Dan and runo relationship questions

dan and runo relationship questions

Page 3 Read The Reunion from the story Runo And Her New Love by Julie: Dan hurt Runo just as much as Fabia hurt u and Alice hurt you both. Shun: did Dan really ask u out nicely or were u forced into the relationship? Runo's Runo : is there like a reason your asking all these questions to me?. Runo wiped her tears and stared at the shuddered Bakugan . Okay, so I made a twist on Ace and Runo's relationship, since I haven't heard. In the new vestroia series hes almost best man in dans book because marucho knows all about the true relationship between dan and Runo and teasses him.

You were gone," asked Chan. Dan and Runo looked at each other and nodded.

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He and Runo walked towards each other, threw their arms around each other and kissed. Dan and Runo smiled. The girls gathered around Runo, squealing with excitement and the boys gathered around Dan, patting him on the back and on the shoulder. Shun looked at the time. It was already six p.

dan and runo relationship questions

At what time the party finishes? Is everybody seeing somebody now? Kuso's eyes landed on her son. Wait until I tell your father! Dan wanted to crawl under the couch and stay there. Kuso, heading towards the kitchen. Kuso were slipping out of the kitchen and headed upstairs.

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They served themselves and ate. We heard voices that were almost yelling, then voices that sounded that their owners were about to cry then it was complete silence until you came down the stairs! That's how it sounded like from down here," added Chan.

dan and runo relationship questions

Dan brought up to his bedroom, pretending to be wanting to show me something on his computer, closed the door, we got into a fight againstarted to cry both of uswe calmed down, Dan confessed his feelings to me, asked me out, I said yes, we kissed, I reminded him about the party, I tickled him, we ran downstairs and you guys came in," explained Runo, biting into her pizza.

Everyone stared at them. Shun raised his glass. In my opinion, Spectra was way cooler and baddier.

dan and runo relationship questions

Sure he is a Masquerade ripoff, but he was stubbern baddie. Ren on the other hand was a calculating emo.

dan and runo relationship questions

Linhalt is good, but Heilos was a great rival to Drakko. The villains Before I compare the organisations as a whole, let me do some individual character comparisons Zenoheld vs Berodius - two power hungry dectators punks. One in the same, no one is better than the other in my opinion. It is not like Gil is a loyal lapdog of Ren. They want the favor of the boss villain, though Hydron is less loyal to Zenoheld, both often at odds with the villainess of the group and have issues.

Gil might actully turn good in the next episode so who knows, and has shown a good side. Hydron has shown to be just as heartless of Zenoheld.

Mylene vs Kazarina - Kazarina is a combination of three NV character in my opinion. She is Mylene, Lync, and Professor Clay rolled into one.

dan and runo relationship questions

But I choose to compare her to Mylene. Their roles are to be the witch of the show. I thought Mylene had more depth as character though most of it came late. Though there was a scene earlier in the series when she walks down the streets of Vestals and everyone was scared of her, I don't know if that was the indent of the writers, but I sort of felt bad for her when I saw that.

While Kazarina is more one dimentional. I feel no sympathy or apathy for her, I just want to see her get what she deserves. Shadow vs Stoica - the crazy guy of the show. I like Shadow a bit more. He was first and at the very very end he had some character development. We got more character depth out of the Vexos, a couple of them even changed sides.

But Nurzak and maybe Gil were the only ones to have other layers besides conquer the world. But what really was the let down was the Twelve Orders were mostly adults.

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After fight socialpath children, fighting power hungry adults didn't seem as dark. The tone of the series. I thought New Vestoria was the more darkier series. So far in Gundaliain Invaders you have not confirmed deaths. They already left the door open for Nurzak to be alive, and if he is alive, Sid probably lives, and the villains might not die.