Jerry seinfeld and elaine benes relationship quizzes

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questions and answers about 'Seinfeld - Themed Quizzes' in our 'Seinfeld' category. This hilarious couple beat up Kramer for refusing to wear a ribbon during 3 What was the name of the diner that Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer . He wore it to a get-together with George, Elaine, and her father, Alton Benes. Seinfeld quote - Elaine finds Jerry exhausting, 'The Red Dot' Elaine Benes, . You basically hate everyone who is in a happy relationship. | 30 Ways Growing. My first quiz. Quiz. (from 5). My first quiz. personality test . You are Elaine Benes, the only female of the group, and Jerry's ex-girlfriend. You normally work as.

In a few cases, Jerry wears an unusual item of clothing. Like George, Jerry's hairstyle remains relatively the same throughout the series, though the length and thickness of it alters, especially from Season 3 onwards. There is one noticeable episode in which Jerry receives a bad haircut when he reluctantly agrees to get his hair done by an incompetent Italian barber in " The Barber ".

As in real life, Jerry is a fan of comic book characters, particularly of Supermanwho is his hero. As far as sports, Jerry is a fan of the New York Mets as evidenced as early as the episode " The Baby Shower " in which Kramer persuades him to install illegal cable by saying "The Mets have 75 games on cable this year.

In early episodes, a New York Yankees hat sits on the counter near his computer.

jerry seinfeld and elaine benes relationship quizzes

Later on, by the middle of Season 3, it was replaced with a Mets cap, possibly to better reflect Seinfeld's real-life support of the Queens side. While a Mets fan, he has once attended a Yankees games in the sixth season. In the first episode of Season 6 and the first episode of Season 7, Jerry is shown watching a Yankees game with George. Jerry also does not appear to have any particular interest in alcohol as he is rarely seen drinking beer or any other alcoholic beverage; however, he is seen drinking beer with George once in " The Shower Head ", wine at various meals, and keeps a bottle of Hennigan's scotch in his apartment, though he claims that he only uses it as a paint thinner.

Elaine Benes

George recalls in " The Outing " that the two were friends ever since an encounter in gym class in their school days. In " The Betrayal ", Jerry mentions that he once beat George up in the fourth grade. Flashbacks in episodes such as " The Library " portray Jerry and George in high school.

A pizza place which they frequented is portrayed in " The Frogger ". Jerry and George attended school together at Edward R. Murrow Middle SchoolJohn F. Kennedy High School and Queens College.

He eventually quit the job in order to focus more on his comedy career. Unlike George, who usually can't stand his parents, Jerry gets along reasonably well with his parents, but he still prefers they live in Florida rather than New York, so that they do not interfere with his private life.

Although born and raised Jewish and he considers himself a Jew, Jerry apparently does not practice and generally does not observe many traditions. In " The Bris ", he implies he is circumcised, repeatedly asking people if they have "ever seen one" - in reference to an uncircumcised penis. He also mentions having a sister in the episode " The Chinese Restaurant ", though she is never named, never appears on screen, and is never mentioned again after this episode.

In order to avoid his old friend Joel in " Male Unbonding ", Jerry pretends to have promised to tutor his nephew; it is unclear if the nephew really exists or is simply fabricated as part of the excuse. Jerry has an eccentric uncle, Leowho appears in 15 episodes. Uncle Leo has a son, Cousin Jeffrey, who works for the parks department, about whom he constantly talks, but who never appears. Manya is described as a Polish immigrant. In the same episode, Jerry references having an "Aunt Rose", and Helen mentions a family member named "Claire" who is getting married.

Jerry's maternal grandmother, Nana, is an elderly woman with memory problems, occasionally unable to tell the past from the present, living alone in the city. Relationships[ edit ] Jerry is notorious for his detached approach towards relationships and for breaking up with women for the slightest of flaws or for the most minor of reasons. According to the ninth-season DVD release of the series, Jerry has had 73 different girlfriends seen or alluded to over the course of the series.

Elaine[ edit ] Jerry and Elaine are depicted as having dated in the past and apparently a lot longer than they each date other people in the series. During the run of the show, they are shown mainly as best friends, sometimes even joking with one another about their failed dating relationship.

However, they do date briefly during the run of the show. In " The Deal ", they create a set of rules whereby they can sleep together but remain only friends. However, their theory is ruined when Elaine gets upset at Jerry for wanting to leave after a sexual encounter instead of sleeping over one of the rules they discussed was that sleeping over was optional, but not whose option it was. By the end of the episode the two decide to be a couple again.

Later in " The Pen " Jerry tells his parents that "we decided that we don't work out as a couple. In " The Mango ", Jerry is upset at learning that Elaine had faked her orgasms while they were together. The fact cause such problems between the two, that Elaine agrees to sleep with Jerry in an effort to "save the friendship".

The final scene, however, shows the two in bed, with Jerry looking distraught and gesturing towards his groin, suggesting that he was unable to perform. There are hints throughout the series that suggest that Jerry and Elaine still have feelings for each other: In " The Stake Out ", Elaine becomes jealous when Jerry flirts with another woman, Vanessa, at a party that Jerry is accompanying her to.

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In " The Tape " when Jerry listens to an erotic message on his tape recorder, he becomes obsessed with finding who's the person on the tape; eventually, he pushes George into revealing that it's Elaine and it was supposed to be a joke. In " The Junior Mint ", Elaine asks Jerry to accompany her to the hospital as her boyfriend, Roy, to fool one of her ex's. Jerry smiles and responds "Well, I believe I've played that role before to some critical acclaim. In " The Cadillac " after Jerry buys his parents a Cadillac and Elaine realizes how much money he has, she becomes very flirtatious towards him.

In " The Abstinence " when Elaine is denying sex to her current boyfriend, Ben, in the hope that it will help him pass his medical licensing exam, she begs Jerry to have sex with her, but, after a brief moment of consideration, he turns her down. In " The Serenity Now " when Jerry's emotions come flooding out after being locked up inside him, he confesses his love for Elaine and proposes to her. Later, the horrifying tale of George's life frightens him back into his formerly cold demeanor and he takes back his proposal, much to Elaine's dismay since she was willing to get married even though she was initially hesitant.

You can't stop them. Question by author cliffy Hunan The name of the restaurant is never spoken of, but the exterior - and the neon sign - are seen very briefly right at the beginning of the episode. Theology of "Seinfeld" click to play it. Question by author falkirk A few scenes, however, do seem to suggest it. For instance the time that Tim Whatley converts to Judaism and Jerry says "welcome aboard. More 'Seinfeld' Movie Spoofs click to play it.

Question by author chessart. Apocalypse Now The Robert Duvall character says 'I love the smell of napalm in the morning' as he attacks a Vietnamese village.

What city was it? Question by author Gispepfu.

jerry seinfeld and elaine benes relationship quizzes

Akron, Ohio George tracks his rival all the way to his new job at Firestone, just to deliver his "jerk store" line. Of course, his plan ends up backfiring. They went on a high-speed chase because George thought the driver of another car cut them off then flipped them the bird. Question by author ElvishLord.

Reggie's There are a few episodes where one or more of the "Seinfeld" gang eat at Reggie's. During the "Bizzaro" episode Elaine's new friends ate there, George is forced to eat there a couple of times as well. The Candies of "Seinfeld" click to play it. Question by author k Clark Bar George only had a one hundred dollar bill with him so they went to a news stand to buy gum and get change.

The clerk said he didn't have change for a hundred dollar bill and suggested they buy more things. George quit his real estate job in the second season.

Despite its perfection, it had one flaw. What was that flaw? The Clothing of "Seinfeld" click to play it. He wore it to a get-together with George, Elaine, and her father, Alton Benes.