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Hu Ge and Joe Cheng both have worked with Ariel more than once was kind of in command of their relationship and therefore Ariel was in a. Joseph Cheng: Ariel Lin is more than family to me. The actor asserts that they are not in a romantic relationship. Posted: 01 Jun Share this: joe1. Joe Cheng reveals pursuing Ariel Lin; Hit a dead end the two are not big spenders, and have very close relationships with family members.

Read the article to know all about him. He likewise has an elder sister, who lives with their mom. His age is 39 years now born on June and is of height 1.

Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng Pair Up for C-variety Show but Sadly Not the Third It Started With a Kiss

He additionally featured in a few phase play which as indicated by Joe he especially delighted in doing. He could work on a phase play for Design for Living with a few renowned performers advertisement on-screen characters including David Wang Sylvia Chang.

Joe Chang and Ariel Lin Relationship. Yes, Ariel was his girlfriend once. The worst part was Di Gua even lost all his memories of Xiao Qi! I decided to try out one of her older dramas called Love Contract, which she starred with the very handsome Mike He.

Ariel Lin 15th Year Anniversary with Joseph Cheng ARJOE 2017

But man they look great together! I started watching around episode 15 and the drama was a bit slow but it concentrated more on internal conflicts among the characters. She played the damaged girl who struggles to cover up her sorrows and for the most part succeeds.

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But eventually it becomes too much for her to handle and she breaks down in front of the boy she loves. Despite the drama being slightly mediocre thank goodness I watched just the last few episodes!

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Those shows aside, my favourite role Ariel has taken on so far has been for Huang Rong in Legend of the Condor Heroes.

Ariel has these bright intelligent eyes that makes her perfect for playing very smart and wily characters like Huang Rong. I loved the story of this series.

Joseph Cheng: Ariel Lin is more than family to me

This unlikely pair makes me smile and makes my heart swoon just as much as Joe Cheng and all his kisses do! I keep replaying the episode near the end when Huang Rong and Guo Jing are finally reunited after a year apart. She does things people may misunderstand but her goal is actually to help the people she cares about, even if it may hurt her or cause her harm.

Although these two serials achieved lukewarm success, Cheng took the role of the main lead in It Started with a Kiss in the following year.

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This serial achieved high ratings in Taiwan and was popular with audiences throughout Asia. Cheng has starred in numerous drama serials produced in Taiwan,China and Japan, but remains most well known for his roles in The Rose and the Kiss series.

As a model, Cheng has modelled for several big-name brands including Puma AG — and adidas —present. He also worked as a spokesperson for Shiatzy Chen.

Excluding drama serial memorabilia, Cheng has released three pictorial books in addition to four calendars and one mini pictorial in conjunction with the release of his EP in He has also authored two books and co-authored another on his hometown Taichung.