Jemma and fitz relationship memes

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jemma and fitz relationship memes

The threesome pairing of Leo Fitz/Jemma Simmons/Skye has Favorite Character Meme Four Relationships > skye, a FitzSkye gif-picspam. Discover ideas about Marvel Memes. Fitz loving Jemma, i will love him forever Poor Fitz. I really wish that had made the Jemma/Will relationship a Bro. FitzSimmons is the het ship between Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons from the Agents When she returned months later, their relationship had become tense and . Quotes. Jemma – “Why would you make me do this? You're my best friend in.

He intended to sacrifice himself so that she could live, but Jemma used her last strength to swim with him to the surface. The two were rescued by Nick Fury. Season 2 Leo had sustained brain damage from the events prior. When Jemma left S. He was unaware that Coulson had placed her on an undercover assignment with HYDRA; he believed that she'd left because she did not reciprocate his feelings. When she returned months later, their relationship had become tense and awkward.

Leo found himself unable to work with her anymore. The two slowly reconciled with each other. She agreed, and he left the room. Once he left, the Monolith morphed into liquid and pulled Jemma inside it, transporting her to a faraway planet called Maveth. The Monolith then returned to solid form. Season 3 For six months, Leo tirelessly studied the Monolith, never giving up hope that he would be able to find her. He even kept the reservation at the restaurant where they were meant to have their date.

He became desperate, and he broke down one day, hitting the stone and screaming at it to do something.

jemma and fitz relationship memes

The Monolith remained solid, but Leo noticed a strange sand on his fingers. He analyzed it and realized that its composition was impossible for Earth, confirming his theory that the Monolith was a transportation device. During her time on Maveth, Jemma recorded video logs on her phone, talking about her hopes for her future with Leo in order to stay sane.

Using Daisy's vibration powers to activate the Monolith, Leo entered it and rescued Jemma, pulling her safely back to Earth just before the stone exploded. He stayed by Jemma's side as she recovered from her traumatic experience.

He was dismayed to learn that she'd fallen in love with another man, Will Daniels, while on Maveth, but he put her happiness above his own feelings and agreed to help her figure out a way back to the planet to save him. Tensions rose between Jemma and Leo, culminating in an argument; Jemma was angry at herself to asking Leo to help when she knew how he felt about her, and Leo was angry at the universe for tearing them apart so many times.

The argument ended as Leo kissed her and told her that they were cursed. Leo refused to help them, but quickly gave in when Giyera and Ward began to torture Jemma. She stayed behind while Leo was forced to accompany a squad of HYDRA soldiers into the portal, with Coulson joining at the last second. Leo rescued a man who he believed to be Will; however, it was Hive. Hive had killed him after Jemma's rescue and was using his body as a host. Leo and Coulson escaped back to Earth. Leo comforted Jemma as she grieved for Will.

Back at the lab in the Playground, Jemma told Leo she missed their friendship. They introduced themselves to each other again, starting their relationship over. They later kissed, realizing that they couldn't waste any more time. While on a mission to find Dr. Holden Radcliffe, Leo and Jemma discussed the future of their relationship.

The mission went awry when Hive arrived to kidnap Radcliffe, and Jemma and Leo were separated. Jemma waited for him anxiously in their hotel room. She was relieved when he returned, and the two consummated their relationship. After Hive was captured, Jemma planned a vacation for herself and Leo to the Seychelles. However their plans were interrupted when Hive escaped the Gel Matrix Box he had been trapped in.

Jemma had become the head of the lab, working as the Special Adviser to the Director in Science and Technology. She and Leo barely had time to see other outside of work anymore.

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They were looking for an apartment to live together. She was sent to a secret location while wearing a hood. Mace refused to disclose her location to anyone, worrying Leo. Jemma was eventually returned to the Playground and reunited with Leo, who had barely escaped Hell.

jemma and fitz relationship memes

The two hugged each other, making up from their argument earlier. She later comforted him after Radcliffe's betrayal, giving him words of encouragement that helped him figure out how to access the brain of Radcliffe's LMD.

jemma and fitz relationship memes

Aida, who had rebelled against Radcliffe, placed the three of them in the Framework, a simulated reality developed by Leo and Radcliffe. Each one had their greatest regret reversed. For Leo, this was his father Alistair abandoning him and his mother when he was a child. In the Framework, Alistair took him with him when he left and shaped him into a cold, cruel man. When Jemma and Daisy uploaded themselves into the Framework to rescue the three of them, Jemma refused to give up hope that Leo could be saved, insisting that he was still the man she loved.

Leo had no memory of her, however, and was in a relationship with Madame Hydra, Aida's Framework version. Yes, just like with Ultron, the robot outsmarted its creator, defied its directives and tried to save the world by destroying it. How is Mace the only one that sees these parallels?

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They have to constantly lie to their family, relationships almost never work and people keep trying to kill them. The one positive is that they get to save the world with their friends.

It took awhile for Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter to be completely accepted by the team, but once they were, that was it, they were family. In season three, a mission in Russia went wrong, and Bobbi and Hunter were arrested by the Russian military.

jemma and fitz relationship memes

To avoid exposing S. In a world of aliens and superheroes, he always finds a way to stay logical. Knowing that and considering they had been through this with Ultron, it completely makes sense that he was ready for an evil robot. In fact, Mack is so smart he has a special life insurance policy prepared for killer robots. His girlfriend YoYo seems very surprised by this, but really at this point, she should totally understand.

Also, since they spend most of the hour listing off all the movies where robots go bad and end up killing people, it seems like something she knows a little about too. You just know Mack has a secret apocalypse bunker ready to go.

As we learned in season one, this is because Fitz is in love with Jemma. His love for her has never wavered, but it took her a little longer to get there.

In the season one finale he sacrificed himself and suffered brain damage to save her life. In the season two finale he finally got the courage to ask her out, then held those reservations while she was trapped on another planet. He then worked tirelessly to find a way to get her off said planet. Fitz has never lost faith in Jemma, so it was great when she finally repaid the favor and rescued him from the Framework. Later, in Captain America: It was clear from day one that they had a special relationship.