Importance of coach and athlete relationship

importance of coach and athlete relationship

Jowett and Poczwardowski highlight the importance of precisely defining the coach-athlete relationship and introduce a taxonomy that. An effective Coach athlete relationship is absolutely non-negotiable for The Coach athlete relationship was found to be the most important. Perceptions of Coach–Athlete Relationship Are More Important to Coaches than Athletes in Predicting Dyadic Coping and Stress Appraisals.

How to relate and communicate effectively with your athletes? Interpersonal relations within the context of competitive sport and outside it too serve a critical role in the development and maintenance of trust and positive feelings.

importance of coach and athlete relationship

Although the quality of interpersonal relationships alone is not enough to produce success, it can significantly contribute to it. In fulfilling roles and responsibilities, coaches need to strike the right note in their interpersonal relations with each one athlete in the team or squad.

The Importance of a Strong Coach-Athlete Relationship

Coaches must be approachable and friendly, yet fair and firm. Tandem incorporates basic concepts of human interaction as they affect coaches and athletes in particular.

importance of coach and athlete relationship

Trying and tested Tandem offers a way to assess relationships, identify strengths and weaknesses and advice a course of action for better, stronger, more effective and successful sporting partnerships. Tandem empowers coaches to acknowledge the coach-athlete relationship as an important medium that allows both the coach and the athlete to fulfil their performance goals.

  • Importance of the coach-athlete relationship

An opportunity to try Tandem for yourself and experience the various ways it can be used will also be offered. The seminars will target predominantly coaches and coach educators, psychology consultants both qualified and in training as well as athletes.

Why is the coach-athlete relationship important?

Not all coach-athlete relationships are positive and effective. Inadequate relationships can develop and conflict can occur. Conflict is defined as the experience of incompatibility between people Deutsch, In. Having adequate conflict management skills allow for coaches and athletes to remain focused in high pressure competition, and training.

The Importance of a Strong Coach-Athlete Relationship | Ohio University

Therefore, it is important that we have an understanding of effective relationships and ways to resolve conflicts. An important concept of dealing with conflict is maintaining the relationship. Dindia and Canary described relationship maintenance as strategies used to keep a relationship in a specified state or condition.

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Ways to maintain relationships may include discussing an area of disagreement and coming to a joint decision of how it can be resolved i. Although no sport psychology research has directly considered relationship maintenance within the coach-athlete relationship, some research appeared to address issues related to maintenance strategies.

In the interviews, these coaches emphasized the importance of communication i. Thus, the use of maintenance strategies in sport has been indirectly associated with positive outcomes.

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