Eren and mikasa relationship questions

Attack On Titan Creator Reveals Eren's Feelings Towards Mikasa

eren and mikasa relationship questions

Sep 12, Manga Spoilers[MANGA SPOILERS] A look at Mikasa's and Eren's . I like the way isayama has built the relationship, with small things so that the . her ( among other issues) and her inability to believe in Eren only fuels his. Dec 29, As you may remember from the last episode of season two, Eren and Mikasa have a moment that appears to suggest ro Attack on Titan: Did Eren and Mikasa's relationship become official after Related Questions (More Answers Below). Apr 8, Will Eren move past his hatred for Titans and grow to love Mikasa? 3 that Eren sees his relationship with Mikasa like that of a mother to a son.

But as I continued to read the Manga I slowly came to ship Eren and Mikasa as it became clear to me over time that; yes, Mikasa actually loves Eren in a romantic way. Even if we don't know whether or not she has completely realized that herself, yet.

However, I am someone who takes shipping actually quite serious in the sense that I try to interpret and see it in a realistic light as much as possible, and in context to what was actually shown in the Manga.

So do believe me when I say that it hurts me to to tell you: Eren hasn't shown any romantic feelings towards Mikasa until now. And it may sound even stranger for me as an EreMika shipper to say this but I'm actually quite happy about this. At this point in the Manga he has not thought about her in a romantic kind of way because he was not able too. But that does not mean that he never will. Hence, why in my eyes Eren still goes through the development phase that will hopefully end with him actually realizing his feelings if dormant or actually developing these feelings for Mikasa in the first place.

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Let's just take a short look back at some of Eren's development, and his character over the course of the story: The 9 year old Eren was the one closest to Mikasa. The sometimes bratty and annoying but still lovable little boy that stood up for his friends and made her smile.

He is the one she cherishes and came to love, he is the one who saved herhe is the one she wants back. And I don't know if that's possible. After his mother's death and all the other bad developments in his life the series starts out with a teenage boy with PTSD who is consumed by anger and has already estranged himself from the ones closest to him, namely Mikasa.

Post military training we are greeted with an over confident, self assured teenage boy that thinks he can take on the world alone. While further emotional detaching himself from Mikasa due to the inferiority complex he has developed towards her. And while he obviously still cares about Mikasa he acts often downright like an complete asshole towards her.

It is worth mentioning that this is at least 10 times as bad in the Anime compared to the manga. This Eren also falsely thinks that: Fast forward to chapter Eren is confronted with a lot of shocking events all at once; Hannes death, being rescued again, people dying for him, his friends getting hurt, him only being able to watch helplessly and lastly Mikasa thanking him as they are about to die.

eren and mikasa relationship questions

For being there for her, for rescuing her and showing her how to live. Thanking him for wrapping the muffler around her neck. It may be worth mentioning that I contrary to the popular belief in the fanbase do not think that Mikasa tried to kiss him.

Yes, I really want to die today, lol. He had a feeling she wasn't going to take the news well. She disliked him enough as it was. Levi didn't think the brat was capable of talking so quietly. He frowned, wondering how best to answer.


I hated him, but I respected his strength. That didn't stop me from trying to kill the bastard over and over again though.

Kenny stood next to the stove, whistling while he swirled the stew with a wooden spoon. He seemed completely focused on cooking the dinner. Levi grinned, his hand tightening firmly around the knife.

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He crept towards Kenny, using the table to hide from view. When he was close enough that he could see the curly hairs on the back of Kenny's neck, Levi charged. Without turning around, Kenny reached out and grabbed Levi's face, and then he smashed him into the floor. The impact made Levi lose his grip on the knife, and it skittered across the floor and out of reach. He groaned and tried to push himself into a sitting position, but a boot to the chest kept him flat on the floor.

Kenny finally took his eyes off the stew, turning to look at Levi with a smirk. I thought I told you last time that you needed to work on your stealth. Because that… that wasn't stealthy. Kenny's face lost the smirk, and Levi automatically scooted backwards.

Attack on Titan season 2 spoilers: Do Eren and Mikasa ever get together?

But more importantly, I wouldn't find it funny. In fact, I'd find it quite annoyin'. And you don't want to annoy me, do you?

eren and mikasa relationship questions

Eventually, Levi snorted and broke eye contact. He scooped up the knife and flung it on the table, before storming out of the room. I still do, I guess. I just got better at controlling it. I don't turn into a complete lunatic at the mere mention of Titans. He pushed himself off the log he and Eren were sitting on, and started walking.

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Eren quickly followed, more questions spilling out of his mouth. That kid was like a fucking puppy. All he needed was the wagging tail. Levi still didn't understand why Eren idolized him so much. According to Erwin, most of the cadets hero-worshipped Levi until they actually met him. Apparently his personality could be 'rude' and 'off-putting'. Adding to that was the fact that Levi had kicked the shit out of Eren, and even though the boy seemed to understand why he did it, his sister certainly didn't.

Or maybe Mikasa just didn't care. Either way, Levi would have thought that her blatant hatred of him should have made Eren even a little cautious, but no. It was 'Heichou' this and 'Heichou' that.