Elijah and hayley relationship quizzes

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elijah and hayley relationship quizzes

Jan 2, Explore Hannah Sheldon's board "Hayley and Elijah" on # TheOriginals 3x22 "The Bloody Crown" - Hayley and Elijah Vampire Diaries Quiz, . A (scathing) open letter to Julie Plec regarding the Hayley/Elijah romance These are specific, clear steps in the progression of a relationship. Television Quiz / The Vampire Diaries Relationships. Random Television Quiz Elijah Mikaelson Hayley Marshall. Hayley Marshall.

But why did they chose this city? Is it because of the amount of vampire that already inhabit there or maybe because thats where Marcel was and they wanted to be a full family again. Or maybe its because it was a challenge and they love a good challenge! Question 19 Which one of the siblings is closest to their mother? Kol Rebekah Elijah Esther Mikaelson loved her children, there is no denying that. She made them all into vampires so that they would be immortal and she would never have to go through the pain of losing another child like she did in the past.

However, after she sees all the pain and destruction that they have caused she quickly regrets her decision to make them into these monsters and tries to correct it. One of her children remain by her side through it all.

elijah and hayley relationship quizzes

Question 20 What is the Originals "catchphrase"? They even have their very own saying or catchphrase that they are constantly repeating to one another in order to get through the rough times. This was originally something that they mother taught Klaus in order to help him endure the abuse that he suffered at the hands of his father for his mothers mistakes.

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It stuck and has remained with them through all of these decades. Question 21 Who was Klaus' love interest in the Vampire Diaries? Elena Bonnie Katherine Klaus quickly established himself as a main character on the Vampire Diaries before the Originals was even created.

He had multiple story lines and even created lasting relationships with some of the residents of Mystic Falls. One particular girl caught his attention and held it for a better part of his time on the show. She even made an appearance on the Originals and is always looming in the distance. When he left Mystic Falls he swore to her that he would be her last love. Question 22 What can kill the originals? Everything needs a balance however, and there is one thing that the Original family can be killed by.

It is not easily obtainable, it is pretty much impossible, but there is one specific weapon that can bring death upon the Originals, apart from Klaus, of course, because of his differences. This weapon was first introduced in the Vampire Diaries, but also brought up in the Originals.

Question 23 Why did Klaus originally go to Mystic Falls?

elijah and hayley relationship quizzes

Elena He was curious Stefan For a long time Klaus was just a mythical legend that most vampires and supernaturals weren't even sure existed. Anyone who did know him were terrified of him, pretty much what everyone in Mystic Falls were feeling when it become known he was on his way there. But what brought Klaus to such a small quaint town? What brought him out of the shadows and back into the public?

Can you remember what started the entire chain of events that lead to the Originals? Question 24 What did he need Elena for? Nothing he just wanted her for fun To break his curse To convince Caroline to date him To get revenge on Stefan There is no denying that Klaus had a history with both Katherine and Stefan so its no surprise why he went to Mystic Falls in the first place. But why did this strong and powerful original need a regular human like Elena Gilbert so bad?

What did she offer him that those just like her couldn't? Was he just trying to carry out some revenge on Stefan and Katherine for past indiscretions? Or maybe he was just bored and needed some entertainment?

Question 25 What does Klaus do to his siblings as a punishment?

Only A Salvatore Or Mikaelson Can Pass This Vampire Diaries And Originals Quiz

Poison them Put a spell on them The Silent treatment Klaus likes power, he actually loves it. He knows that he is different from his siblings and uses it to his advantage over and over again.

elijah and hayley relationship quizzes

Both of these shows have a lot of small details and characters so it can be easy to forget some things over time. This quiz is so hard that only a Salvatore or Mikaelson would be able to score a perfect !

elijah and hayley relationship quizzes

Question 1 Where do the Mikaelsons end up moving? New York New Orleans Los Angeles The Mikaelson family never really stayed in one place for too long because they were always being chased by someone intent on destroying them. Although they were the oldest, and therefore strongest vampires, in the world they were still terrified of this person. Eventually the threat to their family is destroyed and they are able to finally settle in one place without fear of being found and destroyed.

Klaus plans on staying in Mystic Falls but changes his mind rather quickly. Question 2 Who was the first original to make an appearance on The Vampire Diaries? Klaus Kol Finn The Original's sure made their mark on the residents of Mystic Falls and at one point all of them were staying in town along with their parents. Eventually they got bored, or were staked, and left the town alone.

However one of the original siblings made an appearance in the small town before the others. This original was intent on accomplishing what they went there for and didn't really care much about who got hurt in the process. Question 3 Which vampire did Elena meet first? Stefan Elijah Damon Elena Gilbert was just a normal girl who went to school and hung out with her friends in her free time. Up until she was seventeen years old she had no idea that super natural beings existed and never imagined that she would become one herself one day.

She ended up becoming immersed in the world even before she was a vampire herself, many of her friends were not human and she became a lot more compassionate to these creatures of the night then she would have thought.

The Originals All Elijah & Hayley Season 4 Kisses (Hayljah)

Question 4 Why does Katherine come back to Mystic Falls? For Stefan To get everything ready for Klaus She wanted to meet Elena Katherine is a vampire who has been on the run for a very long time, as a result of all of her time on the road she has developed very good abilities to keep herself out of the public eye and basically remain anonymous. She was running from Mystic Falls and those that inhabited it for so long that it would seem a bit crazy that she ended up back in this small town.

Why did this vampire return to Mystic Falls? Question 5 What is the name of the orginal witch? Esther Freya Kacie The Original vampires had to be created by someone very powerful so it only makes sense that their mother is the Original Witch. She was devastated when she lost her younger child and couldn't bear to lose another, this is why she conjured up a spell that made all of her children immortal beings.

This way she would never have to deal with losing one of them. However she never imagined the consequences that would come with this decision to make her children immortal. Question 6 Why does Caroline leave Mystic Falls? It reminds her too much of her mother Everyone in town thinks she died Stefan breaks up with her To keep her kids safe Caroline was a insecure and self doubting teenage girl when she was introduced in the series. However once she was turned into a vampire she really grew into herself and was able to fully accept herself for who she was.

Once she stopped desiring approval from others her personality and outlook on life completely changed. She was not only more confident but a better friend and more focused on her future. She loves Mystic Falls and fought for it on more then one occasion. Question 7 What is the name of Klaus' daughter?

Hayley Marshall

May Hope Stephanie Everyone, including Klaus was shocked to find out that he got another werewolf pregnant after a one night stand. Nonetheless he felt a connection to this unborn child that he never experienced before and worked hard to build an empire for his daughter to rule. Eventually his little on is born and he falls even more in love with her. He begins to think more with his heart and actually feels some compassion and love which is all new to him.

Question 8 Who takes Klaus' daughter after she is born? Rebekah Elijah Kol Klaus has a ton of enemies as he was not the best vampire and basically did whatever he wanted when he wanted. Therefore when word gets out that he has a daughter everyone is dying to get their hands on her to exact revenge on him for whatever things he did wrong in the past.

Klaus knows that they will descend upon New Orleans so he entrusts someone that he loves to take care of Hope until he can get everything under control.

elijah and hayley relationship quizzes

Question 9 What field does Elena end up in? Writing News Teaching Elena was always an ambitious girl who reached for the stars. After she lost her parents her entire world was rocked and she had a hard time picking up the pieces. Once she was turned into a vampire she continued having the same dreams and aspirations as before. She graduated high school and quickly enrolled in college in order to further her education and career.