Club flirt nightclub ybor city

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club flirt nightclub ybor city

A great packed reunion at the Flirt Night Club Reunion at Cheezys Italian Flirt was one of the last LGBT nightclubs in Ybor City in the late. Club Skye of Tampa, FL is Ybor's best connected hip-hop club. Party among the hottest artists and celebrities. Flirtnightclub - N 15th st, Tampa, Florida - Rated 5 based on 12 Reviews "It was a fun event. I hope we have another one soon and include the.

Petersburg Pepperz Small neighborhood bar with a dance floor. A mixed crowd frequents this watering hole, and two pool tables and several video game machines means no one will get bored.

club flirt nightclub ybor city

This bar is a favorite of the T community, particularly on Saturday nights. The quaint location offers paninis, sandwiches, beer and a large selection of wine. A pool table and live music keep the crowds entertained until well after midnight. The bar is home to the Clearwater Bears.

The queering of Ybor

The friendly staff makes even out-of-towners feel at home. Of course, boys are welcome, but the women definitely rule this roost. The intimate bar has monthly art shows, a pool table and a Nintendo Wii that always tests the golfing and bowling skills of the hirsute.

Come enjoy some line dancing and two-stepping. Line dances happen every Thursday and Friday before the crowds take over the dance floor. Special events take over the VIP room while visitors to the area relax by the bar with a beer or share a romantic dinner overlooking the historic streets of Ybor City.

When the stage clears, the dance floor overflows with GLBTs of all ages. With positive word-of-mouth hard to come by in a historic district as well-known for late-night shootings as hand-rolled cigars, that whirlpool just might be Ybor's best hope yet.

club flirt nightclub ybor city

As members and potential members of the GaYbor District Coalition shuffle into Spurs Bar, the Tampa skies release a sudden summer downpour. Among the roughly 40 people in attendance there are a disproportionate number of clean-cut men with taut biceps, but otherwise the group is fairly heterogeneous.

A round of introductions yields a handyman, a woman with a baby who owns a bar, a realtor, a restaurant owner, a Web designer, a florist, an air-conditioning repairman, several nightclub owners, a photographer who calls himself "the electric fat man," representatives from Reax and Watermark magazines, and a 20something guy named Miss Nina St.

Clair who will later urge the coalition to support a local qualifying round for the statewide Miss Florida pageant for female impersonators. After announcing that the coalition has collected more than 8, MySpace friends, he briefly reviews the group's plans for St. Moss and his partner have donated a float that will hold 40 people, West says; coalition members will also have access to a tent where they can promote their businesses at the event.

On to the bigger focus of the meeting: GaYbor Days, the coalition's own pride celebration, set for the Fourth of July holiday weekend after St. Pete Pride, so as not to conflict with the more established event on June Though the two groups have no plans this year to cross-promote each other's events, St. He sees an annual Fourth of July parade in Ybor's future — an attraction for both gays and straights, young and old — and hopes GaYbor Days will become a gay tourist attractor on the order of Southern Decadence, a popular Labor Day celebration in New Orleans.

In lieu of a parade, this year's GaYbor Days offers "the world's largest drag queen promenade" down Seventh Avenue on Sat. The goal, West explains to me in a separate interview, is to make the Bay area a top destination for gay tourists to Florida.

With the zeal of an economic development expert, he speaks of luring travelers away from Orlando and Fort Lauderdale to the benefit of hotels, restaurants, retail and other attractions in Tampa, St.

To do that, he says, the area needs a consolidated district or area where gays can come to play and feel safe and welcome. That place used to be the Suncoast Resort Hotel in St. In their spare time, West and Bias have worked as unofficial promoters of the area's gay businesses for years — even traveling on their own dime to gay districts in cities serviced by ATA, when the airline flew out of St. Now, with the GaYbor coalition growing daily, they think the critical mass needed for national brand recognition may be within reach.

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When the couple introduced themselves as Bay area residents during a recent trip to Milwaukee, people asked if they'd heard of GaYbor, West says. In less than a year since its inception, the budding gay district has already proved its own importance to the community, both in economic and social terms. GaYbor's emergence made the restaurant a viable concept, West says. Other gay-owned businesses have also opened since the coalition's formation: The owners of the former two clubs helped cofound the coalition.

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Noticing a dreary lack of holiday decorations on Seventh Avenue, he suggested adding red bows and garland to the main drag's lampposts — and the Ybor City Development Corporation took him up on the idea.

West now sits on the organization's board of directors. When the Parks Department offered to pitch in, the bows were up in a matter of hours.

A few business owners voiced concern that the GaYbor brand would overshadow Ybor's identity as a historic district.

club flirt nightclub ybor city

For the most part, those concerns seem to have subsided. Recent transplants to Tampa Bay wouldn't know it, but gay culture has been a part of Ybor for a long time, Pardo says. In the s, drag shows at El Goya — a gay nightclub housed in the building where Czar currently resides — drew a mixed crowd including Pardo and his wife and enjoyed renown among out-of-state tourists.

club flirt nightclub ybor city

What's unprecedented about the current resurgence of gay businesses, he says, is its diversity. Never before has Ybor seen so many GLBT-owned bars and nightclubs, plus a restaurant, a gift shop and an art gallery all thriving at the same time. Factor in the dozens of other Ybor businesses clamoring to be recognized as GLBT-friendly, and it would seem that the GaYbor District Coalition has tapped into a latent desire among community members, both gay and straight, to collaborate and cooperate.

The fundamental needs of neighborhoods parallel those of people, says Pardo, who ran Hillsborough County's Office of Neighborhood Relations before going to work for the City of Tampa in He points to Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs, with safety and survival at its base and self-actualization at its pinnacle; in some areas of the city, residents just want to keep drug dealers off their streets; in other safer areas, relative luxuries like bike paths or plans for sustainable growth top residents' wish lists.

Part of GaYbor's appeal to so many business owners may be the group's rise above the issues that have troubled the district in recent years "police, parking and punks," Bias says to dreams and plans for Ybor's future.