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Frodo and Bilbo are comfortably well off until T.A. , when Bilbo, having made Frodo his heir, decides to throw an enormous party to. Comments & replies; Public profile · Account details · Emails & marketing . Bilbo is a whole lot more fun, and so, lest we forget, is The Hobbit. the part of Frodo has proved something of a poisoned chalice for Wood, try to make The Guardian sustainable by deepening our relationship with our readers. Frodo also shares a close relationship with his gardener Samwise Gamgee The Fellowship of the Ring opens as Frodo comes of age and Bilbo leaves the Shire Due to marketing by Warner Bros., the film is often credited by fans as the.

He in turn had an only child, Poppy, born Faramir Took: Named after Faramir son of Denethorthe last ruling Steward of Gondor.

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Married Samwise Gamgee 's daughter Goldilocks in Became heir to the Thainship inand succeeded as 33rd Thain of the Shire in First Warden of Westmarch.

Ferdibrand and his father attended the Farewell Party of their relative Bilbo Baggins, where they were among his special guests. Ferdinand and his son Ferdibrand attended Bilbo's farewell party, where they were among his special guests.

His sister was the mother of Fredegar Bolger. Became heir to the Thainship inand succeeded as 24th Thain in He never married because no one wanted Lalia for a mother-in-law. He became heir to the Thainship inand succeeded as 30th Thain in He and his wife attended the Farewell Party of her relation Bilbo Baggins, where they were among his special guests.

One of the Fairbairns of Undertowersthe Wardens of Westmarch. Flambard had an only son, Adelard.

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Folco helped Frodo prepare to leave Bag End [13] and was at his birthday feast before Frodo went on his quest in He and his family had been among the special guests at Bilbo's farewell party. Folco was descended from Donnamira, one of the remarkable daughters of the Old Took, and was thus related to Bilbo, Frodo, Merry and Pippin. Became heir to the Thainship inand succeeded as 25th Thain in Became heir to the Thainship inand succeeded as 29th Thain in He was Bilbo's oldest cousin, and he was the Thain during Bilbo's involvement in the Quest of Erebor.

Married Ruby Bolger; they had three children: Dora, Drogo Frodo's fatherand Dudo. He adventured to Mordor to destroy the One Ring. See Frodo Baggins Frodo Gardner: Second child and first son of Samwise and Rose Gardner. Frodo Gardner had at least one child, his son Holfast. He was named after Sam's dear friend Frodo Baggins. As eldest son he would have inherited Bag End. G[ edit ] Gerontius "The Old" Took: The twenty-sixth Thain of the Shire, he ruled for 72 years, and died at the age of He was particular friends with Gandalfwho was rumoured to have given him a pair of magic diamond cufflinks which opened and closed upon command.

He was a direct ancestor to the majority of the famous Hobbits in The Lord of the Rings. He married Adamanta Chubb and had twelve children; nine sons: Gilly, her children and grandchildren attended the Farewell Party of Bilbo her late husband's relativewhere they were among his special guests.

Faramir became Thain in F. Gorbadoc "Broadbelt" Brandybuck — Head of the Brandybuck family and Master of Buckland from until his death.

The maternal grandfather of Frodo Baggins and the great-grandfather of Merry Brandybuck"Master Gorbadoc" was famous for keeping a generous table. Eleventh Thain of the Shire, and the last Thain of the Oldbuck line. He led the colonization of Buckland inand changed his family's name to Brandybuck. Gormadoc "Deepdelver" Brandybuck — The couple and their son attended the Farewell Party of their relative Bilbo Baggins, where they were among his special guests.

H[ edit ] Halfast Gamgee: He worked for Mr. Boffin at Overhill, and often went hunting up in the Northfarthing. It was he who claimed to have seen a " Tree-man ", which Sam reported to the other regulars at the Green Dragon Inn.

He moved to Overhill and had a son, Halfast. His father and his son were both named Holman. He married Bell Goodchildwith whom he had six children, including Samwise his youngest sonand lived at number three Bagshot Row in Hobbiton-across-the-Water. He was a gardener on the Baggins property at Bag End for many years as apprentice bysolo from c.

He was frequently consulted for his knowledge of root vegetables, and held forth on this and other topics at the Ivy Bush inn, or further afield at the Green Dragon in Bywater. Early in The Fellowship of the Ringhe misinforms a Black Rider that Frodo had already left Bag End that morning; while this meant that the Black Rider did not continue on to Bag End, it did give away the general direction that Frodo was headed.

He also plays a minor role in The Return of the King.

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Samwise, after adopting the name "Gardner", named one of his children after Hamfast. Sam often refers to his father as "Gaffer" or "the Gaffer".

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A character named Gaffer Gamgee makes a brief appearance in Mr. Blissa story written down by Tolkien by Moved to Tighfield and joined his uncle's rope business. Became master of Bag End. He's their leader, the handsome, tragedy-tinged Thorin Oakenshield Richard Armitage.

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These knockabout scenes go on far too long, but eventually the quest begins and the dwarves, Gandalf and an initially reluctant Bilbo embark on their epic journey to the Lonely Mountain, encountering orcs, trolls, elves and goblins along the way and facing endless perils.

There are echoes of the Old and New Testament, of similar journeys from Homer's Odyssey through Morte d'Arthur to Gulliver's Travels, and there are all the essential mythic elements: It's an exciting story, easy to follow and lacking both the solemnity and the portentous symbolism of The Lord of the Rings. You don't need to be a Tolkien devotee who knows their orcs from their elvish to enjoy the movie, and it's generally less irritating than the book, with none of the archness Tolkien adopts when addressing children.

Thankfully there's also an absence of knowing references to other movies and TV shows, and there isn't an American accent to be heard. The dwarves have various British regional brogues, mainly Celtic; the trolls speak comic cockney; the elves, largely played by Australian actors, stick to standard English. The mountainous terrain, increasingly dark and menacing as the story progresses, at times resembles paintings by John Martin and Caspar David Friedrichand is beautifully photographed by Jackson's regular cinematographer, Andrew Lesnie, who has that feeling for landscape that's such a feature of antipodean cinema.

At the centre of the film, and sensitively handled by Jackson, are the relationships between Bilbo, his gruff mentor Gandalf and his antagonist Thorin, and it's something children will respond to. Well for a start, an Elijah Wood clone is not going to cut it. While the US-born actor did a pretty decent job in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, the role of Frodo called for a rather po-faced, self-sacrificial performance which the dewy-eyed, fragile-featured Wood was perfect for.

Bilbo is a whole lot more fun, and so, lest we forget, is The Hobbit. While it's vital that the new film sits comfortably with its predecessors in terms of tone and style, Tolkien's earlier book was far less weary, rather more whimsical and altogether more heart-warming than its somewhat gloomy sequel.

Bilbo might have been a prissy little twerp at the start of the book, but he turned out to be a sparky, likeable blighter by its end: McAvoy certainly has the right insouciant swagger, and always performs well when asked to portray characters way out of their depth think Shameless, Last King of Scotlandso he might not be a bad choice to play a Hobbit pitched into the midst of a terrifying adventure despite never having left his home territory before.

Tennant, well he's always seemed a bit knowing to me - I guess you have to as the Doctor but even so. And isn't 6 ft 1 a bit tall to play a Hobbit, even with the clever camerawork and doubles which will no doubt be employed once again to depict Tolkien's homunculi? I rather wonder whether we might end up with an unknown as Bilbo. After all, McAvoy is well on the way to Hollywood A-list leading man status without having to play what some might see as a slightly twee role.

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