Han solo and chewbacca relationship poems

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han solo and chewbacca relationship poems

The Best Han Solo Quotes – 70+ Famous Quotes From Star Wars your relationship to The Force, whether your favorite film is A New Hope. The friendship of Han Solo and Chewbacca is one of the most fundamental relationships in the Star Wars franchise. Ron Howard's Solo: A Star. The Star Wars book Aftermath: Life Debt details the new canon This is a fascinating angle that adds a layer to Han and Chewie's relationship.

Image Credit Wonderful girl. Never tell me the odds! You got another problem. Women always figure out the truth. No reward is worth this.

han solo and chewbacca relationship poems

Afraid I was gonna leave without giving you a goodbye kiss? I used to wonder about that myself. Thought it was a bunch of mumbo-jumbo. A magical power holding together good and evil, the dark side and the light.

The Best Han Solo Quotes – 70+ Famous Quotes From Star Wars

I take orders from just one person: Well Princess, it looks like you managed to keep me here a while longer. How ya feeling kid?

han solo and chewbacca relationship poems

You look strong enough to pull the ears off a gundark. Sorry about the mess You said you wanted to be around when I made a mistake, well, this could be it, sweetheart. Look, good against remotes is one thing.

I do, I really do. You could be a little nicer, though. Their escape plan set the precedent for their friendship for years to come. The plan was innovative, incredibly risky, and brilliant all at once. Whether it was in the world of smuggling or fighting the Empire and First Order, moving forward Han and Chewie trusted one another to be bold and resourceful enough to pull off all their future crazy schemes.

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Chewbacca chooses to stay with Han After playing his part in helping Han and company acquire the unrefined coaxium on Kessel in Solo, Chewbacca had the chance to depart with Wookies he helped free from the Pyke Syndicate. Carbon-Freeze on Disney Video 3. Chewie is understandably freaking out about his best friend being frozen in carbonite.

He channels his emotions by roaring and throwing Stormtroopers into the carbon freezing chamber. It will be interesting to see if a future canon publication will detail this time period, since it's now something fans will be very curious about. Did the First Order target Kashyyyk? It's an interesting topic that could serve as a compelling story. It's a vague classification that could mean one of several things.

The best films in the franchise have a strong emotional core that makes viewers genuinely care about what happens to the characters. The Force Awakens dealt with some serious subjects, but also made time for BB-8's thumbs up and Kylo Ren's temper tantrums.

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However, Lord and Miller should still find room for their unique voices while fitting into the larger franchise. Kathleen Kennedy has mentioned Lucasfilm doesn't want to get into the habit of answering questions better left untouched, but the Han and Chewie origin story may not fit into that category.

An argument could be made that this would be a stronger angle than having the two go on a random assignment from Jabba the Hutt in James Bond style, for example. The circumstances surrounding their partnership being formed could enhance the dynamic on display in the original trilogy, changing the way fans watch the first three movies.

We'll be sure to update this post with any new information that comes out during the event, so stay tuned to Screen Rant for the latest! Conclusion The backstory of Han Solo and Chewbacca was one of the most famous aspects of the Legends materials, so it was only a matter of time before the new canon covered it. For fans of the EU, it's nice to see that not much has changed, and if anything, it's now more impactful. Their debts are now repaid, and they will never forget what they gained from their friendship.

For the most part, Lucasfilm has made an effort to tone down any references to the larger canon in the feature films, understanding that not all viewers will have been caught up on all that's available. Still, there are certain nods to elements from the books, comics, and TV shows popping up. These are smart ways to illustrate that it's all connected while still maintaining universal accessibility. Lucasfilm's story group doesn't just arbitrarily do things, there's a purpose behind each and every move they make.