Danton and robespierre relationship quiz

Maximilien Robespierre

danton and robespierre relationship quiz

It is because the French Revolution is a religion and Robespierre is one of its sects. He is a priest Georges Danton, on his way to the guillotine in April No relationship in the French Revolution offers more eloquent testimony to the power of The political confrontations between Danton and Robespierre had a. Georges Jacques Danton was a leading figure in the early stages of the French Revolution, .. Danton's and Robespierre's relations were also the subject of an opera by American composer John Eaton, Danton and Robespierre ().

By mid, Robespierre was unpopular both with his fellow deputies and many Parisians, a fact suggested several assassination plots against him. A loose coalition began plotting to purge Robespierre before he could purge them. Shot through the jaw, Robespierre was hauled away and guillotined the next day. His death signalled a rapid and profound transformation in the revolution, the end of the Reign of Terror and the beginning of the Thermidorian Reaction.

Maximilien Robespierre was the most significant revolutionary leader of the radical perioda critical figure in the Committee of Public Safety CPS and an architect of the Reign of Terror.

danton and robespierre relationship quiz

He obtained a law degree and returned to his native Arras, where he excelled as a lawyer. Robespierre represented the Third Estate at the Estates-General, where he proved an important though not prominent figure.

He was also active in the Breton and Jacobin clubs.

danton and robespierre relationship quiz

He became a significant Montagnard leader and was admired by the sans-culottes for his democratic values. Robespierre was a key figure in the CPS. His power increased with the passing of laws that centralised power and unfurled the Reign of Terror. He was eventually overthrown and guillotined in July There is no need for the jury to deliberate. We have lived long enough to be content to slumber in the bosom of glory. Take us to the scaffold! In the verdict, five days later, these charges were condensed into two.

Six of the prisoners were found guilty of a conspiracy aiming at the re-establishment of the monarchy and the destruction of the national representation and republican government. One was acquitted, while the other nine were guilty of a conspiracy aiming at discrediting and debasing the national representation and destroying by corruption the Republican government. Your house shall be beaten down and sowed with salt. Time will never erase it from my memory.

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I perfectly comprehend the feeling which inspired Danton to utter his last words, those terrible words, that I could not hear, but which were repeated to me in trembling horror and admiration. For five years Danton had been the champion of the Revolution, but the forces of Robespierre had given Danton the image of a traitor.

Since Danton's head had fallen, Robespierre was making no mistake in believing that his life was now, more than ever, in danger. First, the Girondins had fallen, then the Hebertists, and, after Danton, Robespierre and all his followers were executed.

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The Revolution had eaten its children and destroyed the Republic of Virtue. Robespierre's most serious rival was Danton. During the Revolution Danton was seen by many as an alternative to Robespierre. Danton had been in power two times during the Revolution. First, he was made Minister of Justice in the interim government that succeeded the destruction of the monarchy, and secondly, as one of the original members of the first Committee of Public Safety.

He had extensive friendships, a considerable personal following and unimpeachable Revolutionary credentials.

The fact that such a man as Danton could be overthrown by the ruses and guile of Robespierre filled the National Convention with terror. No one could perceive himself free from accusation. Robespierre was a man full of pride and cunning, and an envious and vindictive being who surmounted obstacles and circumstances most appalling.

His steadiness and control helped him ascend to the Committee of Public Safety, where he openly aspired to tyranny and dictatorship. Robespierre, with the ability or luck to preserve his own popularity, seized the moment to destroy Danton, but in reality he destroyed himself.

Georges Danton

Robespierre wanted a Republic of Virtue based on his idealistic philosophy, while Danton wanted a Republic slightly different from pre-Revolutionary France.

The conflict brought these two powerful leaders together and caused their downfall. Robespierre was a man of philosophy, while Danton was a man of practicality. The deaths of Danton, and many other patriots, were inevitable because of the complex political struggles of late and early Perhaps had these two leaders merged their views, Danton and Robespierre might not have met their untimely demises and further bloodshed may have been avoided.

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He immediately made every effort to end all the disputes between the Revolutionary parties, but his policy of conciliation was thwarted by the Gironde, which demanded that he render an accounting when he left his post as minister of justice. Danton could not justifylivres of secret expenditures. He emerged from this conflict embittered and with his political prestige diminished.

He was present, however, on January 15,and voted for death without reprieve.

danton and robespierre relationship quiz

Although absent from the trial, Danton had played a part in it since the autumn of Only when the plan miscarried did he vote for the death of the king. Danton remained in the mainstream of the Revolution, not without often engaging in intrigue. His dealings with Dumouriez, who commanded the army of Belgium, have never been clarified. After the defeat of Neerwinden March 18,when Dumouriez went over to the Austrians, the Gironde accused Danton of complicity with the General.

Boldly turning the tables, Danton made the same accusation against the Girondins. The break was irreparable. For three months Danton was effectively the head of the government, charged especially with the conduct of foreign affairs and military matters. During this second period in the government he pursued a policy of compromise and negotiation. He tried in every direction to enter into diplomatic conversations with the enemy.

No doubt he could in all honesty think it useful to negotiate in an attempt to dissolve the allied coalition or even to obtain a general peace.

By the spring ofhowever, a policy of negotiation was no longer conceivable: On various occasions he supported the policy of the Committee of Public Safety though at the same time refusing to play a part in it—which would have stabilized the political situation. Danton still reappeared from time to time as the tribune of the people, voicing the demands of the masses. He quickly showed, however, that he sought to stabilize the Revolutionary movement; very soon—whether he wanted it or not—he appeared as the leader of the Indulgents, the moderate faction that had risen out of the Cordeliers.

danton and robespierre relationship quiz

During the great Parisian popular demonstrations of September 4 and 5,Danton spoke eloquently in favour of all the popular demands.

Yet at the same time he tried to set bounds to the movement and keep it under control. He demanded, for instance, that the meetings of the hitherto permanent sectional assemblies be reduced to two per week.