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Janella Salvador (born March 30, ) is a Filipino actress and singer. .. "New 'Mano Po' movie centers on relationship issues". angelfirenm.info . Plot Trisha ( Janella Salvador) is a struggling waitress who buys a cellphone from a black market . starring Janella Salvador, Marlo Mortel, Jerome Ponce, Janice de Belen and. Janella Salvador reaches out to estranged dad Juan Miguel short visit was able to fix something between us—there's progress (in our relationship). Mortel , Jerome Ponce, Paulo Avelino, Iza Calzado and Janice de Belen. Record $ million paid in New Year's tuna auction at Japan's new fish market. Starring: Janella Salvador, Marlo Mortel, Jerome Ponce. Rentals include 30 days to start watching this video and 48 hours to finish once started. Watch for $

Faye and Jacob accompanied her. While making the call, Ms.

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Gonzalez accidentally listened to Veronica's voice recording and Jaime appeared pointing at something. Gonzalez suffered from an asthma attack and orders Jacob to grab her inhaler. Faye stays with Ms. Gonzalez and decides to listen to the voice recording as well. Jaime appeared once again pointing at something. Suddenly, the ghost who killed Steve appeared and threw Faye and Ms.

Gonzalez to a wall injuring them severely. Ella and the others hear their screams and when they ran to help them, they find their corpses with their tongues ripped out. Jacob told everybody that he saw Ms. Gonzalez freaking out over something she heard from the phone.

Father Anthony advises them to listen to the recorded message as they might learn something about the killings. The recording turns out to be Veronica's confession, stating that she committed suicide not because Jaime raped her but that they fell in love. Veronica adds that Amara, a witchcraft practitioner, did not approve of their relationship as she had feelings for Jaime also.

Due to her practice of sorcery, Amara influenced everyone to believe that Jaime raped her sister and burn him alive. This led to Veronica committing suicide as she lost the love of her life. Eventually, Amara died too.

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Ella then realizes that Amara was the real killer. She also discovers that whoever heard Veronica's confession will be killed by Amara because she did not want anybody to know the truth while Megan concludes that everyone would suffer the same fate. Suddenly Jaime's ghost appeared and pointed at Amara's ghost approaching them. Ella, Adrian and Jacob carries Father Anthony to safety. Megan, Jack, Jessie and Allison flee the mansion. Selya and Anding are then killed by Amara, who blasts them through a glass door.

Father Anthony asked the three to leave him behind stating that the Lord is with him no matter what. The surviving trio reluctantly leave him and Amara kills Father Anthony.

Megan and the others cross a flooded area outside the mansion wherein Allison is pulled down by an supernatural force. Jack and Jessie, who noticed her disappearance, are also pulled down and killed before they can warn Megan.

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Megan now alone encounters Amara surfacing up from the water feasting on the tongues of her three friends. Attempting to get to safety, Megan is captured by the spirit. As the three remaining friends hide, Adrian convinces Ella to use her abilities to ask help from Veronica and Jaime. Ella is drawn to a vision of the afterlife and is greeted by Veronica and Jaime; the former instructing her to destroy Amara's corpse before she takes human form.

The trio head to a private tomb in the back area of the house to exhume Amara's corpse.

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Before Jacob could destroy the corpse, Amara appeared and captured him. A heavily injured Jacob asks Ella and Adrian to leave him before being killed by Amara. While on the run, Adrian is pulled down to the ground by the rotting hands of Amara, also killing him, leaving Ella all alone.

She runs to the chapel wherein Amara's ghost confronts her. Using a crucifix, Ella stabs Amara in the mouth and takes out the latter's tongue. Ella is then blasted by the force backwards, injuring her head.

Sometime later, Ella was then seen with her mom and was greeted by her younger siblings. It turned out that Ella suffered from amnesia caused by the head injury as she did not recognize them at all.

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Ella's mother told her not to worry as her memory will be back some time. Three months later, Ella woke up in her home to find out that her memory has returned. A door opens by itself and Ella, suspecting it was her mother rushes out to tell the good news. However, the spirit of Amara appears once more and the two fight, resulting in Ella getting mortally wounded.

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Before dipping her hands in showbiz, she was part of the musical play Paul! Because of her impressive talent, she landed the role of Nikki in the morning drama Be Careful With My Heart from to At 17, Janella has indeed accomplished and achieved a lot of her dreams such that the Monteverdes are confident they have a winner in her launching pic, Haunted Mansion. Modern at siguradong papatok sa kabataan ngayon.

The finals has gathered candidates from all over the Philippines who all won at the pageants local and regional eliminations. The winners will face a panel of judges from the fields of fashion, beauty and the arts.

Miss Silka Philippines Kathreen Grace Ahorro, 21, from Puerto Princesa in Palawan, will bequeath her title to the next winner who will also receive P thousand, and a Silka gift pack and another P thousand that she can donate to her chosen charity courtesy of Cosmetique Asia Corporation, organizer of the pageant along with Cornerstone Events.

Sam plays the role of Sebastian, a seminarian who has doubts of being a priest. As he searches for his calling, he will meet Kara Julia Montes who is currently at her lowest point due to the unresolved issues of her family. From there, a new kind of friendship will grow between the two.

Now that Sebastian is in the picture, how will the plot of the story be affected? Will his friendship with Kara influence his decision of becoming a priest? Can Sebastian help mend the relationship between Kara and her twin sister Sara? As he learned that he would be joining the cast, Sam was excited and grateful for the opportunity given to him to pair up with Julia for the first time. It is under the direction of Emmanuel Palo and Jon Villarin.