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By not going for the obvious back-story — rather than have Danson's D.B. Russell and Shue's newly arrived Julie “Finn” Finlay be ex-lovers. Julie "Finn" Finlay is a fictional character on the CBS crime drama CSI: Crime Scene A former Seattle colleague of Director D.B. Russell, Finlay is a blood spatter The two appear to be in a sexual relationship by the following episode, "Dune. She begins a tense-to-watch relationship with Greg Sanders, After D.B. Russell was hired to fix up the team, Nick was demoted. . He worked previously as a lab technician in the lab, but later on passed his final test which put him as an official crime scene investigator. . Elisabeth Shue as Julie Finlay.

And he was pretty darn incredible as the grey-haired, good-natured boss, who, when the need arose, knew how to stamp his authority without ruffling any feathers.

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At a press junket for season 13, he said: I am very grateful that the audiences have accepted me because I love my job and going to work. You are saying words that you are not used to saying in everyday life.

It is very stylised — making that believable is really challenging work. The best part of any job is to be engaged.

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I am having a great time. Then, all of a sudden, the real world cracks into my family with this kidnapping and we see his fury, fear and the impact it has on his family. Our scenes focus on how work has started to impact on our family. And she is revelling in her role.

Sometimes you have to be some place else for family reasons and they can write another character into your scene because we are experts at everything, the CSIs know everything, so I do love that part of it. I usually play darker colours of myself, so this is fun. Every once in a while, I have to remember to ground my character. But I am always trying to balance it slightly because I do get excited about things and have to remember there is a dead body next to me. I always remember that.

She continues building strong relationships with the team and continues solving cases with the aid of the team. In Homecomingshe revealed the rest of her past with Russell to the CSI team though she left out the part about stealing the sample. In addition, in Homecoming, Russell's granddaughter is kidnapped, which affected her due to Finlay being a good friend of Russell.

Finlay herself also becomes targeted by a corrupt cop.

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She informs him that Crenshaw is up to no good and intends to find out exactly what he's up to, much to D. When he takes her to the bar, she discovers Kaitlyn is being held in the warehouse behind the bar.

Crenshaw then threatens Finlay with his gun and locks her up with Kaitlyn. Finlay manages to release Kaitlyn, so Crenshaw's partner, Paul Kimball attempts to capture her again. Crenshaw searches for Finlay while she hides from him, she then jumps on him and they engage in a fight.

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Finlay runs away after she manages to injure him. He catches up to her, punches her and then he places handcuffs on her. It is then implied that he will rape Finlay until Detective Moreno bursts in and shoots Crenshaw dead. Later on they manage to save Kaitlyn largely thanks to Finlay's efforts of ruining the corrupt officers' plans of holding them hostage.

CSI on Fire The case gets personal for Julie when the victims of Tom Cooleythe murder suspect who got away from her in Seattle, are unearthed in the desert.