocent to even be touched by a boy. He knew Ayano was smart enough to know by now that he was just teasing her, but ever since that day, ever since that god damned day after the battle at Pandemoniumthe day where they had officially became partners, it just somehow in some way, their relationship had changed.

Ayano was trying to be calm. She didn't want to acknowledge the fact that Kazuma was just teasing her, nor did she want to argue with him about it, because she knew that she would. That's right she would have argued with him about it, tell him off right in his face, but things were different now, they were different now and she didn't want to do anything that can ruin their already confusing, delicate, yet cherished relationship forever.

After a few moments of silence, Jugo entered the room. Kazuma and Ayano watched as he sat down. Jugo then, as he had always done before, took a sip of his tea, then right after he would start babbling on about their next mission. Ayano, Kazuma, both of you will definitely be working together on this one.

The word hung in the air. That's right the two were now decided partners. No more of that body-guard protecting the princess crap. Yeah, sure they were partners, but that was because they were just you know, together, no decided relationship between the two.