Haruhi and kyon relationship goals

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haruhi and kyon relationship goals

She is the founding member of the SOS Brigade with the purpose of finding aliens Regardless, Haruhi's relationship with Kyon has often been described as an. For reference: Kyon: Haruhi: Haruhi, Haruhi-san Yuki: Nagato, Nagato-san They likely have different goals regarding Haruhi, but are both being ordered by. This Pin was discovered by Sarah Neko. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.

Competing with Kyon for the girls' affections would go against that role. That's why he doesn't do it. The light novels, manga, anime and movie all strongly suggest that one cannot live without the other.

In order for any world to exist, they must be together. I speculate that the feelings he experiences with Mikuru is purely physical. He's a year old boy and he's in front of a big-chested, yet timid girl - of course you'd like that.

In contrast, Nagato's character is more difficult to read, and I would need to re-read and re-watch the series to get a full grasp on their relationship. For that matter, the original Mikuru may not be any more of a "real" human than future Mikuru, or even Yuki and Asakura.

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She just picked something at random about herself that seemed sufficiently intimate. If Kyon had already seen the mole, it would "prove" it was her.

If he hadn't, he would be curious enough to ask Mikuru about it, future Mikuru having successfully Tricked Out Time. Or perhaps she's an alternate future Mikuru. She does mention that Kyon will have to make "The Decision that determines everything" soon.

Mikuru's entire "organization" actually consists of herself This is the real reason she keeps so secretive about her party unlike Itsuki and Nagato: While it's technically possible for Mikuru to be the only one in her own organization, it's impossible for her to be the only time traveler, what with her enemy Fujiwara. Or, she is her entire organization and doesn't know it.

haruhi and kyon relationship goals

She doesn't know her superior is herself and all of her other memories are suppressed or "classified". For all we know older Mikuru could be running everything with just one time machine. We know that kid who invents time travel doesn't specifically work for her organization since other people have the technology, so Mikuru could have just picked it up at one point, possibly from her future self.

And that's assuming the organization is a two-person group, and not hundreds of Mikurus running around. Mikuru's storybook is a horrible portent of things to come.

Since Kyon and Nagato's stories were based on true events, there's no reason to think Mikuru's isn't either. Discounting the Snow White bits, Mikuru is telling the story of how Haruhi rose to take over the world.

First she took control of Koizumi the Tactician group's resources. Then, with her the Seven Dwarves her slowly expanding SOS army she swarmed over the planet, achieving victory in every battle.

Eventually she took over the world and retired somewhere with Kyon, leaving the planet in Koizumi's hands. Mikuru knows all of this, because it is mandatory in the SOS Brigade schools that run all education on the planet. The only "proof" Mikuru has as to what she needs to do and her importance in the series is her own word, based on her own word, based on her own word If Mikuru hadn't been here, everything would have turned out fine, though Tsuruya joining the Haruhi-tachi earlier would have resulted in more of a rough start to the SOS Brigade as she clashed with Haruhi.

As it is, her presence settled before it even happened into a pattern that fed into itself to create a timeline where she would travel back in time to follow her own instructions. Yuki and Itsuki would have had the situation well in hand, along with Kyon, with all of the Mikuru-related things including Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody having either happened in a much more subdued way, or not happened at all.

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In Mikuru's time, human's don't live on Earth. At some point, Earth will be rendered inhabitable. However, scientists saw it coming, and evacuated all humans to Mars, or something, with enough supplies of oxygen, food and water to last several thousand years. This is why Mikuru doesn't seem to know anything about water whatsoever. I want this to be true so much. Anonymous is Mikuru's superior That is why Mikuru won't reveal anything about her superior, and it is the reason why Mikuru is such a Fanservice Girl.

Yuki and Itsuki are Mikuru' direct superiors. Yuki and Itsuki are actually more authoritarian, and they know about Haruhi, so they implanted Mikuru in order to study moe's effect on a sociopathic Jerkass Physical God. Itsuki is almost always the odd man out while Yuki and adult Mikuru coordinate closely.

haruhi and kyon relationship goals

What were they protecting by having a Kyon available in "cold storage" for three years? A lot of Mikuru's unease around Yuki can be explained if she knows that Yuki is the big boss and she's just an intern.

Note for example how she instantly recognized Yuki when she saw her for the "first" time. Tsuruya is Mikuru's direct superior. If an organization of time travelers was willing to employ a year-old girl, they'd probably have more than one. This explains why they're friends even though they're extremely different particularly in outgoingness - Mikuru is very shy, while Tsuruya is the exact oppositeand also why Tsuruya seems to have had an idea of what was going on for a while. This particular WMG is inspired by a very short shot from the second season, with Tsuruya looking sinister in the shadows in the background while Mikuru tells Kyon that she doesn't agree with Itsuki's theories on Haruhi.

haruhi and kyon relationship goals

Mikuru is 17 or She's in her final year, anyway. The text for that scene in the novel also portrayed it a little differently: Mikuru is Kyon and Haruhi's daughter Time travel is never Exactly What It Says on the Tinand Mikuru constantly gives mixed signals between her younger and adult selves. Young Mikuru is attracted to Kyon while Older Mikuru says she can't fall in love with him.

It's a more extreme version of when a little girl says she wants to marry her daddy when she grows up, because due to time travel, Mikuru and her father are now the same age and he has all the qualities at this age that make him Mikuru's childhood fantasy. However, young Mikuru did this without telling her parents, thus explaining Older Mikuru appears briefly to tell Kyon exactly what he needs to hear in order to make him vaguely question if pursuing Mikuru is the right thing to do rather than acting on his Tsundere-ish relationship with Haruhi.

The implication that Mikuru will have to leave him behind eventually is a pre-warning about the fact that eventually she'll go back to her own time, drifting out of Haruhi and Kyon's life as they get together.

Eventually, when they have a red-headed baby girl, Haruhi will decide to name her after Mikuru after their childhood friend who moved away, and a few decades down the line, Kyon will finally noticed that Mikuru grew up to look like Similarly, Haruhi's cosplay-rape tendencies that she honed on Mikuru will be repeated on her young daughter, then Haruhi sent Mikuru back in time, thus explaining why, despite her protests because she's embarassed of being seen naked by a guyMikuru's pretty much used to it within an episode of her first appearance: This WMG violently conflicts with the plot of volume The one human who would know this for sure would not risk the birth of his big sister.

Haruhi already knew Mikuru is her daughter from the future And that is why she keeps manipulating Mikuru with almost absolute freedom. For the classified information thing Kyon's sister is Mikuru's mom At some point in the future when she's all done with high school, Kyon's sister will marry someone with the family name Asahina and together they will have a daughter that they will decide to name Mikuru.

She has red hair, and when looking at those yukata she said "So this is the traditional wardrobe of this country. She's also able to read english well enough to aknowlage her name in english.

Meloncoly VI Mikuru is a Celestial Itsuki and Kyon are the actual Time Travellers, and their "dimensional slider" abilities can also allow them to slide back and forth the timeline. The Celestials are in fact humans in the distant future, mutated by Haruhi's desire to express her anger. We all know how Haruhi expresses her anger: Yuki being a celestial is invalid since she isn't a result of Haruhi's angst.

Celestials, being eldritch abominations who share Haruhi's ability of rewriting reality, can disguise themselves as being humans, and being the primal result of Haruhi's desire of being a dominatrix and having a Chew Toytime-travelled back to the past just to please Haruhi while disguising it as the order of a classified information superior, who is of course Also, maybe the reason why Itsuki defeats Celestials and prevents them from escaping Closed Space is to keep the celestials from ever going back in time and induce a sense of superiority in Haruhi, which means more controllability for Itsuki and Kyon.

Considering Celestials are the AU equivalents of Neon Genesis Evangelion angels, maybe that's the reason why Mikuru stands out as the most beautiful of them all, being an angel She got crap past the radar. Itsuki can fight celestials, but can't tell the difference between them and a human.

Mikuru is Jesus First, Haruhi-chan. Second, there is the possibility that Mikuru is Kyon and Haruhi's daughter. For a more biblical explanation: Haruhi seems to represent Judaism and the Old Testament, with a long history of esoteric magic, melancholy, and manipulation of people.

Kyon, on the other hand, represents the New Testament, the Roman Empire he's the majority and was responsible for the spread of Haruhiismand modern day Christianity it's the current definition of "normal" with the universalization of old doctrines Haruhi and the spread to more "normal" people.

With Haruhi as the past, Mikuru represents the future she's a time traveller after all of Haruhiism Kyon. Also, we and otakuism in general feel better when Haruhi abuses Mikuru. This means, Mikuru didn't just suffer for Haruhi and Kyon's sins, she suffers for the sins of the otaku community in general.

Where does Yuki and Itsuki fit in? So Ryoko is Uriel? Where does Tsuruya fit into all this? Nagaru Tanigawa in turn wrote the Bible. Mikuru actually comes from a quite recent future.

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Haruhi's powers will cause a kind of Technological Singularity only one generation in the future, which will turn the old technologies utterly obsolete in a matter of few years. Mikuru is in fact first generation to have never have had any contact with the "old" technology, and the sheer amount of new development has caused the mainstream culture to largely lose interest in the recent past, save for the vital time travel services to keep history under control, which is why she is so helpless with contemporary tech despite of essentially being a time agent intern.

Asahina Mikuru is more capable than she appears. As far as her own time period is concerned. That she understands the mechanics of time travel enough to realize that Haruhi is the origin of the theory shows that she's not completely stupid.

She's also able to completely grasp Nagato Yuki's technobabble with little effort, so long as it has something to do with spatial manipulation. Furthermore, we've never been shown anything in regards to her grades in school, so it's possible that she's much smarter than she appears. It's just that the vast majority of her knowledge is pretty much completely useless in the "present" time period such as her lack of familiarity with modern technologyso she's effectively still more or less helpless either way.

If there ever comes a time in which Asahina Mikuru is allowed to function in her native environment i. Mikuru has a way of subconsciously influencing tropers. I have seen at least three separate occurences of a recognizable section of her name being inserted into long words in Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu-related subjects three separate times.

Two is a coincidence, three is a pattern. I thought three was enemy action. Mikuru asked Kyon not to watch her the first time Haruhi started stripping her because she knew Kyon was unlikely to physically intervene. Mikuru was given a briefing on Kyon's psychological profile before embarking on her mission, and she knew that Kyon had an extreme reluctance, at first, to actively forcing Haruhi to not do what she wished.

Therefore, Mikuru believed that Kyon would try to talk Haruhi out of stripping her without actually restraining the girl, which would leave Kyon doing nothing to help Mikuru as she's being stripped right in front of him.

Rather than suffer that embarrassment, Mikuru asked Kyon to leave rather than make an empty gesture. Okay, said like that, it looks like option b, Mikuru is a spazz, is more likely. Or the even the somewhat unlikely option c, Mikuru is secretly letting herself be abused because she knowingly and deliberately accepted a mission to go back in time and become Haruhi's pet in the hope that she would gain some influence on the reality warper. Wasn't his making a move towards them the thing that caused her to scream?

In other words, wasn't Kyon already doing more than just telling Haruhi to stop? Mikuru is from , years in the future. Haruhi says to Kyon in Disappearance: It's likely that she's not from the near future, because apparently in her time period, boats don't use buoyancy to float, and that's not going to change for quite a while, so the number Haruhi gives is plausible. However, that brings up questions like "Has evolution stopped well enough that humans remain the same, even two million years into the future?

Mikuru is Kyon and Mikuru's daughter via Time Travel. Mikuru is Kyon's daughter and granddaughter and great-granddaughter Mikuru was born into poverty. This is why she's so useless with current technology and history: Surely in the future there might be something in place to give all people basic educations, which is how she knows of a few things, but not a whole lot. He even looked jealous when he found out that Haruhi in the movie is close to Koizumi and they are going to the same school and are classmates.

He gets irritated thinking what if she had started a club like before and now with Kyon not in it and some other unknown members with it. When he saw her coming out of the school he was overly excited and lost all of his composure which scared Haruhi. He did not reply to the fact that in the original world Haruhi was interested in Kyon even though he was nothing special or in fact he was just a human which was pointed out by Koizumi in The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya.

Koizumi even says that he loves Haruhi, even though Haruhi looks at Koizumi as only a mysterious transfer student and even says to Kyon that he is envious of the relation Kyon shares with Haruhi to which Kyon couldn't reply with anything. He choses to be with Haruhi at the end of the movie and help her till the end. Because of this, Kyon trusts her more than anyone else in the Brigade.

Kyon takes pride in being able to detect Yuki's changes in mood and development in becoming more humanlike. Seeing the human version of Yuki in The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya leaves a strong effect on him where in fact it was so strong that he believes that Yuki actions to alter the world is because of 'love', and he tries to keep up with her emotional development.

In the movie version of The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, after she was restored, he refers to her with her first name although this is referring to the snow that had started falling since yuki means snow in Japanesesomething he does not do with the other supernatural brigade members besides Haruhi.

He also gave her a message which would protect her from being erased by the Data Integration Thought Entityprompting her to thank him. Kyon has occasionally taken his friendship with Nagato for granted, such as not going to the library with her when she asked him to at the end of The Melancholy and several times inviting and then "dumping" her in The Intrigues.

He did so a second time in The Scheme, even after apologizing when Mikuru told him to. On the other hand, he has supported her emotional development and supported her against Haruhi when he noticed her interest in computer games. Kyon was disdainful of the control the Data Overmind had over her life, especially when it's actions threatened her.

SOS Brigade

He expressed concern over her boredom in Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody and Endless Eightand when she didn't appear to value herself in The Dissociation, he told her "having no concern for yourself is behavior I absolutely will not allow. In fact, Kyon was attracted to Mikuru more than any other female members of SOS Brigade because of her beauty and timid appearance, Kyon once said that a cup of tap water from Mikuru to grace him is much more delicious than anything else, to Kyon, Mikuru is the 'angel' of SOS Brigade.

Kyon is deeply attracted to Mikuru's shy actions as he will blush and said "so cute! However, he seems unable to decipher a warning from Future Mikuru not to get too close to her.

haruhi and kyon relationship goals

Kyon is able to tell the difference between a real Mikuru and a fake one although a fake Mikuru has only appeared once, in " Snow Mountain Syndrome " as he knows about the birthmark on her breast. He often defends her and her beauty, as when Haruhi is harassing Mikuru in The Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya IV by tricking her into drinking liquor, then have Koizumi kiss her on the lips, then hit her head to knock her contact out, Kyon was mad enough to have the intention of punching Haruhi although he was stopped by Koizumi before he could do so and this greatly shocked Haruhi.

Kyon's defensive actions has let Mikuru to have feelings towards him. However, at one point Koizumi pointed out that the character of Mikuru may be just an acting to seduce Kyon as her beauty was also an important fact for why she is chosen among the time-travelers because getting close to Kyon can help her investigation on Haruhi or even convince Kyon to let Haruhi alter the world as what she wants.

This assumption is never supported nor neglected by anything except Kyon himself since until current time Mikuru never show any signs of betrayal and in fact both versions of Mikuru future and present always help Kyon when necessary, plus Kyon was angry and immediately neglect this point by telling Koizumi to stop joking and Koizumi replied by saying his joke was over the limit.

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Itsuki Koizumi Itsuki introduces Kyon to closed space. Itsuki annoys Kyon the most, partly because of his relentlessly cheerful personality and wordy lecturing, and partly because of Itsuki's tendency to violate Kyon's personal space by putting his face too close and paying him borderline-outrageous comments. In addition, of all the Brigade members, Itsuki is most likely to agree with whatever idea Haruhi's warped mind thinks up, which makes Kyon annoyed. However, Kyon is seen talking to Itsuki more than any of the other members because Yuki is usually silent and Mikuru is usually being used or harassed by Haruhi.