Djokovic and sharapova relationship memes

Grigor Dimitrov breaks his silence on break-up with Maria Sharapova

djokovic and sharapova relationship memes

Russian beauty Maria Sharapova is undoubtedly one of the hottest tennis players around. . It is no biggie if Maria and Camilla were together in a relationship. with its potential to become a viral meme, but Sharapova was not amused Novak Djokovic, the guy with Sharapova in the image, is known for. Maria Sharapova spilt the beans on her relationship with ex-boyfriend Rain disrupts Novak Djokovic's Grigor Dimitrov matchup in Cincinnati. Dimitrov and Sharapova dated for two years before calling it quits in Dimitrov has found a number of relationships on the tennis court, most notably with.

She has not been the same since all of those shoulder surgeries. Understandably, this pic of her getting shoulder treatment would not be bringing back happy memories.

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A lot of people like tall women, as the likes of Maria tend to have endlessly long legs paired with a beautiful physique.

I wonder whether the event organizsers who got them on stage together knew what they were doing. Because the two sports celebrities seem comical side-by-side each other, although Maria, and probably "Money" Mayweather as well, would like to beg otherwise. Plenty have asked her, and lots of journalists have tried to ascertain what her sexual preferences are and which way she goes.

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However, their questions have always been rebuffed by the tennis star, which only serves to increase all the speculation. But there have been a ton of rumors saying that Maria and Camilla were once more than just besties. It is no biggie if Maria and Camilla were together in a relationship. But with Maria being Russian, if she came out, she would have faced one hell of a backlash from a society that is quite homophobic.

Tons of people flock to the stadiums and turn on their TVs for that very reason. However, this guy has taken a different perspective at viewing things.

There are bound to be some times where Sharapova's tennis skirt goes up and exposes what's underneath. Fortunately, she had the proper gear on underneath. Her wealth was mainly due to her endorsement deals, which over the course of her career, have vastly exceeded her tournament prize earnings.

djokovic and sharapova relationship memes

She has held deals with the likes of Nike, Motorola, Canon, and Porsche, although much of these were terminated after the whole drug fiasco. After getting suspended due to a failed drug test, Sharapova lost millions as companies like Nike distanced themselves from her. Since these endorsements were her main source of income, these pictures of her being an ambassador for Nike would be invoking thoughts of regret.

Parting ways with such a prominent company with whom she was raking in millions must have hurt her immensely financially. Some big, some small, but it happens. Now imagine having to deal with the worst possible one infidelity and then having to do your job in front of the world with it still fresh in your mind.

Djokovic vs. Sharapova: Behind the Scenes

And you too might act like Djokovic did in that Querrey match. And one can only imagine — if these rumors are indeed true — what was going on behind the scenes at the Djokovic household and then having to play a tournament with all that rattling in around in your head.

So an unsteady Djokovic wins Torontothen goes to Rio where he is in search of a first gold. The pressure is back on. But Del Potro takes it to him and we then see the emotion pour out on court after the loss.

But at least Jelena is back in the box giving the appearance things are probably moving in the right direction. Thereafter, as a further sign of commitment to Jelena and to truly win her back, Djokovic comes out and publicly declares what he probably told Jelena in private, and that is that tennis and the chase for all the records will no longer be a priority.

And I cannot imagine trying to repair a marriage while trying to play on the pro tour. I think Agassi has talked about it before, maybe Wawrinka also, but mentally that must destroy you. Djokovic has come off to me as a family kind of guy.

djokovic and sharapova relationship memes