Jodha and ruqaiya relationship advice

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jodha and ruqaiya relationship advice

After a wedding of the Ruqaiya Begum became the Ruqaiya Sultan Begum. She married with emperor Connection of Ruqaiya and Akbar. Emperor Akbar was. Ruqaiya Sultan Begum (alternative spelling: Ruqayya, Ruqayyah) (c. – 19 January ) Ruqaiya's marriage with Akbar was solemnized near Jalandhar, Punjab, when both of them were 14 years-old. About the . A fictionalized Ruqaiya was portrayed by Lavina Tandon in Zee TV's fictional drama Jodha Akbar. Jodha Akbar: Jodha blasts Rukaiya for poisoning Salim's mind against her and Jalal! Written By Resham Sengar reads Mumbai.

jodha and ruqaiya relationship advice

She was the Empress of Mughal Empire. On February 14,the coronation of Akbar took place, and the Ruqaiya Begum was served as Mughal Empress from to Ruqaiya was always their most favored wife and remained his principal consort till the very end. Ruqaiya was not only the wife of Akbar but also she was goof friend of Akbar. Akbar gives her rights of the companion and cohort from the early on in his life.

Jodha-Akbar: Brawl in the harem adds fuel to the fire between Jodha and Ruqaiya Begum

Ruqaiya Begum position was very greatly in the heart of Akbar. In the heart of Akbar, she was superior and greater than any other women of his life. Akbar only loved the Ruqaiya throughout the life. Akbar was so much caring and loving towards the Ruqaiya.

She was the chief wife of Akbar.

jodha and ruqaiya relationship advice

She came in the life of Akbar in her middle age. Even he pretends this decision of other wives after consorting his wife, Ruqaiya.

jodha and ruqaiya relationship advice

In fact, the era was also ahead after recommending the monogamy. Secondly, the Ruqaiya was childless, so Akbar takes steps for other marriage and also seek and heir for Mughal empire. Ruqaiya Begum role being as mother Ruqaiya was childless all through her life.

Jodha Akbar: Jodha blasts Rukaiya for poisoning Salim’s mind against her and Jalal! | PINKVILLA

It was her main grief and only drawback. However, Akbar was very loving with the Ruqaiya, so he ordered to Jahangir to handed over his son to the Ruqaiya Begum.

jodha and ruqaiya relationship advice

So Ruqaiya was taken the son of Jahangir son Prince Khurram. She took care of the Khurram, and most upbringing mothers became. The Prince Khurram was only six years old due to handover.

Jodha-Akbar: When Jalal and Jodha’s game of chess left Ruqaiya Begum angry! | PINKVILLA

Ruqaiya took over all responsibilities towards his step-grandson. She was prime responsible for his education. She remained childless throughout her marriage but assumed the primary responsibility for the upbringing of Akbar's favourite grandson, Prince Khurram the future emperor Shah Jahan.

So, when Khurram was born in and was only six days old; Akbar ordered that the prince be taken away from his mother, Jagat Gosainiand handed him over to Ruqaiya so that he could grow up under her care and Akbar could fulfill his wife's wish, to raise a Mughal emperor.

Jodha-Akbar: Who will Jalal vote for in the elections for power – Jodha or Ruqaiya?

He [Akbar] recognized him as his real child. After Akbar's death inthe young prince was then, finally, allowed to return to his father's household, and thus, be closer to his biological mother.

She remained his sole chief consort from the time of their marriage in until his death in Ruqaiya was thus, the most senior lady in the imperial harem [26] and at court during her husband's reign as well as in his successor's Jahangir reign.

She played a crucial role along with her cousin and co-wife Salima Sultan Begum in negotiating a settlement between her husband and her step-son, Salim Jahangirwhen the father-son's relationship had turned sour in the early s, eventually helping to pave the way for Salim's accession to the Mughal throne.

Akbar granted their wishes and Salim was allowed to present himself before the Emperor.

jodha and ruqaiya relationship advice

The prince was finally pardoned in through the efforts of his step-mothers and his grandmother, Hamida Banu Begum. Once, Ruqaiya and her mother-in-law, Hamida Banu Begum, by their joint effort could not secure pardon for a Sunni Muslim who had murdered a Shia in Lahore purely out of religious fanaticism. Ruqaiya, having been the late Emperor Akbar's principal wife and being the most senior woman in the harem, was by stature and ability, the most capable of providing the protection that Mehr-un-Nissa needed at the Mughal court.