Kaiki and senjougahara relationship advice

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kaiki and senjougahara relationship advice

But Kaiki's Senjougahara is something else entirely. Since she and Araragi became an official couple, she's been . RECOMMENDATION. He is known as the first of five con men who swindled the Senjougahara family, Kaiki seems to takes warnings or "pieces of advice" as challenges, such as when He also appears to have a friendly relationship with the Gaen household. Seeing Hitagi confront her past, Koyomi understood that it's just a story when . After cleaning the room, they talked about his relationship with different girls. As their little chat ended and Kaiki moved on, Araragi thought of following .. Insight · Monogatari Series · Planetes · Recommendation · Reviews.

A Love Story About Monogatari

Monogatari has always been a series about perception being reality. Every girl who has a problem with an aberration looks like the creature haunting them. Shinobu is the extreme example - an aberration that would disappear if people stop perceiving her, shaped by what Araragi thinks of her.

Daishuu Kaiki uses this to his advantage. He twists deception into truths and makes people believe falsehoods. His curses are powerful because of big a lie they are.

Maybe it was because I met him in the middle of the execrable shitpost that was Nisemonogatarimade me lump him with the rest of that sewage of a slashfic. I was reading the first Bakemonogatari book specifically, the first story where Hachikuji Mayoi appears at the same time as I started reviewing these notes.

They briefly run into Tsubasa. It stops the series from becoming the Hitagi-and-Koyomi show. Some are what others perceive them as being. Some are what they perceive. Nadeko remembers trivial matters, and she is a trivial, empty girl herself. Kaiki is a fake truer than truth. He is the only one who sees Nadeko for the airhead she is, calls her out on it.

Her humbleness shows in correcting how others see her. In Tsubasa Tiger Hanekawa mentioned she was not planning to attend college. I must admit that Kaiki threw me for numerous loops during the arc.

kaiki and senjougahara relationship advice

But, then again, Kaiki is the great deceiver of this show, and it could be that he has truly fooled me on everything: Even so, like Nadeko says, maybe there was a hint of truth in the lie.

That is, after all, how the best lies are constructed.

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Koyomi Araragi So, here we are. Ending with the boy who is truly central to this story. The Monogatari franchise may be a franchise that names its arcs after the female characters, but to even consider that anyone besides Araragi is the main character of this story is ludicrous. Every moment of this show, in some way, reflects on or influences Araragi.

Where does Araragi stand at the end of Monogatari? This is the fascinating question, when Araragi is absent for fully half the show. Nothing illustrates this point better—that Araragi needs each and every one of them—than the moment in the Shinobu Time arc when Shinobu and Onoki ask him to choose between Shinobu, Senjougahara and Hanekawa, and Araragi desperately changes the subject.

Each of these girls represents a different part of Araragi, and to choose one of them is to choose one part of himself and reject the others.

kaiki and senjougahara relationship advice

Back in Bakemonogatari, during the Suruga Monkey arc, Araragi talked about how incredibly selfish Senjougahara can be, unwilling to let a single thing important to her go. But Senjougahara is only selfish about some things; Araragi wants it all.

Anyone else dislikes Senjougahara after this?

Does he fear his own identity—what he truly is: Does he fear relinquishing the world of apparitions to return to being human, as Hanekawa did? Whatever the case may be, as Mayoi leaves him, Araragi is left incredibly vulnerable.

The idea of letting go of even a single member of his harem is one he never considers, even if it means sitting for twenty years in the same unknown town. Araragi is altogether incapable of making a choice. He has held on to his love for Senjougahara through all this, but he is able to do that because she fulfills a different role in his life than the others do. Why would Araragi try to change the past, to save Mayoi?

To free her from being a ghost and thus enable her to stay by his side.

kaiki and senjougahara relationship advice

But Araragi himself is being held back by them, as well. And as they continue to leave him, he is slowly, but surely, being moved to a point where he will have to change.

kaiki and senjougahara relationship advice

Araragi will have to become self-sufficient. This is the genius of Monogatari. Araragi will be given the choice to change or not. He will have to decide, and his hand will be forced by the absence of all those upon whom he previously relied. Hanekawa has become her own person. Kanbaru, I suspect, will make her exit or at least have a drastic role modulation in the upcoming Hanamonogatari, leaving the girlfriend, the one and the same partner, and the family.

kaiki and senjougahara relationship advice

I think, eventually, Araragi will either have to choose between Shinobu and Senjougahara, or choose between Shinobu and becoming his own person.