Doumeki and watanuki relationship with god

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doumeki and watanuki relationship with god

Watanuki hasnt even considered Doumeki's feelings (as usual). watanuki .. I honest-to-god thought that Doumeki would use that egg to make an omelet for that. Pairing: Doumeki Shizuka x Watanuki Kimihiro Aishuu is of the opinion that " This relationship could be defined as 'practically canon. Watanuki. It's Hitsuzen, Like it Or Not ~ A Doumeki Shizuka/Watanuki Kimihiro Manifesto ~ by: Well, the manga centers around Watanuki's three relationships – with Yuuko, with . THAN FIVE PEOPLE TO USE THE PAIRING NAME I SWEAR TO GOD.

The Shipper's Manifesto

It was like Watanuki's senses were heightened in the kitchen. Any other time he wouldn't notice.

doumeki and watanuki relationship with god

As Doumeki crept up behind him, Watanuki wasn't sure if it was food he was after or something else. Doumeki had been incredibly grabby anymore.

doumeki and watanuki relationship with god

Either way, he wasn't taking risks. He pretended like he was engrossed in his cooking, right hand snaking around a chocolate dipping fork that was laying on the counter for just such an occasion. When Doumeki's hand came into view, sneaking around the right side of Watanuki's waist, Watanuki stabbed it with the dipping fork. Doumeki hissed in pain and jerked back as Watanuki spun around. The success of the Shizuka, or the Shizuka's death.

For the Shizuka will not cease unless one of these two criteria are met. The tension builds as the two continue this bizarre ritual.

doumeki and watanuki relationship with god

The Shizuka getting more grabby and daring and the Kimihiro getting more violent and shouty. When Doumeki merely raised an eyebrow at him in response to the demand Watanuki grabbed his arm and dragged him to the sink.

Seizing Doumeki's injured hand he shoved it beneath the running water, grumbling under his breath about idiots. Doumeki's lips twitched upwards in one corner, curling into a bemused smirk. Then you play doctor on the wound you just caused? It's your own damn fault! It was self-defense on my part!

Romance is not a part of his natural genetic makeup, but he gives it his best. Watanuki froze in mid-step as he came through the front gate at school. Merely inches from his nose hovered a bouquet of flowers.

doumeki and watanuki relationship with god

Blinking, his eyes traveled along the flowers, along the hand holding them, up the arm and to the impassive face gazing back at him blankly. He was well aware that people were staring and whispering. The moment they were alone he was going to strangle the oaf for this. He didn't want witnesses to the murder he would surely commit. Taking a deep breath, Watanuki raised one finger and pointed it at the flowers.

They were flowers right? Watanuki could feel his patience thinning and his irritation growing rapidly. He grit his teeth and continued. But Watanuki's attention was on something else. He frowned as his eyes landed on the discarded bouquet. He was absent-mindedly scratching the hand he'd used to knock them aside.

Dread was welling inside him as his eyes locked on the green leaves strewn amid the dandelions, he supposed for some kind of decoration.

The mating ritual has been known to last several long and agonizing years. Watanuki's eyes were rapidly sliding shut as the post mind-blowing sexual trembles soaked through her body, causing her to go slack in Doumeki's arms. The large, strong hand between her thighs receded, trailing a thin wet line of sticky juices along her stomach and around her navel. He felt the body in his arms tense immediately, and true to form, he didn't have to wait long… "WHAT?!

The nerve of him! This inadvertently caused her to arch her back, thus thrusting her perky breasts into his muscular chest. He wasted no time before driving back into her once again, bringing her to another agonizing climax in just minutes.

By the time they'd finished this time, Watanuki could only lie there staring dazedly at the ceiling. Eventually, the body next to him shifted and Watanuki sat up. She took one glance at Doumeki before treating him to a glorious view of her positively ravished female body as she stood and headed towards where he knew to be her bathroom, and consequently, the bath. Doumeki's eyes narrowed as Watanuki let out a little 'oh' while she teased her own breasts, as if she hadn't realized what type of affect she could have on herself.

Romance and Love in xxxHolic -

She was, after all, originally a male. It was her frantic moan, however, as she slumped against the wall and dropped one of her hands between her thighs, that had him on his feet in seconds, his own hands on her and aiding her to stroke faster as he swallowed her screams.

Watanuki X Doumeki: Battlefield for Angelica B Day AMV

They never did make it to the bath. Your review has been posted. When asked why he likes her, he usually says that it is because she is cute and kind, which is obviously not enough for real feelings to blossom, so everyone is aware that it is simply puppy love.

Himawari does not seem to have any deeper feelings for him and they remain good friends throughout the anime. However, it is soon discovered that she was cursed at birth with bad luck, which means that she brings bad luck to everyone she spends time with or touches. They agree to stay only friends, and she chooses to stay away as often as possible, only visiting the shop on rare occasions. In order to make her feel better, Watanuki gives her Tanpopo, a small yellow bird that is immune to her bad luck curse.

doumeki and watanuki relationship with god

The bird was born from an egg received from Yuuko, who wanted to help Watanuki with his relationship with Himawari. It is also hinted that in the end, Himawari actually falls in love with him, but marries some unknown businessman instead. They remain good friends and she visits the shop once a year.

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Kimihiro Watanuki and Yuuko Ichihara At the beginning, Watanuki has a mentor-student relationship with Yuuko and he only respects her because she is older, wiser and obviously more powerful than him.

Because Yuuko seemed very childish and immature, he did not genuinely care about her and thought of her only as someone who was selfish and got him into trouble. However, as the story progresses, Watanuki matures and as he slowly reaches adulthood, his relationship with Yuuko becomes more serious.

He starts seeing through her mask of immaturity and cheerfulness and realizes that she is more than a powerful and bored witch who owns a shop for granting wishes. He slowly starts confiding in her and talking to her about serious topics.