Huey and jazmine relationship memes

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huey and jazmine relationship memes

Read Chapter The Jazmine to Your Huey from the story When the Devil Fell in Love by Daedric_Princess13 with reads. demons, horrorromance, memes. ((This I mean I see relationships fall apart everyday. What's the harm in one. I bet Huey doesn't give a fuck about Sarah, by the way. I think that their relationship would go this far and just stay there, but never go beyond. Huey and Jasmine kissing 漫画アート, 偉大な絵画, 美しいイラスト, クールな painting her toes. daysiduke☻ Couples Humor, Cute Couples, Relationship Memes.

He could be our father! Old niggas always tryin ta holla. At least now it's not gross. By law, I'm a grown ass women. McPhearson was cruel about anyone who was poorer than him or not his color, even if they weren't white they needed the "proper" upbringing and lineage for him to not cast them off as garbage. Cindy did her best to spare Jazmine of what her father thought about her.

Cindy didn't feel like the same thing happening again with her already questionable relationship. She was going to continue her fling until she ended it.

She didn't care what anyone thought, not even Jazmine. Cindy just wished Jazmine had been in awe of her relationship like she was of Jazmine's relationship with Huey. Cindy had been a fan of "Juey" even before they saw each other that way. Cindy wished she had someone as perfect for her as they were for each other. The blonde girl sighed. She honestly didn't want to talk about her relationship right now.

There was nothing wrong with them, but she had a dilemma that wasn't about him or their future. It was just about her for once! She was torn between majors.

Even though it was minor, it was the first time in a while Jazmine's mind was preoccupied with herself. Answering Cindy's question, she settled with. We've been preparing for the future. I'm torn between everything with college! It's so frustrating and exciting!

What college are you going to? I'm just there for the parties. I wonder if I'll join a sorority. Will I be able to make it? Do you think I'd be a pretty AKA? Memes say they're stuck up though. Maybe we should attend the same school. Do you want to room with me?

huey and jazmine relationship memes

This is going to be awesome. I'll go wherever you go. Now to decide on a major, what do you think: African-American history, international global studies, peace and conflict resolutions, or sociology? Girl, Huey got you whipped for sure. Not everything she did revolved around Huey. She had a mind and life of her own. Her majors were about her interest.

Why would anyone think Huey gave a fuck about Peace and Conflict Resolution? Huey wanted revolution by any means. He'd been a wanted man! Jazmine was doing this for herself. She wanted to make the world a better place. She wanted to help the poor, the hungry, children, elders, and animals. She wanted to help her community. All of that was her. Maybe she had been too wrapped up in Huey. Before Jazmine could tell Cindy what was on her mind, the blonde's phone rang.

It was Wuncler III. Jazmine could tell by the way Cindy picked up the phone that their conversation for today was over. Jazmine mouthed that she was heading out. Cindy mouthed if she wanted her to hang up. Jazmine shook her head no and left the McPhearson mansion. She sighed and decided to make her way back to Timid Deer. Once she was there she debated going left to the Freeman home, or right into Thugnificient's. Jazmine hit the signal and drove into Jenkins' household.

Jazmine rang the doorbell. She remembered years ago when the doorbell was just a pretty lady speaking. Now it was an ordinary chime. Tanzania's mother, Solene, answered the door. Jazmine blushed at the dark skinned beauty with the teeny afro. Jenkins' proportions were too defined: She had toned arms, thick thighs, and an ample behind. In Jazmine's opinion, Solene was more beautiful than Tanzania; they obviously favored, but Solene's age made her more sexy.

The Dubois girl decided she owed Cindy an apology. Her eyes zeroed on Solene's thick lips, coated in dark red lipstick, as she said in her French-Carribean accent, "What a nice surprise. Jazmine jumped as Thugnificent scoped her and the premise out to determine if there was a male presence. Seeing just Jazmine, he gave her his megawatt smile.

Hey baby girl, it's um, uh, Lil' Bit! Isadora was biologically Thugnificent's, but someone from the outside wouldn't automatically know Tanzania wasn't from the way he treated both girls. No lie, I was just thinking about you.

Isadora followed her older sister to her room. Steven Universe 'bout ta be on any minute! I 'aveta tell Jazmine something. She sat Jazmine on the bed and flopped beside her. They sat in silence for two minutes before Tanzania burst into tears. Jazmine jumped, but immediately wrapped her arms around her friend.

Tanzania embraced her back and buried her face in Jazmine's shoulder. I h-hit the translate button an-" Tanzania caught her breath. She tried to control her words. Nobody who's ever met you could hate you.

He and Hiro are at odds now and it's because of me. It's my fault for clicking it. Is it his whole family or is it just his cousin. Interracial relationships are not easy. I feel stupid for cryin' like this. Her eyes were still red and puffy. There's nothing wrong with having feelings. We don't always have to be perfect. It was only recently that she'd gained this self confidence. I tink it might be 'cause they're still talking bout us on 'uey's page and Rags ta One Bitch. Maybe that's why Huey's been so down lately.

I mean he's really depressed. He doesn't really go out or talk much; but instead of being there for him, I've been only focusing on me. I've been honestly ignoring his depression. I'm really not good. I just wanted to focus on me and school. It's not that I don't love him, I just wanted to do my own thing. You have to love yourself before you love anyone else.

You should talk to 'im. I'm so glad you moved here. I know we haven't known each other long, but you're my best friend. I miss seeing the guys everyday. Oh my God, I miss school! I'm inviting everyone out. Just you, me, Huey, Caesar, and Riley. Where should we go? It'll just be like lunch time at school that way. Tanzania was certain that she hated Huey Freeman. She wondered why she agreed to go on this outing knowing he'd be there.

Like usual, they were in a debate and butting heads. This time it was about Black people saying Merry Christmas. Nothing, but Africa and the Middle East in that text. It doesn't help that media portrays Jesus as a white brunette with 2A hair.

Christianity has ruined the world. It's still damaging our people. I'm not even talking about the Mark of Ham bullshit either. Niggas getting shot everyday and their families are on TV talking about forgiveness. Hell, what about justice! His family had been rare; the cop who shot his dad was jailed and they had reparations.

However, Huey and his family weren't average black Americans. Huey and Riley's dad had been a cop. Justice for Riley, don't stop til the streets riot.

I don't like to think of any of us dying. I don't know what I'd do if I lost any of you. She wanted a good time. This conversation wasn't fun. They looked at each other wondering what the other was thinking.

Tanzania ignored that weird moment and continued to argue her point. Forgiveness isn't about ignoring all these murders, it's about not feeling hate. Huey has also quoted Karl Marxsuggesting an understanding of communism.

In " The Real " Huey claims to be the founder of 23 radical leftist organizations, including the Black Revolutionary Organization or B.

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In terms of public opinion, the national media within the Boondocks' universe often labels Huey as a " domestic terrorist " throughout various newscasts seen during the third season. The only deep insight in Huey's spiritual beliefs is when he believed an innocent man on death row, whose release Huey had worked for, was about to be executed " The Passion of Reverend Ruckus ". Alone in a field, Huey dropped to his knees and sobbed as he offered up prayers to God ; almost simultaneously, a bizarre chain of events led to the man's sentence being postponed or commuted by the governor.

Upon learning of this, Huey says: Maybe there are forces in the universe we don't understand. But I still believe we make our own miracles. Being both disillusioned as well as possessing an extremely logical view of the world, Huey is rarely seen smiling in the episodes. He is either in a neutral expression or is seen frowning or shrugging.

In season one, Huey was seen smiling when he defeats his brother Riley and in " The Passion of Reverend Ruckus " when he asks Jazmine to come with him to prison though the smile is quickly replaced with anger toward Jazmine and twice in " The Block is Hot " when he set up his soap box and when he watched Jazmine speak with Ed Wuncler Sr.

In season two, he is seen smiling three times. The second and third is in episode "Ballin'" when Riley finally insults the opposing team's star player enough to make her cry. After scoring multiple baskets, Huey is seen smiling at his brother along with Granddad. He is also seen smiling during the timeout that Tom called to congratulate the team on their playing. Other than four instances, Huey has never been caught smiling.

This isn't to say that Huey lacks a softer side, as he will take steps to help and protect those he considers friends or family ex. It is heavily implied that Huey is a vegetarian. He is rarely seen eating, but is never seen eating meat, and is shown to enjoy veggie burgers. In The Itis, it is revealed that he does not eat pork.

His dietary beliefs are shown to be influenced by Elijah Muhammad's How to Eat to Livewhich recommends vegetarianism and forbids pork. Huey is shown to disagree with the popular beliefs of Christmas. As Christmas has roots in a Pagan holiday, he has suggested Jesus Christ probably hates people for celebrating it. He frequently displays agnostic-atheistic leanings.

Riley Freeman[ edit ] Riley is Huey's younger brother, and regularly represents everything Huey loathes and generally disapproves of. Huey is politically minded and critical while Riley remains uninterested, showing great affection for many things including gangsta rap, violence, and "bling," that Huey finds to be culturally poisonous. Despite their constant fighting and his disagreement with Riley's beliefs, Huey cares very much for his brother as he usually tries to steer him in the right direction, acts which Riley initially ignores, but results in Riley facing the consequences of his actions later on.

They also get into furious battles which Huey always wins, as his disciplined use of martial arts beats Riley's unskilled street fighting style. Robert Jebediah Freeman[ edit ] Robert Freeman is the paternal grandfather and legal guardian of Huey and Riley Freeman, who often disagrees with many of Huey's political ideas. While in the comic strip, Huey and his grandfather have a much more affable relationship, in the seriesthey are almost constantly at odds, in part due to his constant favoritism shown to Riley, who supports his grandfather's various crazy schemes.

Huey seems to offer Granddad advice in certain situations, such as during " Granddad's Fight ", "The S-Word", and " The Story of Thugnificent ," attempts that almost always fall flat.

huey and jazmine relationship memes

Huey often tries to dissuade Robert from his get rich quick schemes and under handed tendencies without much success. Jazmine DuBois[ edit ] Although Jazmine DuBois and Huey see each other outside sometimes, Huey often treats Jazmine poorly due to his disdain for her trusting personality and apolitical views. Riley, Huey, or both will eventually cross the Moral Event Horizon.

The White Shadow is the Big Bad of the series and is secretly pulling an extremely complex and devious scheme on Huey. Stinkmeaner, the Hateocracy, or both will return. Gangstalicious and Thugnificent will both return. Butch Magnus and Lamilton will both return and team-up. We will learn what happened to Riley and Huey's parents. All of the above guesses are jossed, except for Stinkmeaner's return sort of, except that a clone takes his place.

Huey Freeman

Ruckus's arrest in the Obama episode was ordered by the White Shadow All to keep Huey in town for some unknown purpose. Huey being around saved the town from being bought by communists, his entire house being destroyed a lesser thing for sureand an entire building blowing up. Sarah had a hidden meaning when she said 'missing out on a lot of things' in "A Date with the Health Inspector".

She may look reserved, but something tells me Sarah has a wild side. Considering her reaction to Tom possessed by Stinkmeaner's ghost, this is obvious. Also worth noting that The Boondocks Wiki states that "while Tom was shown exhausted and sweatySarah was on the other side reading with glasses and did not show any signs of fatigue. It is most likely that their sex life is not that good, or that Tom simply did not give her enough pleasure.

Robert's car, Dorothy, was named either after his deceased wife or a previous lover Read above. Or it could be named after Dorothy Dandridge. In the comic, it was shown that he had a thing for her. Or Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz? Each character is a representation of certain archetypes within the black community Robert Jebediah "Granddad" Freeman represents the old out of touch indifferent older generation, whom became cynically apathetic and complacent after the civil rights era.

In a sense he seems to have a "I'm over it" type attitude towards "the struggle". Huey Freeman represents all the smart black youth who has a dark cynical almost misanthropic view of the world as far as politics, religion, the media, businesses and corporations, African-American culture and American society goes. Represents the darker view of a left wing ideologue. Riley Freeman The naive, apolitical and or indifferent "ignorance is bliss" type. Also a conformist type despite wanting to be a rebellious thug and gangster.

Represents the worst stereotypes of young black america, and is to ignorant to know. Michael Caesar is socially aware but optimistic, unlike Huey, able to see the bright side of things at almost all times and possess non destructive hobbies outside of activism. The more positive side of youth culture.

Jazmine Dubois represents the suburban, sheltered, naive, apolitical type of black youth.

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Uncaringly obeying the system's rules and having no hangups at all about it or how it functions or why its even there and what its doing or not doing to their lives, she just wants to fit into white society.

In a ironic way she's the flip side of the same coin of Riley, completely ignorant but for different reasons. Thomas Lancaster Dubois represents the out of touch white collar black professional whom has forgotten his roots. After finding success he marries a blond white woman.

huey and jazmine relationship memes

His job as a prosecuting attorney is ironic: He essentially sends other people mostly black men to the fate he himself most fears. Could also bee seen as someone who wants to fit into white society. Uncle Ruckus is pretty obvious, he's a Boomerang Bigot who doesn't believe he's black. Also an allegory for "uncle toms". This isn't so much a WMG, but more of an obvious list of character descriptions. Uncle Ruckus will sing a parody of Tigger's song from Winnie-the-Pooh.

But this never happens. The fourth season will center on the Freemans moving to California. At the end of "Mr. Medicinal," Granddad is apparently free to go to California as soon as his parole is up.

He also says in "It's Goin Down" that they might have to start looking for a new neighborhood. Jossed, they remain in Woodcrest. Granddad subconsciously harbors guilt for accidentally killing Stinkmeaner. That is what's allowing Stinkmeaner to come back and try to exact his revenge as opposed to the idea that Stinkmeaner is just that evil, which he really is anyway.

Granddad doesn't openly show any remorse for his action only because of what it'll cause people especially Riley to think of him. Confirmed, as seen in "Stinkmeaner 3: Robert feels guilty about accidentally killing Stinkmeaner, but Stinkmeaner's ability to come back to life is unrelated to that, he really is just an evil old asshole.

The origin of Uncle Ruckus. He in fact does have revitiligo, Bunny Ruckus didn't make that up; it's safe to say it's not a rip off from Michael Jackson's vitiligo because this took place before Micheal Jackson was even born.