Jacob and renesmee relationship trust

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jacob and renesmee relationship trust

Jacob Black imprinted on Renesmee Cullen, the daughter of Bella Swan and it as losing his connection to everything else, and the connection to Renesmee is. Nessie is growing fast,Jacob struggles btwn manhood and imprinting, meanwhile , Alice sees . Trust me, I'm absolutely positive that you will fall in love with this story ; Nessie's relationship with Jacob matures as she does, but it's not easy. "Renesmee and Jacob actually headed that way as well," informed Edward. to always hover around her, care to explain that relationship," asked Charlie. Charlie we know this seems like a lot but trust me when I say I.

Jacob Black and Renesmee Cullen

What's worse, tensions arise between her and her father as Edward sees her growing up with two men fighting over her. But is Nahuel really what he seems? Will she cross the line and kill them?

K - English - Chapters: Due to her extemely rapid growth, Renesmee is now a senior in high school, and is now having feelings for Jacob. But with her deciding on what to do with her life, being with Jacob, along with more dangers, will she and Jake be able to stay together? Read and find out. T - English - Romance - Chapters: The Cullens have moved to Port Angeles. And Renesmee's growing up. As all teens,she too is experiencing the changes,but will her family and Jacob let her make her own decisions,or will they force her to be a kid always.

Why can't they accept that she has grown up. What happens to her world when trouble comes knocking? Will Jake be able to protect her? A few years have passed, Nessie's finally finishing high school and it's time for her to be told everything. Problem is, she has a few wishes of her own for her graduation night and they go south, way south All her life, decisions have been made for her, decisions she never questioned. On the precipice of adulthood, Nessie must blaze her own path to happiness.

Will they survive being apart or forget each other and move on?

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T - English - Chapters: Part three basically focuses on their children's lives as they get older along with theirs as well. Trust me, I'm absolutely positive that you will fall in love with this story ; Twilight - Rated: Jacob has been and is always willing to give her time to discover what lies beneath. Will it remain hidden, or will she accept fate?

With love and war resting heavily on her shoulders, Renesmee faces more stress than she believes she can handle. They must deal with war, loss, prejudice, tribal politics, and the unfathomable mystery of imprinting.

jacob and renesmee relationship trust

Nessie had heard the word countless times. But did it apply to her and Jacob?

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And what would happen when a coven of non-vegetarian vampires intervened and revealed secrets never before imagined? New home, new high school, new love. What does the future hold for them? He looked at me suspiciously. Her growth is still going at a pretty fast speed" "We keep it up, she can't go yet, she will get noticed" he replied. I nodded and closed the gap between our lips, I had to be careful when I did this, I always got carried away.

We kissed passionately for a while when Jacob walked in "Get a room, your daughter will be forever horrified if you keep showing her what you're like in the bedroom" I shot Jake some evils.

Twilight Characters: Where They Are Now – Jacob and Renesmee

It was like bells, it was heavenly, I loved the sound of Renesmee's laugh. Edward and Renesmee had become very close in the past 3 months, they were always like father and daughter but now they were best friends as well, Renesmee was Edward's precious little angel, a gift from heaven he called her.

I could never get over their connection it was surrounded by love and adoration. The same love and adoration Renesmee and I had from very first sight.

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Jake walked up to us and swept Renesmee up from our lap. Edward and I laughed, I didn't even have to drop my shield and Edward knew what I was thinking, he nodded and we got up to walk to the kitchen "We will take her to hunt Jake" "Oh erm I was just about to cave but you can have some family time if you want" he smiled.

Renesmee started bouncing in Jacob's arms in excitement and touched his face. Renesmee jumped out of Jacob's arms and walked in between Edward and I to grab each of our hands.

Twenty seconds later Jake was catching up behind us in his wolf form. I dropped my shield so Edward could know what I was thinking, grab Nessie and let's race Jake. Edward smiled and threw Renesmee on his back and we started running full vampire speed through the forest. Edward started laughing; I could only guess Jake was moaning. We slowed down and I caught the scent of a herd of deer close by. Renesmee touched Edward's face and he nodded, Nessie jumped down and we all fell into a crouch, we pounced at the herd.

jacob and renesmee relationship trust

Nessie sunk her teeth into one of the females and Edward and I were fighting over the largest male, we laughed as we played but I gave up and went for the second biggest male. Jake was sitting at the edge of the clearing waiting for us when Edward shouted to Nessie. I laughed and Edward grabbed my hand as we chased after them. We slowed as we got close to them, they were still running Renesmee kept hitting Jacob to slow him down or she would try and make him trip, Jake just laughed and howled.

I smiled at them. They couldn't be any more perfect for each other, I was so glad Jake had found someone he deserved, even if it was my daughter.

jacob and renesmee relationship trust