Chewbacca and han solo relationship goals videos

Top 5 moments of Han Solo and Chewbacca's friendship

chewbacca and han solo relationship goals videos

As with all the recent Star Wars films, production has been sworn to secrecy, and their relationship is much more akin to the sitcom Willard, where Friendship goals indeed. .. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Growing up I was obsessed with everything Star Wars. One thing I never truly appreciated was the core relationship between Han Solo and. Solo: A Star Wars Story promises to delve deeper into the relationship between Han and Chewie and show us just how these two lovable rogues come to be the .

He would also go on to crucially assist in the plan to save Han from Jabba the Hutt at the beginning of Return of the Jedi.

chewbacca and han solo relationship goals videos

Chewie, Is That You? Even Leia had failed to extricate Han. Chewbacca makes the best of a bitter situation, showering Han with affection and making it clear how grateful he is to have his best friend back. After watching The Force Awakens, their entrance takes on even greater meaning, though.

Han lost almost everything he held dear. He lost his son Ben Solo to the Dark Side. Why Bloodline is the best canon novel in the Star Wars universe When Han was at rock bottom, it was Chewbacca who was there for him, Chewbacca who reunited with his old pal.

Eventually, all their fur goes completely white, and they look like yetis which means Disney should start thinking about putting a few on the Matterhorn.

Top 5 moments of Han Solo and Chewbacca’s friendship

Chewie would be the one telling him he needed to stop thinking only about the money Princess Leia had handed him for rescuing her and help the Rebels blow up the damn Death Star already.

This was particularly annoying to someone like Han Solo, infamous smuggler, gambler, raconteur of the galaxy.

chewbacca and han solo relationship goals videos

And according to this meme, intergalactic DJ. Go up to any DJ in a popular club and start spouting off your knowledge of deep house or drum and bass and watch them pretend to not hear you. In this case, if Han and Chewie are your DJs for the evening, count on Han telling you to zip it or Chewie will rip your arms out of your sockets, or smash your vape in his paw. In the annals of the Star Wars Legends, Chewie was purportedly condemned to slavery by the Empire, as were all wookies that valiantly fought for the Galactic Senate in the Clone Wars.

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No he did not. That's not his style. He's also the most outwardly emotive character: Shouldn't we all strive to be more open with our feelings like Chewie?

If we each assimilated a few of his traits, wouldn't the world be a better place? Of course it would.

chewbacca and han solo relationship goals videos

Great as he is, I've always had a nagging suspicion that many of those who chose Han as a role model probably grew up to be solipsistic BMW-driving buffoons who work in banking and are rude to bar staff. Those who chose Luke are doomed to live in woe because he was born with a gift that they will never have.