Eastern star and mason relationship problems

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eastern star and mason relationship problems

So if you have been dating a guy and have found him sporting a Masonic ring, here Indeed in a paper titled Masonry's Love/Hate Relationship with Esoteric. 5 days ago Eastern Star is the women's auxiliary to the occultic Masonic Lodge. There is another critical problem in the Star—a reason why no Christian. The Order of the Eastern Star is a Masonic appendant body open to both men and women. are aged 18 and older; men must be Master Masons and women must have specific relationships with Masons. . contributed $, to Alzheimer's disease research, juvenile diabetes research, and juvenile asthma research.

He may be able to repeat every line of the ritual without an error, yet, if he does not understand the meaning of the ceremonies, the signs, the words, the emblems and figures, he is a Masonic ignoramus.

This symbol can be traced back to ancient Egypt and symbolizes the fall of Osiris. Some depictions show Isis weeping over the column while holding a sprig of wheat in her right hand and a canopic jar in her left with Horus Chronos, Saturn standing behind her while she reads in a book of incantations to try to resurrect her husband. The broken column is also a phallic symbol where the column is the male member and the circular base is female genitalia. So here we see again how Masonic organizations are preoccupied with sex.

The emblem of OES has a five-pointed upside-down star.

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This, of course, represents black magic, the Goat of Mendes, Baphomet, or his most popular name, Satan. They also use the right side up five-pointed star which represents white magic, the Light Bearer, or Lucifer, the other name for Satan. Thor was the Norse god of thunder, lightning, air, and fertility. Thor was lord of the air and the Bible reveals clearly to us who that really is in Ephesians 2: It is used on Eastern Star badges and represents the perfection or divinity of humankind.

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It is also a phallic symbol of the joining of male and female genitalia. These are just a few of the symbols Eastern Star uses. Since they are Masonic, they also use other symbols promoted by Freemasonry. When the whole body of symbols is taken into account, it becomes obvious how corrupt an organization OES really is.

eastern star and mason relationship problems

This is because they have been misinterpreted as anti-clerical, an attitude which goes back to the early belief in the separation of church and state. Thus if you are a strict Catholic girl or hold Catholic views close to your heart, dating a Freemason may put you in direct conflict with your religious beliefs.

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Even if you are not a Catholic yourself, but come from a Catholic family, be mentally prepared for some kind of opposition from your parents to the person you are dating. Closed to women Along with its secretiveness, another aspect which may rankle you when dating a Freemason is that the major orders are closed to women.

eastern star and mason relationship problems

The most important Masonic orders do not admit women in their folds for the primary reason that interaction with women in a ritual context is not permitted under the Masonic principles. An association that completely bars one-half of a population may seem completely wrong to many and you may have similar misgivings about the beliefs of your partner.

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However there are certain orders associated with the major Masonic orders that admit women and that have their own variation on the secret handshake and other rituals, such as Order of the Eastern Star and Order of the Amaranth. However the major Masonic orders are quite strict about keeping women out and if you are serious about your partner, you better get used to the fact that you will not be accompanying him on his Masonic meetings.

For a long time, Freemasons have suffered bad press about being a cult-like organization when in fact nothing could be further from the truth.

eastern star and mason relationship problems

A cult can be defined as an association that is easy to join, difficult to leave and which revolves around the blind worship of a single, dominant figure. Are they all 'currpt' too?

eastern star and mason relationship problems

Freemasonry does not approve of extramarital affairs, nor of any other immoral act. The Craft is however - like every other group - composed of human beings, fallible individuals.

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To judge all by the actions of one is silly. Aug 14, HEY! AVA I struggled with the idea of masons, secrets, infidelity, etc, etc, if you have good communication with your husband there should be no problem on the Masonic side. Find the time to connect and all will prosper.