Frodo and gandalf relationship quiz

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frodo and gandalf relationship quiz

Almost all we know about this relationship is that one killed the other to get the Tap to play . Aragorn and Gandalf 8. Frodo and Gollum. Perfect for acing essays, tests, and quizzes, as well as for writing lesson plans. 2 (continued). From Frodo's reaction to Gandalf's story to the end of the chapter. When Gandalf is with Bilbo what does Gandalf make? Lord of the Rings / LotR; Love and relationship quizzes - Lord of the Rings LotR lover.

It also gave him pretty incredibly long life. And once the ring left his ownership, he aged very quickly. Question 8 Who is this silly Hobbit? Meriadoc Brandybuck Sackville Baggins Samwise Gamgee This guy is probably one of the most bumbling of Hobbits in the entire series but he is also one of the most meaningful and heartfelt Hobbits. This guy really just wants to help his friend and refuses to ever leave his side.

He is also very optimistic Even when he does finally get pushed away from the side of his dearest friend, he still finds the courage to fight his way back to his friend. And even has the courage to carry him to the brink of victory!

Question 9 What does Sam say you should do with Potatoes? Peel them, blanch them, fry them in a pot Boil them, mash them, eat them with a spoon Boil them, mash them, stick them in a stew Peel them, cut them, wrap them in some foil There is a wonderfully hilarious scene once Frodo and Sam have been travelling for some time with Gollum that is all thanks to Gollum catching some rabbits.

Gollum just wants to eat them raw but Sam insists that they get cut up and boiled in a stew. Sam then brings up wishing he had some taters to cook up too. Gollum doesn't know what he's talking about at all, but Sam talks about how he would love to cook them up Question 10 Who is this great eye?

This is the all-seeing eye form that he takes until he finally gets the One Ring back. Then, his intention would surely be to take full form once again and wash over the free peoples of Middle Earth with his vast armies of orcs and other evil creatures.

He once appeared as a beautiful Elven figure and that is how he manipulated all of those who accepted rings of power from him.

Question 11 Who is this iconic character? Boromir Haldir Denethor Everyone who knows internet memes will at the very least recognize this photo and this actor.

This is Sean Bean who is probably the most famous for his uncanny ability to di in almost every single production he has ever been a part of. Anyway, the meme for this photo comes from this character's line "one does not simply walk into Mordor". There have been many versions of this meme out there and they are funny. But who is the character who gave birth to this meme?

Question 12 Where does Gollum send Frodo and Sam when they climb the stone stairs? Minas Morgul Osgiliath Dol Goldor Gollum is a pretty devious creature and he goes out of his way to try and get a hold of "the precious" whenever he can.

Gollum then figures he can easily grab The Ring and be happy again. What is the place called that he sends them too? Question 13 What is Gollum's real name? Deagol Gollum Gothmog Ok, this should be a real easy one.

frodo and gandalf relationship quiz

Why, you might ask? Because there is a whole intimate scene between Frodo, Sam and Gollum where Frodo calls Gollum by his real name and there is a whole breakthrough in their relationship.

And Frodo calls Gollum by his real name from then on in. Question 14 What is this eerie place? Originally, this place was a strong outpost to keep an eye on the pass of Cirith Ungol and the back way out of Mordor. This was a Gondorian city which gave a great deal of protection to the realm. Obviously, this was taken over by the orcs at one point and then the Witch King sat there with his fell beast and his army, waiting to launch an assault on the Gondorian capital.

Question 15 Who is this man of many colours? Sauron Severus Slytherin To be fair, this guy is more than a man and you might only think of him as white but in the books, this guy describes himself as a wizard of many colors because when you break the white light you can see the many colors in it.

He gets manipulated by the dark lord and turns on his closest friends in order to serve the forces of darkness. And he causes an awful lot of damage. He was once wise but clearly goes crazy. Question 16 Who is this deluded character? Boromir Thranduil Denethor This guy is not necessarily a villain but his mind is definitely warped by the power of Sauron in the seeing stone; palantir. He is the father of two pretty important characters and while this guy is only the Steward of Gondor, he tries to run the nation as though he is a king.

And he tries to keep his power all the way until the bitter end when he ends up trying to burn his son and himself when he thinks that there is no longer any hope and that the enemy will most certainly win. Question 17 Where is the seat of power in Rohan? Minas Tirith Dunland Brie This is probably one of the most gorgeous locations in the entire film series.

If I could have a village like this Rohan capital on the top of a mountain in the middle of a valley I'm not sure where they get their water but it's a gorgeous place I would love to vacation at. Anyway, the main building of this village is simply called the Golden Hall, but what is the name of this place that is the seat of power? Question 18 Who is this member of Elven royalty?

Elrond Thranduil Haldir This is one of the few very important Elves who appear in the Lord of the Rings film franchise. There are a select few others. You have to remember that the Elves are aiming to leave Middle Earth and while in the books there are still Elves fighting all over the place to keep the forces of Mordor at bay, they are still purposely on their way out and that is shown heavily in the films. They want to leave Men to destroy themselves.

Question 19 How is Eomer related to King Theoden? These are the horsemen of Rohan. Eomer commands a pretty significant force. This same force saves the day at the Battle of Helm's Deep.

They ride in and destroy the Uruk forces that have broken down the walls of Helm's Deep. Now, Eomer is a part of the royal family of Rohan. But in what way? Do you know how he is related to King Theoden? He is very close to the king, after all. Question 20 Who is this maiden of Rohan? He may not look like a party animal, but he's someone fans would definitely want at their eleventy-first birthdays.

Question 7 Which family in Hobbiton is famous for being a bit adventurous? They just love predictability. Quests and globe-spanning missions might sound exciting to most of us, but to hobbits, they're nothing but a lot of fuss with a lot of chances to miss breakfast.

Instead of going off on daring adventures, hobbits would much rather stay at home with a warm cup of tea, a plate of bacon and a good friend to blow smoke rings on the porch with.

But there's one family in Hobbiton that's famous for having something of an adventurous streak. Question 8 How many Rings of Power are there in total? There's a reason that the poem reads, "One ring to rule them all. The scariest thing about the One Ring is that the other Rings of Power fall under its control, so once someone has one, they feasibly could control them all. So, do fans know how many there are?

Question 9 How many wizards are there in Middle Earth? He may be the one we see the most over the course of the story, but he's certainly not alone. We see more of the others in the other stories Tolkien wrote about Middle Earth, from The Hobbit to The Silmarillion, but the story of The Lord of the Rings focuses more so on the other races of Middle Earth and their wars, so we don't see as much of the other wizards. So, how many are there?

frodo and gandalf relationship quiz

Question 10 When does Frodo find out that Gandalf is still alive? In Mordor After the Ring is destroyed He senses it from the beginning Gandalf supposedly meets his end near the end of the first instalment of the series, seemingly falling to his demise in Moria, but as we find out in the second instalment, he never truly perished.

Rather, he fought off the Balrog and was reborn as the White Wizard. But not all the characters find out that their friend is still alive at the same time. So, when Frodo found out that his dear friend had not actually perished in the mines of Moria? Question 11 What inspires the Ents to go to war?

When they hear about the war When they see how many trees Sarumon destroyed When Gandalf meets Treebeard When the hobbits meet Treebeard The Ents end up being a driving force behind the victory of the men of Rohan over Sarumon. Alongside Merry and Pippin, they attack Isengard and lay waste to its facilities, ending the weapons manufacturing and army building that had been going on at the compound beforehand.

But they didn't always want to join in the war. They saw themselves as independent and didn't want to involve themselves in drama that didn't concern them. Luckily, though, they changed their minds. Question 12 What draws the Ringwraiths to the hobbits at Weathertop? Frodo putting on the Ring They track their scent A fire Sauron directs them there When the hobbits and Aragorn reach Weathertop, Aragorn leaves them alone for awhile, leaving the hobbits to their own devices.

Unfortunately, the Ringwraiths end up finding the hobbits there, leading to a fight, during which the Witch King stabs Frodo. Given that the blade the Witch King uses is a Morgul blade, the wound is serious, and the hobbits have to rush to Rivendell to save Frodo's life. So, what drew the Ringwraiths to the hobbits in the first place? Question 13 What is the name of the town on the river where Faramirs' forces lose to Sauron's army?

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Osgiliath Andros Erech Sauron's army is no joke. Although the men of Gondor put up a good fight, they end up losing one of their towns to the armies of Sauron. Under the command of Faramir, the regiment that loses the town returns to Minas Tirith. Once back, Denethor orders the regiment to return to the lost town to try to win it back, which is essentially a one way trip.

But, trying to be a loyal son, Faramir obeys, returning to the town and losing most of his men in the process.

frodo and gandalf relationship quiz

So, what is the name of this town? Question 14 What was the original name of Aragorn's sword? Anduril Orcist Narsil Much like people here on Earth name their cars, the people of Middle Earth love to name their weapons. Every sword has its title, and the great weapons of Middle Earth history have their names repeated over and over again in the myths of old.

But Aragorn's sword is particularly special given that it was forged from the shards of the infamous sword that was broken. So, what was this sword's name before it was shattered? Question 15 What is the metal that Frodo's chainmail is made out of?

frodo and gandalf relationship quiz

Malloch Steel Silver Bilbo gives Frodo a few items to take with him on his adventure. The most famous, of course, is the One Ring that Bilbo acquired from Gollum- the very thing that the entire quest is centred around.

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But Bilbo also gifts Frodo a chainmail shirt that ends up saving his life. In the mines of Moria, it prevents a sword from piercing his torso poor Frodo gets stabbed a lot. So, which tough metal is this lucky shirt made out of? Question 16 What are Sam's final words in the series?

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Frodo" "I'm back" "The Shire" When such an epic story as The Lord of the Rings comes to an end, it's natural to expect some pretty moving words for the closing chapter. The honour falls on Samwise Gamgee, who utters a single sentence to close out the series. Although Frodo may have seemed like the central character in the series, in some ways, Sam was the true hero, putting his own needs and any semblance of ambition that he might have felt on hold in order to help his friend make it through the most trying time in his life.

So it seems fitting that the final words of the series are Sam's. But instead of having to plop down in front of a computer and battle with sketchy WiFi to get connected, all they need is a purse big enough to hold an enormous pebble. Palantiri are large, spherical stone-like objects that can connect two different places to each other. They can be used to communicate, or, as Pippin realizes, to spy. So, how many of these Seeing-stones are in Middle Earth? Question 18 In which language is the script on the One Ring written?

Elvish Southern Script Black Speech At the start of the first movie, our first introduction to the One Ring is when Gandalf throws it into the fire at Bilbo's hobbit hole, much to Frodo's alarm.

After baking in the fireplace for a bit, the ring is removed and a fiery script appears across its surface. Seeing this script, Gandalf realizes that it isn't just any ring they have in their possession- it's the One Ring that disappeared all those years ago. So, what language is this script written in? Question 19 What is the name of the monster that waits for Frodo in the paths at Cirith Ungol?

It starts out a bit rocky, but slowly, Frodo builds trust with the creature's innate personality, which has the name of Smeagol. This trust leads Smeagol to banish his insidious alter-ego and live a carefree life without Gollum's interference.

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However, when Frodo seemingly betrays Gollum to Faramir's troops although in reality he was saving his lifeGollum returns to Smeagol and they plot to bring Frodo to his doom in Cirith Ungol. What is the name of the monster there? Destroy it in Mordor Sink it in the ocean Store it somewhere safe After Gandalf realizes that the ring in Bilbo's pocket is indeed the One Ring of Power, he scurries to get it somewhere safe.

Frodo and Sam start on a journey to take it to Rivendell, and once they arrive, a council made up of all the races of Middle Earth convenes to discuss the fate of the land and the One Ring. Many options are discussed, given how powerful the Ring in their possession is. Which of the following is NOT discussed? Question 21 What is the name of the Elvish bread that Frodo and Sam eat on their journey?

Having just escaped the Mines of Moria, they're still mourning the loss of Gandalf, one of their most beloved members. After enjoying the hospitality of the Elves for awhile and seeing Galadriel go a bit nuts over the Ringthe Fellowship sets out with many gifts from the Elves in their bags.