Gaddafi and saddam relationship trust

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gaddafi and saddam relationship trust

Oct 21, "The lesson of Saddam Hussein, Hosni Mubarak, Ben Ali and now figures showing the depth of its relationship with the Gaddafi regime, but it is not events is to never trust a Western politician, and that the only way to alter. Oct 26, The world would be a better place if dictators such as Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi were still in power, the Republican US. Aug 5, Iran risks going the same way as Saddam Hussein's Iraq in its confrontation Gaddafi, whose relations with the West improved when Libya.

This was done alongside supporting it politically through opening up diplomatic channels and meetings, and working hard to open the regime up to Western commercial interests. Taking the above into account, it is widely held that the long-time presence of the various collection of Middle Eastern despots was in no small part due to Western support, a fact that automatically negates any altruism on the part of the same governments when extolling the virtues of their military intervention in this case.

Without the weapons, training, and diplomatic legitimacy and support given to regimes from Libya to Tunisia to Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, it is doubtful that they would have survived up until today given that popular dissatisfaction against them had been brewing for decades.

The Muammar Gaddafi story

Again, the spectre of a Shia Iran and a terrorist threat in Yemen drive policy there. While many celebrate the killing of a despot hated by the people of the region, it is unlikely that the region will forget the West's history of supporting, and continuing support, for the dictators of the Middle East.

Gaddafi speech:'America hanged Saddam and we might be next! (with English)

While for the remaining illegitimate regimes in the area, the lesson of Saddam Hussein, Hosni Mubarak, Ben Ali and now al-Gaddafi is that friends can be quickly forsaken by their Western patrons when the writing is on the wall, the best lesson that the common man may draw from these events is to never trust a Western politician, and that the only way to alter the status quo is through radical change.

He was a political prisoner of the previous Mubarak regime in Egypt, spending four years in jail between and Gaddafi closed American and British bases on Libyan territory and partially nationalized all foreign oil and commercial interests in Libya.

On 11 JuneGaddafi announced that any Arab wishing to volunteer for Palestinian armed groups "can register his name at any Libyan embassy will be given adequate training for combat". He also promised financial support for attacks.

gaddafi and saddam relationship trust

On 7 OctoberGaddafi praised the Lod Airport massacrecarried out by the Japanese Red Armyand demanded Palestinian terrorist groups to carry out similar attacks. Gaddafi rejected both Soviet communism and Western capitalism and claimed he was charting a middle course for his government. We have sent them to the Irish revolutionaries so that the British will pay the price for their past deeds".

Amin lost the battle and later fled to exile in Libya, where he remained for almost a year. It is still common for Sahrawi students to attend their schooling in Libya.

gaddafi and saddam relationship trust

On 11 Decemberthe State Department invalidated U. In Marchthe U. Licenses were required for all transactions, except food and medicine. In MarchU. In Aprilall Export-Import Bank financing was prohibited. Gaddafi applauded the murder and remarked that it was a "punishment" for Sadat's signing of the Camp David Accords with the United States and Israel.

Libyan diplomats shot at 11 people and killed Yvonne Fletchera British policewoman. The incident led to the breaking off of diplomatic relations between the United Kingdom and Libya for over a decade.

On 5 AprilLibyan agents bombed "La Belle" nightclub in West Berlinkilling three people and injuring people who were spending the evening there.

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Gaddafi's plan was intercepted by Western intelligence. More detailed information was retrieved years later when Stasi archives were investigated by the reunited Germany. Libyan agents who had carried out the operation from the Libyan embassy in East Germany were prosecuted by reunited Germany in the s.

Air defenses, three army bases, and two airfields in Tripoli and Benghazi were bombed. The surgical strikes failed to kill Gaddafi but he lost a few dozen military officers.

However, his speech appeared devoid of passion and even the "victory" celebrations appeared unusual. Criticism of Gaddafi by ordinary Libyan citizens became more bold, such as defacing of Gaddafi posters.

The raids against Gaddafi had brought the regime to its weakest point in 17 years. France supported Chad in this conflict and two years later on 19 Septembera French airliner, UTA Flightwas destroyed by an in-flight explosion for which Libyan agents were convicted in absentia.

The incident bore close similarities to the destruction of Pan Am Flight the Lockerbie Bombing a year earlier. The UN eventually lifted these sanctions with Resolution in when Libya "accepted responsibility for the actions of its officials, renounced terrorism and arranged for payment of appropriate compensation for the families of the victims.

Gaddafi fueled a number of Islamist and communist terrorist groups in the Philippines[24] [25] [26] as well as paramilitaries in Oceania. In MayAustralia deported diplomats and broke off relations with Libya because of its activities in Oceania. In late French authorities stopped a merchant vessel, the MV Eksund, which was delivering a ton Libyan arms shipment to European terrorist groups. Libya's use—and heavy loss—of Soviet-supplied weaponry in its war with Chad was a notable breach of an apparent Soviet-Libyan understanding not to use the weapons for activities inconsistent with Soviet objectives.

As a result, Soviet-Libyan relations reached a nadir in mid In Januarythere was another encounter over the Gulf of Sidra between U. The UN Security Council demanded that Libya surrender the suspects, cooperate with the Pan Am and UTA investigations, pay compensation to the victims' families, and cease all support for terrorism.

Libya's refusal to comply led to the approval of Security Council Resolution on 31 Marchimposing international sanctions on the state designed to bring about Libyan compliance. Allen and Koussa had much in common: Islam and Roman Catholicism. In the face of the threat from al-Qaida, both were utterly pragmatic. Although some LIFG members had joined al-Qaida in Afghanistan, its leadership had for years rejected the overtures of Osama bin Laden, and remained focused on the overthrow of Gaddafi.

On 13 NovemberBush signed a military order authorising the widespread use of rendition and torture.

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Britain was wading into the war on terror. In mid-November, the Anti-terrorism, Crime and Security Act gave the home secretary the power to detain individuals without trial — and the intelligence agencies more power to target suspects.